Countdown to the Wedding…

The harbour in Rhodes Old Town
The harbour in Rhodes Old Town

Bought the frock. And the hat. Done the alterations on the bridesmaid dress. Made the card. (And the invitations, and the menus and place settings…) Still have to make two cakes and decorate them. Time is getting tight and I’m starting to feel the pressure. Why didn’t I just buy everything instead? Partly, of course, because I like to feel needed. Partly because I want everyone to admire my work. And, possibly mostly, because I can’t bear to pay out for something I can make.

Andrew, the groom and my son, is getting the jitters. He’s not got cold feet but he’s half longs for, half dreads the occasion itself. And the bride is a nervous wreck. I don’t remember being so wound up about mine. It was a biggish do in Rotherham Minster and we had a lovely day. I was nervous, but I don’t remember having sleepless nights.

But before all that about the wedding, which I shall bore you with another time, a little something about the recent holiday… Continue reading “Countdown to the Wedding…”

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby…

It was our ruby wedding anniversary on Sunday – forty years. As we both remarked at some point in the day, if one of us had killed the other early on in our relationship, we’d have been out of clink by now! We didn’t have a big celebration, just a Sunday dinner with our elder daughter and a very old close family friend. That hadn’t been the plan. We were all set to jet off to Mexico with my cousin and her husband, who were celebrating their 45th just over a week before. So the plan was to go for a couple of weeks, covering both celebrations with the same holiday. And then I got the date for my neurosurgery  and everything went on hold. (We hadn’t booked it, just made plans.) To my intense disgust, as you can imagine, they went anyway and we stayed at home and didn’t envy them one bit. Even when she kept putting photos on Facebook. It’s a good job she’s family.  (I’m hoping to go next year, but it won’t be the same.)

And for my anniversary present last year, the loved one bought me a lovely ring, decorated with Welsh (Clogau) gold, just like the Queen’s. Well, it might not be exactly like hers, mine’s nicer. So this year, he bought me the matching ear rings. And what did I buy him? Nothing. Why? Because he doesn’t want anything and, whenever I start looking in shops with him, at watches, signet rings or other man appropriate gifts, he stands it so long and then says, “I’m not that bothered, love, don’t waste your money.”  And he means it. He’s rather have a holiday for two than a watch for one. (Me? I want both, obviously.) Continue reading “Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby…”

Walking on Sunshine

Quote from Love is by Adrian Henri
Quote from “Love Is” by Adrian Henri

I realise I may have mentioned this before, but I do love the Greek Islands. All of ’em. OK, I know, I haven’t been to all of them but there’s still time. (Apparently there are about 230 inhabited ones,  so it may take a while, but I’m willing to give it a go, even if  we’ve only managed 12 so far because we keep going back for repeat visits.)

So we we’re on Rhodes this week and it is a joy. Before going, I went for the obligatory waxing session, as I have neglected these things recently and suddenly find myself ready to audition as a yeti. As you might guess, it’s not a pleasurable experience and this week it wasn’t helped by the therapist chatting away about her mood swings and violent outbursts as a result of her newly discovered pregnancy. I got the feeling she was getting way too much satisfaction out of causing me pain. And then expecting me to pay for it. And as she ripped the few remaining whiskers from my chins, she murmured “There you are, smooth as a baby’s bum.” Now, strange as it seems, and I have no false modesty here, having my face compared to an arse, even a baby’s arse,  was not reassuring, smooth or otherwise. I didn’t leave a tip… Continue reading “Walking on Sunshine”

A Compendium of Challenges

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These are toppers for this year’s Christmas cards, ready for some shading and colour.





As you may or may not be aware, I’ve been a bit erratic with my posts over the last few weeks and have missed a few Diva Challenges too. I’m recovering nicely from the op now, although I still have trouble drawing, as leaning over the desk pulls at the neck muscles, but I’m getting there. Anyway, it’s time to get back on the bike, so to speak, so this week I’m doing a catch up on the Challenges I’ve missed.

I’d started this post a week or more ago, then had a visit from Rachel and Ben, so it went on the back burner. Below is the post I started, followed by the slightly more up to date stuff. Continue reading “A Compendium of Challenges”