Livin’ Doll

Got myself a cryin’, walking, sleepin’, talkin’, livin’ doll…

Showing my age again but this comes to mind because I am currently making a doll for my granddaughter.  (I was going to do one for my grandson too but one may be more than enough.) It’s crochet, from a pattern I found on the Ravelry  website ( )  – if you haven’t been there, go there. Do not pass go, do not collect £200, just go, it’s got everything and is worth joining just for all the free knitting and crochet patterns.

I'm making the bigger one, I hope.
I’m making the bigger one, I hope.

What’s the problem, I hear you ask…  Well, it’s me. I hate having to do as I’m told, constantly want to try MY way and therefore can’t follow a pattern for toffee. It’s why Zentangle works for me – I use the step outs to learn and then do it MY way. And then I try to kid myself that MY way is as good as the original. Hmmm. Not fooling anybody really but… Continue reading “Livin’ Doll”

A Little Project

A star I did as an example
A star I did as an example

I’ve invited the Stitch n Bitch girls round for a drawing afternoon and am therefore planning what we can do. Being avid crafters across a range of skills:- knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, cross stitch, lace making, spinning and weaving, we have a tendency to like to actually make something, as opposed to just developing a skill. Last time we met for a drawing session, we did Christmas Ornaments, just simple star shaped ones, but they went down well. Continue reading “A Little Project”

Painting a plate

My cousin, a fellow crafter, invited me to go with her for a craft afternoon the other day. She had been given a voucher for Christmas to visit a local pottery and craft shop and paint a plate, which they would then fire for it to be collected a couple of days later. I agreed to drive and thought I knew reasonably well where we were going. Apparently there are two places of the same name in the Barnsley area and this was the other one.

Ann, my cousin, knew the way and was to act as navigator and we set off with high hopes. Now this is not a tale of missed turns and aimless wanderings, quite the reverse, in fact. We found the village with very little trouble. Even Stairfoot Roundabout was uneventful. (Anyone local reading the words Stairfoot Roundabout is likely to weep and ask to lie down in a darkened room for a while – it’s a driver’s nightmare.) But we braved it and survived to tell the tale and found our way to our destination pretty easily. The instructions told us we could park at the back of the Co-op (a shop) and we did, in a rather tight spot but we did it. So we found the place, went in, were expected and welcomed and all was set for quite a jolly time. Continue reading “Painting a plate”

Something old, something new,

I made this for my daughter for Christmas but obviously couldn’t show you on here until it’d been given.

But no more borrowed and blue; we’re done with weddings for the time being, unless someone is keeping secrets!

The something old is the hobby of crochet, which I learned at a night school class in about 1971 – we’ll gloss over how old I was at the time, obviously a babe in arms. My mum and I jointly made a crochet waistcoat, and quite a few other things, as crochet was very popular at the time. It sort of faded into the background with the arrival of fiance, husband (The same person, in case you were wondering), son, daughter, daughter, house move, new career, and so on.

I had a go at the Square One FB focus pattern, Neuron.
I had a go at the Square One FB focus pattern, Neuron.

Every so often, when I had no other crafts on the go, like cross stitch, dress making, occasional knitting – very occasional, never really took to knitting – crewel work, card making, marking brought home from College, lesson preparation, helping children with homework, (You mean those last three don’t count as crafts? Really?) I would make some granny squares for charity blankets, or, if a colleague had a baby, I’d make a cot blanket. But it was now and then, not a regular thing. Continue reading “Something old, something new,”