Equal Opportunities

One of the pages on here is devoted entirely to my father’s journal and this seems to me to be a bit unfair on my mother, who was very creative and talented herself, though as a maker, rather than a writer. I have, therefore, added pictures of some of her work into the Stitch Gallery. Although some of the work there is my own, much of it, especially the cross stitch pieces, is hers.

Without exception, they hang in my home and are displayed with great pride. When she died, I gave many of them away to friends and family but I kept the ones I couldn’t bear to part with and they are some of what you see here.

This was not the limit to her skills. We weren’t exactly well off when I was a child and many of my clothes were home made. As a teenager, I managed to have up to date clothes because she had taught me how to make them and, when I had kids of my own, they too always had plenty to wear, usually made from remnants bought on Rotherham Market.

Even now, I have a huge box of fabric lengths in the cupboard under the stairs, waiting for me to one day get the urge to sew again. Soon, perhaps, but not quite yet…

Another new addition

I’ve added another story today. I wrote it last year when I was working away from home and had some long evenings to spend in Travelodges. The car park in question is actually Asda at Dartford but the rest is fiction.

On another note, I heard today of the death of a childhood friend and it has set me thinking of those days and holidays our families spent together. I think some of them may be worth recording and I think, quite soon, there will be a story in memory of Neil, may he rest more peacefully now than he did in life.

First publishings

Today, for the first time, I have added a couple of stories I have written to my blog. The first one, Hanioti, is named after the place where it took place, on Halkidiki, in Greece, a couple of years ago. For some reason, an everyday incident was very touching and the memory of it stayed with me. Re-reading it now, it brings back the hot day and our tired gratitude for a cold beer after a walk which was, as always, longer than we had expected.

The second story, The Idyll, is based on an entry in my Dad’s journal from when he and a groups of like-minded hikers went on a walking holiday in the Pyrennees in 1947. The entire journal is in the process of being typed up and published on this blog under the heading “Le Journal”. It also brings back memories, not of that trip, I wasn’t there, but of my Dad as I remember him as a younger man, good humoured, with a naughty sense of humour and a way with words. It’s over 20 years since he died and I won’t pretend I think of him every day, but reading his diaries brings him back clearly and it’s as if he’s talking to me and telling me tales of his youth, like he used to do when I was a girl.

I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing them with you. Enjoy.

Feeling rather proud…

After an intensive hour on Google Hangout last night, getting a lesson in blogging from my daughter and her husband, I’ve learned, I think, how to upload pictures. So, please, have a look at my card gallery, not because the cards are all that good – I’m still learning- but just to prove to them that the training worked.

Things I make.

I’ve been making greeting cards for quite a while, but only the simplest types. Over more recent months, however, I’ve been finding out about more ambitious projects. Quite a few of the crafters I know put so much effort into their cards that they then don’t want to part with them. I feel a little the same way but I’m going to try to make specific cards for specific people and events – AND SEND THEM!

To keep a record of them, I’ll take photos and put them on this blog, partly to share ideas with anyone who’s interested and partly so I don’t send the same person another similar card at a later time.  (And maybe to gloat over the best ones sometimes too.)

So, when I’ve worked out how to add pictures to this, here we go…

Finding something new, well new to me.

A few days ago I saw a picture described in its heading as a Zentangle. It was quite dramatic, so I had a closer look and was enthralled. It was doodling with a purpose and I really liked the look of it, putting it in my list of “things I’ll get round to having a go at one of these days.” And there it would have stayed but for a chance visit to Create and Craft on t.v. where a presenter called Mel, a very good presenter, I feel, was doing some Zentangling. It was great, and I’m now sort of hooked.

I went on a trawl through Google images and found a wealth of examples and ideas.

Since I’m not much of a draughtsman, I decided to use the patterns to fill in a stamped image. It was great fun and I quite like the finished product. When I’ve worked out how to import it, I’ll put it in the “Things I make ” section of the blog.