Back From Beyond

One of the many crochet projects I’ve been working on. going to give it to an old College friend.

Having had a period of reduced creativity with regard to drawing or painting, and being a bit OCD with the crochet, I set myself up with several projects at the same time. (I always do that, with whatever craft I’m addicted to at the moment.) I have finally got back to drawing and the Zentangle in particular. What has surprised me is how my hand control has reduced. I’m having a terrible time with things like auras and parallel lines. On the other hand, I am having fun, even if the end products are not too good.

Last time we went to Tenerife, (we got back a week ago) I took some prepared water colour card with me to do the line work on so I didn’t have to carry a full drawing/painting kit with me and it worked quite well. I used a mix of Promarkers and water colours to get the range of shades I wanted. So below are the before and after pics.  



It’s not an original idea of course but I do enjoy these sort of pod flowers.

I also decided to do a header for my Facebook page, so, using pages from a scrapbook/journal I won on Alice Dean Hendon’s FB page,  Tangle All Around, I did a page for each month.

So far I’ve managed May, June, July and August and am awaiting inspiration for September and so on. Hoping to have them ready for when the months change.











I don’t think July worked as well as the others because I rushed it but we’ll see how the rest of the year goes.

As you can see, I’ve been playing with really bright colours a lot. Generally, I like a muted palette but, as is often the case, I was trawling for ideas on Pinterest and saw some really bright stuff and decided it was time to step out of the comfort zone.

I keep popping over to the Diva Challenge page to see if she’s back but no luck so far. I see from Laura’s FB page that she is recovering but not back to full strength yet. Surprised at how much I miss that blog.

But I think I will stop here for now. i have a load of swap tiles to look at and acknowledge so It’s time to go. See you soon, world, be good. ish.




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