Doodling and dawdling.

Playing with Koi brushes.

Dawdling first because we are away in Tenerife at the moment, escaping the English Spring. Did I say Spring?  Hmmmm. Anyway, it’s sunny here, with a gentle breeze coming in off the sea. Very relaxing. I’ve brought my crochet and pens, of course. So far, I’ve made two small crochet teddy bears and started a shawl/scarf but done very little drawing. This is mainly because of the dawdling. When we go out for a walk I take a little bag with yarn and hook and sit in the sun every couple of hundred yards to do a couple of rows of crochet. The drawing tends to get done at the table on our balcony but, this holiday, it’s a walled terrace which makes me feel hemmed in and I don’t like sitting there, so I prefer the small balcony, which doesn’t have a table to rest on. Hey ho, munt grumble eh?

And we keep meeting really nice people and sitting having a gossip and a beer/coffee/wine because you have to make sure you keep hydrated in these warm climates don’t you? Don’t want to get all withered and prunish do we?

It’s only when you go to places like Tenerife that you realise how many people there are in this world without any sense of self preservation. Apart from those poor souls who overdo it in the sun on their first day and spend the rest of their time with skin as tight as a drum, red as beetroot and tender as a good sirloin. Actually, I had a lovely rare sirloin the other night that was definitely less well cooked than some of the visitors to the restaurant in question. (Mainly Brits, I’m afraid.)

Then there are those people who go all the way up Mt Teide, over neck -breakingly bumpy roads, to strap themselves to a giant kites and leap off the edge of a cliff. We watch them a lot and it’s fascinating seeing them swirling in the air, finding thermals and swooping up again, until they corkscrew down and land on the beach with a well controlled run across the sand. Sometimes they seem awful close to the roof tops.

And of course, on Tenerife you take your life in your hands every time you go for a drive. The driving on the motorway is  -I’m hesitating to find the right word – scary? erratic? idiosyncratic? individual? Many of the drivers have that “If I don’t look at it, it won’t hit me.” sort of attitude and the weird thing is, it often works!



Well, what with this hectic round of hedonistic pleasure, I’ve done little more drawing and arrived home last night full of good resolutions. I have a swap to do – bookmarks with borders. I’m trying to use unfamiliar patterns or ones that don’t scream “border” at me. A lot of false starts so far though. I’m determined to use Toodles, which is easy and yet not, as you can see from the two disastrous beginnings here.  Both on water colour card stained with very dilute Brusho inks. I’m going to gesso over these and try again on the reverse.

I’m not liking the Nzeppel either, trying for the Dingbatz effect but, again, not getting it yet. I had intended doing holey Hollibaugh through the Nzeppel but can’t quite make it work. Maybe I’ll come up with a Plan B, who knows? And as for the one with Verve in the corners, well, least said, soonest mended, I think. However, I think I might make a success of the wobbly stripe with warty blobs, whose name I’ve forgotten. Fingers crossed.

And the Diva Challenge this week is to use Paradox, so I thought I’d try it in a border frame for one of these book marks. It took ages because I did lots of small spaces, mainly because my lines go all wobbly if they are long. And then the shading went belly up because I thought the pencil was brown ish and it was really a sort of mustard. anyway, I mixed in a couple of other colours ans it doesn’t look to bad now.


And so, world, I’ll say a fond farewell until next time. Be good -ish, won’t you?


6 thoughts on “Doodling and dawdling.

  1. I’m glad you got away from your Springish winter weather—although saw a FB post by a Stoke-on-Trent friend and it looks like at least your snow has melted. Outs is almost gone too. In fact it is supposed to be in the 60’s today. I had to walk to a continuing legal education course at noon and ended up carrying my winter coat. A nice change from yesterday when I was wishing I had my scarf in addition to the winter coat. It’s definitely that weather whiplash time of year. It must seem doubly so for you with your little jaunts to Tenerife. I like your Paradox border. I’ll have to try that some time. PS: The step outs for the 2 new tangles were included in my Paradox challenge blog post—about 3/4 of the way down the page.

  2. Lovely work and another delightful read😉 Your koi brush piece at the top is gorgeous. I love that warty wave pattern too and can’t remember the name either. I think it’s one of Julie Beland’s patterns.

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