Home is where the diet starts.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Two weeks All Inclusive, need I say more? And it was good All Inclusive too, so by the middle of the second week we’d managed to cut back to a five course breakfast and not more than two hours each for lunch and dinner. In fact, by the time we came home, we had found the need to entertain ourselves between meals, I mean,just the odd half hour, nothing excessive, obviously and we’d pretty much cut out snacks altogether- mostly. So it’s cereal and juice for breakfast for the foreseeable future; cottage cheese for lunch and salad for dinner. And no alcohol. Oh Happy Day… Continue reading “Home is where the diet starts.”

Eee, by eck, intit grand?

Translated from the Yorkshire,  this means, roughly, “Good Heavens, life is good.”  Not exactly “In this best of all possible worlds,  all is for the best. ” and I don’t think Voltaire need feel threatened, but it’s my little cry from the heart as I spend time on a Mediterranean island with the loved one.  Which island? Cyprus.  Not a favourite hangout of ours, not Greek enough, if that makes sense, it’s been occupied by us Brits for too long, but it’s very pretty and full of archeological sites well worth a visit. We normally like Greek Greece with small tavernas and sour wine and interesting ideas about drains. Where’s the point of going to somewhere that is just England with sunshine? Continue reading “Eee, by eck, intit grand?”

Come Fly With Me

20150112_185337I may have mentioned once or twice that I don’t like flying.  Well I still  don’t like flying.  Last Sunday I positively hated flying.

  It’s not just take off and landing that unnerve me, although they do. It’s not the height.  It’s the very fact of being on a plane. Immobile.  Strapped down. Can’t get off at the next stop. And people farting. Sorry to be indelicate but it’s a gruesome fact of life at 39000 feet. Forget the mile high club. It’s the reeks high club. I swear some people save it up ready for a long flight. Anyway, over four hours of all that and you add in a bit of turbulence and you will see Sunday was not a perfect day. Continue reading “Come Fly With Me”

Christmas is Cancelled

Had a real glump on Christmas Eve and barely slept. My son was told he was out of a job a week before Christmas and I couldn’t stop thinking about how he must be feeling. However, he is remarkably resilient and is planning his job search ready for when places open after the holidays, so, after a shaky start, I pulled myself together, reminded myself that it isn’t about me and set about making it a good Christmas.

Do you remember I did a little pic for one of my closest friends for Christmas?

this is going to be a Christmas gift for a friend and she doesn't read my blog so it will be a surprise.

Well I did and she was very pleased, to such an extent that she has asked me to do one for her birthday. Continue reading “Christmas is Cancelled”