Arthur who?

A pair of tiles I received the other day as part of the swap on FB. From Brenda Pereira and Anne Marks

Arthur Itis, that’s who.  In my knee. Now this isn’t fair. I was a good girl and went for my neurosurgery last July and took it on the chin. (s) I gradually eased off on the pain killers and, as I did so, my right knee started to be a bit uncomfortable. And then more uncomfortable. And then painful. Surely you’re supposed to recover from one thing before the next one starts, aren’t you? And anyway, only old people get arthritis, don’t they? It’s not fair and I’m having a sulk, so there. Anyone looking meaningfully at the calendar and  doing adding up faces had better watch out. Fortunately, most of my hobbies involve sitting down – the Zentangle, crochet, reading and so on. Continue reading “Arthur who?”

Catching up

Two ready to send to the swap. The challenge is to use grid based patterns.

Hello world, I hope you are full of fun, vim and vigour, as I am myself. (That may be  me fooling myself but if it works, I’ll go along with it.)

My previous post was a bit short and to the point because we were away in Spain and typing on a tablet does not come naturally to me. How people use their phones for these things is beyond me. I like a keyboard. We had a good time though, in spite of our first full day there being inclement, as they say. The rain in Spain fell mainly on me and the loved one.  He’s gone all rusty now but we’re pretending it’s a tan. (I ended up with prickly heat, which is always a good sign!) The hotel was excellent and right down on the seafront, which I love. Continue reading “Catching up”

The New Look

  1. I got a bit ambitious and decided to update my blog. Not being all that skilled with these things, it was a bit of a trial for me but I’m not unhappy with the finished look, at least for now.

I’ve been making quite a few cards recently: three or four birthdays and, horribly, some sympathy cards. We’ve had three funerals in a month and there’s another one to come. Two of them were very elderly and frail and, sad though these things always are, it felt right to be saying a fond goodbye. The other two were much younger and that most definitely does NOT seem right.  Knowing that sometimes life isn’t fair or right is no consolation at all and I rail at the unfairness of it all. To no avail, of course, but I still have  to have my tantrum. Continue reading “The New Look”