Own Worst Enemy

Honestly, I think my learning curve has flatlined. I mean, I am excruciatingly well aware of how limited my crafting/artistic skills are. Ideas? Yes, tons of ’em. Ability? Ah, no , not so you’d notice. So why did I not only agree to make the wedding invitations for my son’s up and coming nuptials, but then say “Just show me a picture of what you like and I’ll see what I can do.”?  AND SHE DID! Dammit. Anyway, the style they like is not too challenging so I’ll be getting started as soon as we get back from what my Dad used to call furrin’ parts.

I’ve joined the Zentangle Artist Trading Card Swap on Facebook for the February swap. It requires us to use one of two particular strings – 150 and 39, plus anything heart like in the patterns. I’ve done one or two and am loving this – lots of Helen Williams patterns seem to be making their presence felt, I notice.


At half past five yesterday morning the earth moved for the loved one and me.  Continue reading “Own Worst Enemy”

I’ll Follow the Sun

For some reason my blog headings tend to be song titles, or lines from songs, probably the result of a lack of originality on my part. But when I wrote this, I started humming the song and now it’s going round in my head on a loop. Oh well, it could be worse, could be Agadoo, or Little Arrows! At least it’s true, I am hoping to follow the sun next week and we’re off to sunny Spain for a warmer and, I sincerely hope, drier, week. However, I won’t grumble about the weather when so many people have had so much more to grumble about. The floods not so far from here have been horrendous, not merely in terms of financial cost but in terms of the misery they have caused. It’s not in the news as much now but it hasn’t gone away, hundreds of people with homes and businesses in ruins.  Continue reading “I’ll Follow the Sun”

Stoicism and the Inexorable

Well, I said I wanted bright but...

Stoicism and the Inexorable? Sounds like a Tolstoy novel, doesn’t it? It stems from reading Joanne Fink’s Zenspirations blog. If you don’t already read it, do. For all that I am neither religious nor easily inspired, Joanne’s honesty and genuine feeling do get to me, sometimes against my better judgement and certainly against my will. Her artwork is outstanding and there are free downloadable pages to colour/tangle.

In her most recent posting, she was looking at having a “watch word” for the coming year

                                   “Hi Everyone,
                                     Have you heard of the practice of selecting a specific word to ruminate
                                    on in the year ahead? Choosing one word is supposed to help you focus
                                    on developing or strengthening selected character traits, impact your
                                    experiences and light your  way as you journey through the next 12 months”

and this set me thinking, as some things occasionally do. 2016 is likely to be something of a challenge for me on health grounds and, in some ways, I am not looking forward to it. Continue reading “Stoicism and the Inexorable”

The Calm Before The Storm

It is Christmas Eve. As far as I can work out, all the preparations are done and we are about to watch brainless TV for a couple of hours. I’ve just completed a piece I started at my Zentangle class on the 6th of December. We did a ceramic Christmas tree and they looked great. Until…

We were going to use Mod Podge to seal them but I was afraid it would smudge, so I waited until I got home and sprayed it with a lacquer.  The results are below. It seems the lacquer melted the ink. Aaaarrrrggghhhh!!! My daughter suggested that maybe I had held the spray can a little too close but, having turned it over and done the other side I’m loathe to risk it again.

I was quite proud of it.
I was quite proud of it.

So today I did it again, on the reverse side, and used Mod Podge. Fingers crossed. Continue reading “The Calm Before The Storm”