Arthur who?

A pair of tiles I received the other day as part of the swap on FB. From Brenda Pereira and Anne Marks

Arthur Itis, that’s who.  In my knee. Now this isn’t fair. I was a good girl and went for my neurosurgery last July and took it on the chin. (s) I gradually eased off on the pain killers and, as I did so, my right knee started to be a bit uncomfortable. And then more uncomfortable. And then painful. Surely you’re supposed to recover from one thing before the next one starts, aren’t you? And anyway, only old people get arthritis, don’t they? It’s not fair and I’m having a sulk, so there. Anyone looking meaningfully at the calendar and  doing adding up faces had better watch out. Fortunately, most of my hobbies involve sitting down – the Zentangle, crochet, reading and so on.

I did, however, decide to tidy the top shelf in my wardrobe last week. Now every time we go to Spain or the Canary Islands, which is at least twice a year, we go to the local and to the tourist markets, because they are fun. It’s not unknown for me to buy a handbag, or two and, possibly, a scarf/shawl/stole or two. It would appear, based on what I found on that shelf, that it’s time I set up a stall of my own. At least as far as the scarves etc are concerned. In fact, I fear some of the markets  will probably go out of business altogether if I stop going.

In a moment of weakness, I then went on to tidy the rest of the wardrobe. This was not a good idea.  I did, it’s true, find one or two things to get rid of but it was tokenism and I knew it. I knew it when I put back the cape I wore when I was pregnant with my eldest – approaching his 38th birthday- not to mention the evening dress I’ve had since before I met the loved one in 1974.  It hasn’t fit me for a while. Quite a while. A very long time, in fact, but it is still beautiful in my eyes and here it will stay.

Using the new pattern from the mother ship and one new to me called Crease.

So the loved one was at the computer on Sunday evening and called to me

“Do you fancy a trip to Tenerife?”

“Yes,” I said, ” When? ”

“Day after tomorrow…”

“It’s a bit soon. We’ve not been back from Spain two weeks.”

“I know.”

“Go on then.”

So here we are. Good innit?

So far, so good.

I brought some yarn to crochet with and set about making a mermaid doll for my granddaughter. I’ve got as far as I can without stuffing it, so this is it, until I get home.  Bored, I used the remaining yarn to make her a friend, an octopus playmate, in fact, also in need of stuffing. Making the tentacles was hilarious and much easier than expected.

Sorry about the shadow. Damn this sunshine!

And now I’ve started on a fish, which will be ready to stuff by the time we get home too. Fun, fun, fun.


Well, suck my socks and call me Sugarfoot, guess what…

The Diva Challenge this week is to use the new tangle – see border in the tile above. So for once, I’m in front of the Diva.

At which point I will wish you all a fond farewell from Costa Adeje and hope you will be good until next time. (Well, good-ish.)




12 thoughts on “Arthur who?

  1. Fun post! I’m guessing a lot of us can relate. I used to collect yarn everywhere we went until my closet reached the explosion limit and I had run out of other places to “hide” my stash. At least my current obsession, pens, takes a lot less room! Your Noom is lovely as a border, and I love the crochet items you are making, especially those fun tentacles!

  2. Another gem of a post though sorry to hear about that Arthur chappie! Love your ‘Noon tile and that mermaid is going to be wonderful.
    Enjoy Tenerife! Axxx

  3. My arthuritis is in my left knee and my shoulders are still causing arm pain and restricting my range of motion. (This is why it’s good to have friends of a similar age. We can “woe is me” about our myriad aches and pains and empathize.) I like the way the Loved One thinks and that you can both be serendipitous. We have a long weekend in Washington, D.C. coming up—not nearly as much fun as the Canary Islands, not to mention the fact that you know who lives there—at least when he’s not golfing somewhere.

    I like your Noom. I know from rueful experience that getting it to curve can be somewhat vexing. (I only finally conquered it by drawing the “s” curves round a central line.)

    After several downsizes in our living space, I successfully purged my closet. Now I’m ruthless.

  4. You did get first on the Diva Challenge, even with all that crocheting and traveling and such. All of it looks like just so much wonderful fun!

    1. Hi Michele, I received a letter from you while we were away. Haven’t opened it yet. Saving it as a treat after we’ve finished un packing and doing the laundry. Something to look forward to.

  5. Beautiful Noom composition and both the half mermaid and the octopus look great! I’m sure your granddaughter will love them.

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