Still Crazy

The first batch
The first batch for the swap but I’m not keen on the one top right so it may be replaced.

My theme today was going to be  madness and why people say I’m barmy. (Mad, crazy, daft as a brush…) However, if you’ve read any posts before, you’ll know why people think I’m mad, so I needn’t go into any more detail. I realised, however, that what was really occupying my mind was how we behave in public. It’s all about perception and it came forcibly  to mind recently when the loved one and I were in a bar somewhere. It doesn’t matter where because it is a not uncommon occurrence but one of the joys of doing it is people watching. At some point over the years we have realised that it is a two way thing. When you are sitting doing it, you are the audience; once you get up to leave, you are the show. Continue reading “Still Crazy”

Small steps


I’ve been a bit busy this week so I’m starting the blog post early in case it’s still hectic at the weekend and I don’t have the chance to be ready for Monday. Is this blog starting to rule my life? Well, no but then again maybe.

The loved one is out for the evening for a pint with his old friends from work. A pint. Hah! Anyway, I have the house to myself and am spending the time preparing for a group Zentangle session with the Stitch and Bitch girls tomorrow. Since the group session in Scotland went well using the little books, we are going to do the same again but better organised. I’ve baked a chocolate cake and a Bakewell tart – not pudding – and some frozen yoghurt and a sort of pizza on puff pastry and there will be melon balls too.

I’ll let you know how it goes and will post pictures if I have permission. Continue reading “Small steps”

Technophobia, again.

DC 244a-cropYou may or may not remember my decision to update Windows on my PC by ditching Vista and getting Windows 7, with a view to upgrading to a free version of Windows 10.  I set the loved one off on a mission to find a copy of Windows 7 and he duly found one on ebay at a reasonable price, which we bought and the nice man in Northern Ireland sent us a key code. So far so good but we all know it’s not going to last. It’s like those movies where the hero/heroine is told, “Don’t open the green door..”

Well I opened the green door.

Having at least a modicum of common sense, I copied everything from my PC onto the external hard drive before I started, which took a while. Then it took hours to down/up load the programme, fine, but then I got a warning that the file was too big for my computer. So I uploaded/downloaded it to Dropbox and opened it from there. Ask me if it worked. Huh. That’s all I’m saying, huh! Continue reading “Technophobia, again.”

Got those dark and dreary

Monday mornin’ blues,Oh yeah.

Play a little twelve bar riff in your head and…..

Nzeppel, Niuroda and Nia.
Nzeppel, Niuroda and Nia.

Well I woke up this mornin’

And the rain came down.

Well the wind was blowin’

The leaves were on the ground.

So I said to my loved one,

Boy we need to blo-ow this town.

So we booked a holiday and I feel a lot better now.  (We’ve been back from Majorca a full three days.) Majorca itself was glorious. One day of dull and dreary and the rest was lovely. We went in the sea, although it was a tad chill, but as long as you keep moving you can avoid the ice flows!  We also visited a couple of places we haven’t been to before. We stay in Alcudia, which on the north east coast of the island, with a very attractive combination of sandy beaches, towering cliffs, rocky coves and beautiful old, historic towns, with city walls, magnificent churches and busy bustling market days. Continue reading “Got those dark and dreary”

Alone again, but not naturally.

The glitter doesn't look right on the scan.
The glitter doesn’t look right on the scan.

That’s it, they’ve gone. It’s pouring with rain  and i’ll be on tenterhooks until they phone to say they’ve arrived safe and sound. Alex is back from Spain, none the worse (except financially) for her ordeal in the fleshpots of Benalmadena. I’m about to start my swap tiles and I’m really looking forward to it.  The Christmas cards are virtually finished.

And we go on holiday on Friday. Praying for sunshine but no guarantees at this time of year. Still, I’ve packed the swimsuit and the balaclava so I’m ready for anything. There’s a fashion statement if ever there was one. The hardest packing decisions are always about which drawing stuff to take. I’ve minimalised it this time and I just have a pencil case and an A5 folder of water colour card, black card and some squares with strings I’ve already drawn. And my Inktense pencils. And brushes. Stop it, M, at least try for a modicum of control. Continue reading “Alone again, but not naturally.”