Back in The Swing of Things

This is NOT me!

I dyed my hair purple today. Well, it was raining.  I read the instructions on the bottle of stuff – the stuff that didn’t work last time  and has been in the bathroom cabinet ever since because it would be a waste to throw it away.

“Wearing the gloves provided, apply to towel dry hair and leave for 10-15 minutes depending on how vibrant you want the resultant colour to be. ”

Well my hair was already dry so I damped it a bit with wet fingers and then applied a thick dollop of pale mauve cream with bare hands because I’d used the gloves last time and thrown them away. Within seconds my hands were a delightful pale lilac, which hasn’t shifted after 4 hand washes, and which I thought would bode well for the colour my hair would eventually be. So I left it for an extra half an hour, just to make sure, while I took some stuff from the craft room de-clutter experiment into the garage. Then  I dove into the shower in a panic in case leaving it on too long meant my hair would fall out at the roots and I’d end up with a purple scalp instead.

It didn’t.

I didn’t get purple hair either. If there is any change at all, it is minimal. My hair is for the most part a slightly darker shade of steel grey than it was and the whiter bits, which I had hoped to see a fetching lilac, are a slightly paler steel grey, although darker than they were before. The colour now resembles that of one of the female guards on the Gulag Archipelago. You know, the ones who who do shot putt and water boarding in their spare time.

My hair is a bit of a disappointment at the best of times. I once read a description of a woman who:

“Had white strands that swept like gulls’ wings back from her face”

This is not what I signed up for.

When I started to go grey, I had visions of gulls’ wings. Distinguished and classy. Instead I look more like a Staffordshire bull Terrier, with a sort of overall brindled effect. One of the many less attractive features of the ageing process.

However, not one to be put off or, to put it another way, not one to learn from experience, I have another pot of purple dye that I’m going to try in a few days’ time. And this one is violet! Not violent, that’s what I’ll be if it doesn’t work.

As for the craft room de-clutter, it’s been a long time coming. I mean, I threaten it now and then. I push things to one side so I can draw or paint in a small space and I say: “Really must clear up in here.”  And then I finish painting and go down for tea and everything is just as it was. All I’ve done is acknowledge that it needs to be done.

BUT NOT TODAY! Today I have gathered all the Christmas card making paraphernalia into a large carrier bag and taken it out to the garage. (Which I know is a mistake because I bet I’ll find tons more as I go along.) And I’ve gathered together all the wires, micro-filters and plugs from 20+ years of computers into a box and they’re going outside too. (At least until my technically competent son in law comes and identifies what needs to be kept and what can go. ) And now there’s an empty drawer that can be used for some of the bits and pieces lying about on the desk, shelves, floor. This is sooooo cathartic. But I’m pacing myself. I don’t want to rush into it and throw away things I will later need, so I’m gathering things together and going through them a bit at a time.

And of course I need a break now and then, for a cuppa or an online game or something. It’s odd though… I’ve filled two litter bins at least twice; there’s a huge carrier bag full of Christmas things waiting to go outside; there’s a box of wires ditto; there are piles of stuff around the room waiting to be put away – but there doesn’t seem to be any less than there was before. How can that be?

So I’m off to put the kettle on for a coffee to gain strength for the final push. I want it clear today because tomorrow the next stage begins… clearing out the drawers and cabinets. (Can you hear the Jaws music getting louder?)


So until next time, world, think of me as I plod on through a ten year collection of things that might come in handy, ruthlessly discarding things that could have been thrown out years ago.

In these uncertain time, look after yourselves and be good to each other.






An Uncertain Time

I drew this for Inktober last year and loved how it turned out with the fish and the worm eye to eye.

Well it has taken a pandemic to get me back on the blog so we’ll see how it goes from here. My experience of lock down so far is fairly unthreatening. When we are not away on hols to the sun, I spend a lot of time at home, drawing, painting, crochet and reading, plus all sorts of other crafts that I try out.  The thing is, from inside my normally well provisioned, comfortable home, the world doesn’t look much different. If I avoid tv I can convince myself that there is no danger and everyone will be fine. But I know the reality is different. The Loved One and I are both over 65 and so are many of our friends. Many of us have what are now called “underlying conditions”. (I thought they were the result of the ageing  process for the most part.) So we are classed as “At risk”.

I do feel that people are stating the obvious here. The old and infirm have always been “At risk”. It’s part of being old and infirm isn’t it?  So it’s no surprise that we are the ones popping off first. I’m not happy about it but it is a Malthusian fact of existence.  We are also the least productive members of society in practical terms. We don’t work, we don’t contribute and we can be seen as a burden on the state. We’ve done all our contributing. So if anyone has to go, maybe it’s us.

Well that’s not very cheery but I feel better for looking it in the eye, so to speak.

This does not mean I am volunteering!

Underneath this rather cold hearted look at the world in its present state is an attempt to toughen up, so that if/when my friends and family are affected, I will be able to cope with it emotionally. As for getting the dreaded virus myself, well, I’m assuming that won’t happen because, let’s face it, what bug would take ME on?

One good thing has come out of the present situation…

I’ve started a thorough de clutter in the craft room. In fact, we must hope that the lock down period is fairly lengthy if it is to be completed. So when next I write it will be from a tidy, well organised and efficient work space. (And pigs will be flying over South Yorkshire.)

Until then, world, be good. (-ish)