Running to Catch Up.

It’s a shame the sparkle doesn’t show on this photo, it’s really glimmery on the blue/gray.
The yellow one here is based on one of the prompts in the Little summer project, using Fedr and Crease. I like the mix.
I was going for sunshine and moonlight on these two.
I’m afraid these two are a bit space age and psychedelic, rather than floral and I hadn’t touched a drop.
At least these have a vaguely floral look to them.

Having given myself permission to relax about all the challenges and tasks I set myself, it’s as if a load has been taken off my shoulders, which is soooo silly, since it was me, myself, I who put it there in the first place!

So I’ve caught up on one of the swaps I was doing – which was for July (?!?) The theme was Summer Garden which should have been quite straightforward – but no. I didn’t want to be to representational, so I went for Summer Days/Summer Nights instead. I mean, they are floral-ish, in places but then again, not.

We did two ATC’s for each person on our swap, so I did a Summer Day and a Summer Night for each one. As always with these things, some turn out more to my taste than others but, in the end, I did enjoy it. Oh well, I’ve sent them off to my ever patient swap buddy in the States and that’s that.

The next one to catch up on is to be posted by the end of November, so there’s a chance I may get that done pretty much on time.


We’re going down to Wales to see my daughter and family this weekend, followed by a funeral in Bristol on Monday; babysitting our granddaughter on Tuesday and off to southern Spain to meet some old friends at the end of the week.  Hmmmmm.

I’ve started them and have decided to use this as an opportunity to practise different ways of shading, using pencil, alcohol markers, water colours, coloured pencils and Brusho inks; all in shades of black through to pale gray. For me it’s about getting the grading right. I want definition but not thick,dark lines, if only I can get it just so.

I’ve had a copy of Chris Letourneau’s “Made in the Shade” for quite a while now and I go back to it now and then when I can’t decide where to shade but what I need to improve now is the method. It’s a learning curve, but sometimes that curve is a tad more steep than I would like!

Perseverance is the key here, I think.

Believe it or not, I do have a life outside of tangling and it has been quite busy in its way.

I mentioned a funeral – well I don’t know if it’s the same elsewhere but, when I was child, my parents’ friends were honorary aunts and uncles. As I grew up, I tended to stop using the Auntie/Uncle title  and they became my friends too. Of course, by now they are in their 80’s and 90’s and there are fewer of them than there were and last week the last of my “Aunties” died, aged 85. She had been fading for a while and I’m glad to say we had seen her earlier this year, although she lived several hundred miles away.

Very soon the loved one and I will have to accept that WE are now the older generation. But not yet, not yet.

In addtion, I am up to my eyes in yarn of all colours and thicknesses too. My crochet bug hasn’t faded yet, so I have made amigurumi toys – a rabbit, an aardvark, two unicorns and a doll – two kerchiefs, two scarves and a blanket for Christmas presents – and a Cabbage Patch hat for my granddaughter and then there’s another blanket on the way. Actually, it’s no wonder I haven’t had much time to tangle is it?

And then, of course, it’s the Christmas cards. I’ve decided to cut down on how many hand made cards I’m doing this year. (I say that every year.) But many people do not recognise a difference between homemade (for cheapness) and hand made (for quality and the love invested in them.) I think I may do a sort of production line of similar cards, not yet decided.

And lo! The Challenge came upon us, and glory shone around us and we were…

Well we weren’t sore afraid and that’s a fact.

 Weekly Challenge #340: UMT Wibble by Shawna Martin

The first Monday of each month is a Use My Tangle challenge where the tangle we use is brought to us by ONE of YOU!! You don’t have to be a CZT to submit, but they do have to follow the guidelines etc found here…

This month’s Use My Tangle is called Wibble, by Shawna Martin.  You can see the step outs here

Shawna did not submit this tangle, but i did come across it while doing Inktober Tangles and i loved it and wanted to play with it some more.

DC 340

I wasn’t sure I would get a grip on this pattern at the first attempt but it worked much better than I expected. I’ve added it to the monotangle swap I mentioned above, so it served two purposes. Win win.

At which point I bid you a fond farewell and bid you, as always, be good, world if only good – ish.



5 thoughts on “Running to Catch Up.

  1. Wow! I love those swap pieces and your Wibble tile is lovely. It’s amazing how productive one can be by dialing back one or two things. Thanks so much for sharing the goings-on in your corner of the world;-)

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