I’m not a nice person but…

Rather a big one, this, about 8 inches square.
Rather a big one, this, about 8 inches square. It has sparkle but it doesn’t show on the scan.

I feel the need to begin with a bit of an apology this week. You see, every week I go through most, if not all, of the responses to the Diva Challenge and leave comments if appropriate. However, I do not have Flickr or Instagram accounts, so I never leave comments for people who publish there. I feel that it is rude to seem to ignore them, which I don’t, I look whenever I can, but I never leave the encouragement or admiration that I feel. So, if it’s YOU, I’m sorry. I almost certainly admire your work and I enjoy going to look at it.


I’ll say thank you to all the people who leave kind and generous comments on here. It’s surprising how encouraged I feel when I see them.  And I know a few of the names by now, we seem to speak briefly most weeks and I feel as though I am making friends in all sorts of places. So Thank You, your words are appreciated.

I feel better for that. Continue reading “I’m not a nice person but…”

Sick of hospitals

Fortunately all my visits have been short but I’ve seen too much of the medical world recently. I have had  in the past a problem with my spine which seems to be recurring and I have therefore been to the doc, who referred me to the consultant, who sent me for an MRI, then back to the consultant, who sent me for an Xray and a CT scan and now I wait for results. Over the same period I have had a flu jab, an eye test for something to do with diabetes and a medication review. In addition, the loved one has had an eye test, a routine heart test and his own medication review. And a letter came today to make an appointment for a mammogram.(Me, not him.)  Enough!

But, joy of joys, Ben is coming up for a few days – wheeeee! I know it will be chaos but I don’t care. I’ve bought a gingerbread house kit so we can make it together – well, stick it together and ice it. And a pumpkin for him to draw on and maybe carve to take home ready for Halloween. And we’ll be going out for a picnic if the weather holds. (It’ll be an indoor picnic otherwise.) Apparently, he’s counting the sleeps until they come. He’s not the only one. Continue reading “Sick of hospitals”

If music be the food…

then there’s no wonder I’m overweight! (That’s MY excuse and I’m sticking to it.) On the flight home from Lanzarote, I was listening to Hugh Laurie singing some really old blues songs and cheerful it often wasn’t, although it’s good stuff, but, what with that and drawing, I’m in a little world of my own until they offer me tea or coffee and I am left wondering, was I singing along?  Are those people giving me funny looks because of “Please Mr Judge, send me to the lectric chair…” or, alternatively,  I’m plaintively reflecting on my need for cocaine? I just hope they realise it’s vicarious.

So I move on to listening to Paloma Faith and she’s a bit rude in places, so I try not to join in the chorus, so to speak. I’ll know I’m really, really getting old when I no longer care if I’m singing out loud in public places. Continue reading “If music be the food…”

Under starter’s orders

20151005_091456And ready for the off. It’s October, time for serious Christmas preparations to begin. I’ve got three foreign trips to fit in before Christmas and that takes up more time than you might think. Three weeks for the trips themselves, three days packing, three days unpacking, three days putting away… That’s more than another week gone and I haven’t left the room yet. Continue reading “Under starter’s orders”