A bit of a quickie.

You may have noticed that I didn’t post last week. DO NOT PANIC! All is well at Maggibee Manor. It’s just that we had family visiting for the week and I spent much of the time in the kitchen. I’m not complaining, I love cooking, especially baking, so I made ginger loaf and a chocolate orange cake and Eccles cakes and bread.

Then we had a Greek night with home made souvlaki, tzatziki, houmous, aioli, grilled haloumi, pitta breads  and Greek salad. (And olives and pickled garlic and…) Meals tended to be for five or more instead of the usual two so the dishwasher is begging for a holiday.

We were out and about a lot too; to Rufford Abbey, and the Lakeside at Doncaster and a meal out with another branch of the family, all of which was good fun but time consuming, so I didn’t have time either to blog or do the Diva Challenge.

So this week, to recover, we are on the island of Tenerife and our daughter Rachel, her husband and son will be joining us at the end of the week. I suspect, therefore, that there might not be much time for drawing again, once they arrive.  I am therefore making this week’s challenge tile cover last week and this – using more black than usual for last week and the new pattern from the mother ship, called ellish. It’s perhaps a tad unfortunate that, where I come from, it is common to miss the h sound at the beginning of words, so this pattern could be seen as being Hellish in Yorkshire.

As it happens, it’s rather a fun pattern to do and, although I don’t feel I’ve fully got the hang of it yet, I think I’m going to enjoy using it.


When we get back, I’m expecting to be contacted by the neurosurgery dept with information about an operation on my spine, so I may be off the map for quite a while. So I say with all my heart, enjoy life, be happy, and, world, be good -ish.

Deep in Thought

Three monogram tiles.
Three monogram tiles.

You see, I know you think I spend my time frivolling, without a care but sometimes, not often, I admit, but sometimes I find myself deep in thought. The great unanswered questions of the universe, like “Why do waxing strips always curl up and stick to the dressing table?”; “Why did they invent yoghurt?”;  “Why do unhealthy foods taste best?” and, probably  most telling of all “Why does nasal hair grow more as you get older?”

See? I’m not just a light hearted intellectual butterfly, fluttering from thought to thought. I can do deep. Continue reading “Deep in Thought”

Ageing Gracefully

For my newest swap - your initial as a string and only patterns beginning with that letter.
For my newest swap – your initial as a string and only patterns beginning with that letter.

Ageing gracefully, or not, as the case may be.  I’ve said for a long time that I had no intention of ageing gracefully. I will not go gentle into that not particularly good night. I fully intend to burn and rave at close of day; not to mention a bit of rage, rage against the dying of the light. However, my methods are a bit less poetic than Dylan Thomas’s, although I think his behaviour was fractionally worse than mine. I see him as a sort of role model. (Except he died young….. maybe we should scratch that idea.) Continue reading “Ageing Gracefully”