An Uncertain Time

I drew this for Inktober last year and loved how it turned out with the fish and the worm eye to eye.

Well it has taken a pandemic to get me back on the blog so we’ll see how it goes from here. My experience of lock down so far is fairly unthreatening. When we are not away on hols to the sun, I spend a lot of time at home, drawing, painting, crochet and reading, plus all sorts of other crafts that I try out.  The thing is, from inside my normally well provisioned, comfortable home, the world doesn’t look much different. If I avoid tv I can convince myself that there is no danger and everyone will be fine. But I know the reality is different. The Loved One and I are both over 65 and so are many of our friends. Many of us have what are now called “underlying conditions”. (I thought they were the result of the ageing  process for the most part.) So we are classed as “At risk”.

I do feel that people are stating the obvious here. The old and infirm have always been “At risk”. It’s part of being old and infirm isn’t it?  So it’s no surprise that we are the ones popping off first. I’m not happy about it but it is a Malthusian fact of existence.  We are also the least productive members of society in practical terms. We don’t work, we don’t contribute and we can be seen as a burden on the state. We’ve done all our contributing. So if anyone has to go, maybe it’s us.

Well that’s not very cheery but I feel better for looking it in the eye, so to speak.

This does not mean I am volunteering!

Underneath this rather cold hearted look at the world in its present state is an attempt to toughen up, so that if/when my friends and family are affected, I will be able to cope with it emotionally. As for getting the dreaded virus myself, well, I’m assuming that won’t happen because, let’s face it, what bug would take ME on?

One good thing has come out of the present situation…

I’ve started a thorough de clutter in the craft room. In fact, we must hope that the lock down period is fairly lengthy if it is to be completed. So when next I write it will be from a tidy, well organised and efficient work space. (And pigs will be flying over South Yorkshire.)

Until then, world, be good. (-ish)



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