Movin’ on Up…

I’ll start with progress from last time – these are some of the completed tiles for my circular tile swap.  I’ll show each with its background and then complete.


And after –

Side one
Side two


The other side of last week’s Diva Challenge tile.
The other side of the previous week’s diva Challenge tile!
Another before –
And after.

So far, so good.

My cousin and his wife came to stay with us for a few days recently and they are a bit old fashioned so I decided to make them a little Christmas garland to hang across the mantelpiece. It will be a set of half a dozen baubles hanging on a string. I haven’t decided yet whether to do paper piecing or Zentangle or a mix of the two. The mean part of me says I should use scraps of pretty papers that have accumulated over the years and not been used. The other side of me keeps looking in craft shop windows and thinking “Ooooooo pretty! Want it!” We’ll see who wins that one.


Well I found a die I’d forgotten I had so I’ve gone down to pretty paper route for a change. These are the central four baubles and there will be one at each end too. They will hang from a string or ribbon and have more embellishments when I get round to it. 

I quite like them so far so I may make some for our house too. (If I finish all the other things I keep wanting to do!)

So then I had a look at the Diva Challenge and decided it was one I would like to do.

This week the challenge is to get into the holiday spirit, or alternatively – to do a fall themed tile.  (To my friends who are into spring right now, feel free to do a spring themed tile if you like)

I had a partly completed piece in the right colours so I decided to complete it – one less on the “to do” pile. I had spilt some Brusho inks onto the card, let it dry, then outlined the shapes it made. Having lost interest at that stage, I put it to one side until a more inspiring time, which is, it seems, now!

DC 339

I’m not sure where I was going with this – autumnal colours and some leaf shapes here and there; a bit of Pokeleaf and Pokeroot and several other tangles but I’m not even sure it is finished yet. It might need some white, perhaps. But, for what it’s worth, my Diva Challenge response is this one.

That’ll do for this week, folks. Until we meet again, be good-ish.



8 thoughts on “Movin’ on Up…

  1. Your post is a wonderful feast of colours! When I saw the first circle I immediately thought of a peacock‘s feathers and each following circle was another „wow“ moment until I reached your diva piece. A really stunning composition where colours and patterns fit perfectly together! Heike

  2. Your fall tile most definitely qualifies as “Fallish”—perfect colors (of course) and tangles. My recollection from when we lived in England in 1969-70 was that Halloween was not celebrated, but there was this thing called Guy Fawkes’ Day about the same time—something about gunpowder and wanting to blow up Parliament. Thanks to globalization, Halloween might be more of a “thing” in the UK now than it used to be.

  3. Wow! those two sided rounds are lovely and very ambitious. Are those for the Zentangle Artists Trading Card swap group? I had to take a break from that one;-) Your pieces are truly stunning! I do love that Autumn tile;-)

    1. Yes they are from that group and yes, I think I over committed myself to that and the Little Summer Project. They sort of took over my life for a while. However, I feel as if I’m back in the swing now. Are you doing the Little Zen Project? I haven’t because I tend to be a bit All or Nothing and the same thing might happen all over again!

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