And in the end…

journalI did not mention, in my November  post, the name of the dreaded establishment wherein my son was married. This was because my son was still in discussion with, for want of a better word, the management, with a view to financial recompense. (Don’t I sound businesslike? )  However, as soon as this has been settled to our satisfaction, Tripadvisor will get the lot. Rather looking forward to that, as you might imagine.

However, we now have the professional photos, which are excellent. This has been a mild Autumn so all the leaves were still on the trees in all their splendour. The ground underfoot was a little soft, so many a lady’s shoe lost its glow but it was warm enough to be outside for ages, so the children could run round; the smokers could smoke and the photographer could herd us around like the proverbial headless chickens.  He had my sympathy; it must have been like herding cats. We now have a memory stick containing no less than 800 photos. 800. It’ll be their silver wedding anniversary before they’ve got through them all. Continue reading “And in the end…”

The Return of the …

dc-300When you read the title of this page, you must imagine subsonic notes reverberating in the background, like a 1950’s horror film.  But actually, it’s only me, back after what turned out to be a couple of  months’ absence. Life got in the way of art for a while but I popped over to the Diva blog this morning and saw  that the Challenge was the Moebius Syndrome one and I somehow don’t like to miss that one.  (You can find the post here : )

So I got out a tile, a REAL Zentangle tile, which I rarely use because I am a cheapskate, and drew the symbol as my string. My original intention was to leave the symbol empty and pattern the background, so I coloured one section in white with a silver edge, one section purple with a deeper purple edge and then patterned the third section with letter M for Moebius. It’s not a proper Zentangle pattern but I quite like how it has turned out. It looked a bit bare, but I didn’t want to detract from the symbol, so I just did a border, using a pattern beginning with M called Myswing, by Simone Menzel.

Am I happy with it? Weeeelllll, it’s ok. But it’s my first Challenge tile in quite some time, so it’s a start. Or a restart.

It’s not that I haven’t been drawing, tangling and the like, just haven’t been blogging. I have been doing a FB swap on Zenatangle Artist Trading Card Swap. It’s fun, mostly, although I’m struggling with the latest one, which has us using grid patterns, which are not my faves. I don’t make it easy for myself, however, and have discovered to my cost that reading the instructions carefully helps. I had done 5 1/2 tiles for the Wish Upon a Star swap when I re-read them and found that I was supposed to be doing them on normal tiles  when I had, in fact, used ATC’s. Dammit.  These are the aborted ones:

5-n-6 3n-4 1-n-2 Infuriating, to say the least.

They were black on white, with a little gold embellishment if we chose to use it.  Some of the gold looks a bit odd, either too yellow or too orange, but it was gold, honest.


So I’ve started them again and this is where  I have got with them so far.


star-swap-1 starswap-2 starswap-3 trelina

Two more to go and then I can send them.

So, that’s me starting the year a bit late but I hope to get back into the rhythm of it soon.

So, until next time, world, be good.   (-ish)