We Are Our Fathers’ Children

Last time, I mentioned that my Dad used to recite bits of verse to me, as much to his own amusement as mine, in fact, more. Although he did include some classics, there were lots of bits of doggerel and dialect rhymes. My own children groan if I start to remind them (Not that it stops me, of course.) and now I tell the grandchildren. To use an old Yorkshire expression, they look at me like tripe when I do some of them.

“Our ‘ouse

Is a nice ‘ouse,

Next door is Mr Waterhouse’s ‘ouse.

Next door to Mr Waterhouse’s ‘ouse is Mr Waterhouse’s daughter’s ‘ouse.

Next door to Waterhouse’s daughter’s  ‘ouse,

Is the public ‘ouse, the counting ‘ouse, the slaughter ‘ouse

And in case you’d like to know, the next ‘ouse in the row,

Is everybody’s ‘ouse and that’s the woooooork ‘ouse.”

Of course nobody nowadays knows about the workhouse, the counting house (bank) or the slaughter house (abattoir) so it loses a lot in translation. We used to sing it as a rousing marching song  to up the pace when we were out hiking and I was starting to get tired.

And then there was:

“Ya can’t put yer muck in ah dustbin, ah dustbin, ah dustbin,

Ya can’t put yer muck in ah dustbin, ah dustbin’s full.

Thiz rahnd uns n square uns and square uns n rahnd uns

But ya can’t put yer muck in ah dustbin, ah dustbin’s full.”

Simple things entertained us in those days.

Oh dear, now I KNOW I’m getting old. Pretending that the old days were the good days. Bring back the birch, hanging and rickets.

So back to the present and tangling, which has been very satisfying, and then again, not.  In my need to catch up on swaps, and yes, all OK now, (I think) I had to do a set of five zendalas, double sided to boot. In a panic, I got going smartish and this is what I came up with:

 Only when I was getting them ready to post, did i find the ones I had already started several weeks previously. I was not amused but my transatlantic friends got duplicates, to compensate for their lateness.  So now I am up to date and only slightly smug. We are hoping to see our friends in Spain quite soon so I am in the middle of a little drawing for them. In addition, I have been experimenting with mixed media bits and pieces, although I’m making more mess than success so far. It’ll come, eventually.

I had a canvas about A4 size (Letter size for those of you in the USA) and decided to do a mixed media piece on it. I spent a fair amount of time on Youtube watching what other people did. I learned how to make gesso and texture paste. (Very enjoyable and messy , it was just like slopdosh when I was a child.)  I used lace, beads and paper flowers, cork hearts and a big chipboard one too. I used acrylic paint in a range of colours and I slopped it all over with PVA glue.

And it looked awful.  Really awful.

So I put it on one side in the hope that I would be inspired, realise what was wrong with it and make it a work of art after all.  after a week or so I got it on the desk and slopped some more texture paste on it, recoloured it with Brusho inks and a spray and sat back. It’s better but it’s still not a work of art. But I’m going to keep it as a lesson to myself.

A. Have some sort of clue as to how you want it to turn out.

B. Plan what you are going to do.

C. Don’t go off half cocked and then wonder why it went wrong.


Stick to crochet!

I’ve added some darker areas since I took the pic but it’s still not right.

And it’ll soon be the Diva Challenge- looking forward to it.


Which proved to be a bit of a disappointment. It’s Use My Tangle and the tangle in question was Siri, by Simone Menzel.  A very pretty pattern but I really don’t cope well with grid based tangles and this is quite detailed. The finished product – by other people – is often very attractive but all I got was scratchy messes. So I used it as a string and suddenly I quite liked it. This is my first ever renaissance tile and I really enjoyed it. Just goes to show.

Using brown Micron and Uniball white pens.So that’s it for now. Until we meet again, world, be good. ish.





12 thoughts on “We Are Our Fathers’ Children

  1. Wonderful works of art, Maggibee.
    The collage is beautiful, but I think the hearts need more highlights on the surface and more shadows around it :))
    Good luck and happy tangling

  2. Wow! Those zendalas are gorgeous. I love the multi media piece too. I think all it’s missing is contrast. Maybe try lightening one area and darker edges or opposite corners. I’m trying to work through similar issues with my attempts, too much over-all sameness on my pages😉

  3. Good idea to use Siri as a string! And your display of Zendalas is stunning. Although it‘s hard to decide, my favourite is the Phicops-Huggins combo, I love those contrasting colours!

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