Changing Seasons

The Diva Challenge being all about Autumn leaves this week has set me to thinking about the changing of the seasons and the passing of time. I liked the Autumn leaves thing, it reminded me of all sorts of things, pleasant memories for the most part. I was just getting myself into a cosy romanticised glow, remembering Autumns passed, roasted chestnuts, playing conkers, kicking through leaves in my wellies, being taken  for walks in Clumber Park…

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Autumn leaves

I made the mistake of looking at some of the other tiles posted for the I am the Diva Challenge this week and it gave me so many ideas, none of them mine. Several of them were USA or Canada based and the maple leaf was much in evidence. (It’s such a lovely shape, I don’t blame them and there were some exquisite pieces of work.)

Well, let’s face it, I don’t do exquisite and maple leaves are not very British, so I decided to go for being English to the core with mine.  Not British, English. (Probably still stinging from all the politicking about the Scottish vote to leave the UK or not, I suppose. Well, no-one asked the English what THEY wanted, did they? )

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Motorway Blues

To be sung to the tune “On the Road Again” by Canned Heat.


Well I’m so tired of driving but I’m on the M1 again (On the M1 again)

It’s just stuffed full of roadworks but I’m on the M1 again. (On the M1 again)

I ain’t got no choice ‘cos I’ve got to get home again.


I started this journey when I was quite young (When I was quite young)

But I’m ageing by the mile and the driving is no fun (An’ it’s just no fun)

Bored and restless, wish I’d not begun.


There’s a guy in a Mercedes, I had to toot my horn (Had to toot the horn)

Guys like him they never should’ve been born. (I might’ve sworn)

Nearly ran me off the road and now I’m glad he’s gone.


I can see my turn now, Thank the lord for that (Thank the Lord for that)

Put the pedal to the metal, got my foot down flat. (My foot down flat.)

Scared some other drivers but I don’t care ’bout that.


But I aint going down that long old lonesome road (All by myself).
Not working until Tuesday when I’m back on the M1 road (All by myself.)

Watch out, you old Mercedes or I’ll have you towed…

A sign of someone with time on her hands?

I seem to be posting a lot at the moment,hence the heading above. I’d like to think it was my creative side seeking an outlet but I suspect it’s my lazy side avoiding doing things around the house. Ah well, we are what we are.  So today I’ve made a birthday card for my youngest daughter, who is approaching her thirtieth birthday. The youngest is nearly thirty.  That means I have to own up to being old enough to have three children OVER thirty! Noooooooooo!!

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Back to normal.

You can tell when the holiday mood has worn off – I’m tidying the craft room again. I mean, AGAIN. It’s my default activity.  I’d like to say it’s useful but I can’t fool myself. I sporadically throw a few things away, keep a lot more that in fact I should throw away; I find homes for oddments that have been cluttering up the place then realise that I’ve already made space for them elsewhere, so get them from where I’ve just put them, if I can remember where that was, and put them with their peers, so that, twenty minutes after it began, I’m bored, tired, irritable and have achieved very little.  Maybe I was Sisyphus in another incarnation.

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I know what I did wrong!

Sadly, this is not a life changing revelation leading to my sainthood. I just realised what was wrong with my Ing tile.  There should have been an aura to lift it from the backgound patterns. Watch this space.


Four hours later –

Well, this is not what I had in mind when I wrote the above but…

Patterns used - Ing, Mile Straight and Swizzlestik
Patterns used – Ing, Mile Straight and Swizzlestik

You know what, I quite like it.


Catching up.

Lots of pictures this week but you can scroll down to the Challenge if you prefer.

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Under Starter’s Orders…

Only twenty four hours before the next Diva Challenge. Got my pencil sharpened, my pens at the ready, lamp over the desk…  However, we’re going a away for a few days to Dawlish, in Devon so I am taking my trusty tablet and my drawing kit and, with any luck, I’ll be sitting in the sun by the sand dunes with a long drink and a lovely view, ready for the off. Oh Lumme, I hope they have WiFi.

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Waiting to be bored.

I thought, when I finished work, that I might be bored. I didn’t choose to finish; I was made redundant. Nasty word, that, redundant.  “unnecessary, not required, inessential, unessential, needless, unneeded,uncalled for, dispensable, disposable, expendable, unwanted, useless;” Not a good feeling. So I wrote an eleven page report asking the Senior Management Team who would do all those inessential things that my job  consisted of  and, with a few changes, they reinstated the job and offered it to me. Unfortunately, by the time they did this I had been offered a good financial package and decided to retire early. More to the point, I had realised that  I could not work for a management that was so shortsighted that it thought they could run the place without someone doing what I did (Not me personally, my role was important, not me.) and so dim that they had had to read an eleven page report before they became aware of what it was they had been employing me to do for years. So I turned them down and, apparently, they were surprised. They thought I’d written the report to save my own skin and would therefore be grateful. Which tells you what they thought of me and therefore influenced what I thought of them.

Grateful is not what I was.

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