Is Spring finally sprung? 2

Did your Dad used to recite to you…

“The Spring is sprung,

The grass is riz,

I wonder where the flowers is.

The bird is on the wing, they say, but that’s absurd,

The wing is on the bird.”

A bit busy but I was going for a paisley design.

Mine did, and he always thought it hilarious. For some reason it tickled him and I can remember, as a teenager, sneering behind his back that he STILL found it funny. You know, that Daaaaaaaaad! moment. Now, of course, I tell it to my grandchildren and expect them to be amused. What goes around… Sorry Dad, I get it now.

Well we had Valentine’s Day and the FB swap was to use pink/red and/or purple and heart themed patterns, so I did. At this point I had pretty much caught up on all my swaps and was sending out messages asking if anyone who should have had one was still waiting. So far, it seems to be OK.

I think I may have invented/deconstructed a pattern, what do you think?

I’m wondering if I’ve found a “new” pattern. I saw a railing in a park in Spain and this is how it turned out when I’d finished messing about with it.  It’s easy enough and, to my eyes, meets the Zentangle specifications:

  1. a tangle is abstract, non-objective (non-representational)
  2. a tangle is non-directional, it has no up or down orientation — there’s no “right side up”
  3. a tangle is usually an overall pattern that grows organically, rather than a single motif. Zentangle is about “the repetition of a stroke, not the repetition of a drawing.
  4. a tangle is at most 2 or 3 simple strokes — “Usually the number of elemental strokes needed are 3 or less. Often, you only need one or two. By ‘elemental strokes’ we mean a dot, a straight(-ish) line, a curve (like a parenthesis), a reverse curve (like an ‘S’), and an orb or circle.
  5. a tangle is simple enough to draw without using a pre-printed grid, pencil guidelines or an eraser. “It also has to be done without any underlying pencil structure or preplanned grid.” Inked grids or dots, however, are often part of a tangle.
  6. a tangle never uses rulers, stencils, or any other mechanical construction aids
  7. a tangle is elegant, unique
If any of you try it, let me see how you used it, won’t you?

Well I wouldn’t necessarily claim this is elegant or unique but I think it meets the other criteria. Anyway, I’ve given it a name – Wilf, after my Grandad, who originally taught me the songs mentioned above and I’ve done stepouts. If it already exists, my apologies to the originator.

I have to say, I’ve enjoyed using it, on its own or with other tangles and it takes well to auras too.

The park in question is in the middle of Benalmadena and, apart from an interesting cactus garden, a cafe and being a place for a pleasant walk, it has animals wandering about, apparently safe from predators.

On various occasions we have seen rabbits, pet type rabbits, not wild ones; cocks and hens and, this most recent time, a guinea pig. Can’t imagine that working in a UK park, can you?




While we were there most recently, we had really nice weather, especially for February, until the last day, when the Heavens opened and stayed open all day. And night.  We drove back to the airport in a monsoon and were not sorry to leave the car for the shelter of the airport.

I won a prize on a Facebook page and this lovely journal arrived the day after we got home. The pages are postcard size.

Our flight home was delayed due to extremely bad weather at home, which closed the airport. Now, in comparison to Alaska or Finland, this was not extreme weather.BUT, and this is an important but where UK weather is concerned, we do not have normally particularly bad winters, some worse than others, of course. We do not have particularly long winters either. We get rain and fog and a bit of snow here and there. We get frost and ice and high winds now and then. We don’t get much in the way of blizzards and temperatures lower than about minus 5. So when it does happen, we are not, and can’t expect to be, prepared.

Alice also included a Bijou tile and a renaissance tile for me to try.

We don’t do snow chains on cars. We don’t have to dig ourselves out. We don’t lose power or other mains services. (Yes, there are areas where this does not apply – the mountains of Scotland, Wales or the Penines – I’m talking in general terms. And where it can be expected, the people ARE prepared for it and cope very well. ) On those rare occasions that these things happen to the population in general, it is big news in the UK.

I painted the inside cover with acrylic paint and stuck in the card she sent as a keepsake.

So our airport was closed for several hours and we were stuck in Malaga airport not being kept informed by the airline about what, if anything, was happening. Fortunately, or not, depending on your point of view, we have a friend who works at the UK airport in question and we phoned him. He confirmed that it was closed, might be up and running by lunchtime and our plane might be able to come and collect us later.  The Jet2 rep was still telling us there was a slight delay and wouldn’t even confirm that the airport was closed. What did they expect? That we would run amok crying for home?

So we sat about and grumbled. And drank tea. And grumbled some more.  And then I hear comments, from other Brits, like –

“Why have they had to close? It’s only a bit of snow. How do they think Moscow manages? It wouldn’t happen in America.”

So I took my courage in both hands and did the first page. I used the Bijou tile and wrote the word ONE to remind myself that this is the first, hopefully, of many.

Oh dearie, dearie me. What wallies some people are. Moscow manages because they are prepared for these conditions in Moscow, it happens every year. And they DO close airports in America, we just don’r hear about it. “It’s only a bit of snow…” Fancy landing a bloody 747 on it, do you? Like the idea of hurtling towards the perimeter fence at 200 mph, do you?

Alright, I’ll stop ranting now. you will be relieved to know that I didn’t say any of this at the time to the walking dead around me. I just sat and did my crochet with my lips tightly pursed.

We eventually took off five hours late, landed safely if a little tense back in the UK and dug our car out of the car park to drive home. I haven’t been out since and I don’t intend to until the pavements are safe for old ladies like me to walk on.

So the Diva Challenge is due, wonder what it will be this time. I think I’m catching up with the Challenges too, although I haven’t posted them all.

And it’s more hearts.

So this is the last week of February – and the last week of my heart shaped string theme… This week’s challenge is to create a zendala using a heart string.

I was a bit fed up of pink, so I went for blue/green/purple, which turned out OK if not brilliant.

I stuck with favourite patterns, Flux, Betweed and Luv A. 

And that’ll do for now. I’m off to crochet an octopus. See you soon and, until I do, be good, world, ish.


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