Apologies and Guilt.

The prompt here was Red.

Last week I did the diva Challenge for the first time in what seems like ages. I got tied up with the Little Summer Project on FB, plus family visits and lots of other things and I lost my tangle mojo a bit too. I tend to be a bit obsessive about things and I’ve rediscovered crochet after a long gap and suddenly my life is all stitches and re-learning. So something has to go on the back burner and it has been tangling. However, I as part of the Diva Challenge thing, I visited Jean Chaney’s blog and this is how she started:

Hello all my friends and followers. Today I am posting my last post for Tangle Street Studio, for now anyway. I have followed many people over the years who have simply disappeared. Being of a certain age, I always worry that the blogger may be ill, or worse. I don’t want anyone to worry about me. I am in excellent health and happy. However, I have found myself becoming increasingly stressed with all the things I have added to my plate over the four years since I have retired. Not good at all. I’ve thought about this for some time and decided that it is for the best for me to give myself some breathing room.

I was trying for symmetry and a sort of cushioned effect.

That last couple of sentences really struck a chord with me. I have agreed to do at least three sets of swaps, which I haven’t completed yet and at least one of them is well overdue. I haven’t properly acknowledged some swaps I have received and, instead of getting on with it, I’ve been avoiding them altogether. Dammit this is supposed to be fun and here I am on a guilt trip. Every time I open FB I’m expecting rapped knuckles and “See me” from the teacher.  This is toooooo silly.

Going for 3D and a fragment but I can’t remember which. Oh, it says it on the page – Fragment L2.

So I am giving myself permission not to blog every week whether I want to or not. I will do the Diva Challenge when I like the look of it and not every week as a sort of duty. And I will go on FB and fess up that my swaps are late, acknowledge and thank the people who have sent me lovely pieces of work and then I will tangle -AT MY OWN PACE! So there, see, it wasn’t hard was it?

Going for floral here, well, organic, actually.
And the very, very last one. I was aiming for a sort of enamelled look using acrylic paints. It’s not as vivid as I intended but they never are.

So one of the swaps I’m doing is using circular tiles. I know they are called zendalas much of the time but a mandala uses the concentric circles and a sort of geometric approach and a lot of what I see labelled zendala doesn’t, so to me they are circular tiles. (And none the worse for that, of course.) So I decided to colour some of them first and then draw the patterns.

I’ve already started drawing on this one but there is still a long way to go.


What I also did was rest them on a sheet of water colour paper while I did the daubing and, where the ink went off the edges, it made a sort of design/string for a future ZIA. However, it’s on A3 water colour card, so it is going to be a biiiig piece. Honestly, no sooner have I taken the pressure off than I set myself up with another big project. Doh!

But I do like it and am quite eager to start. I’m going to add more colour, although I don’t know how yet, and I’m going to try to be less slavish than usual in staying within the shapes.  But we’ll see. One of the issues with a big piece is getting so far and then being afraid to continue in case I spoil it. Oh what cowards we sometimes are!

So I’ve just had a look at this week’s Diva Challenge and I like it so I’m going to have a go.

This week’s challenge is to play with White on Black.  You can use a black tile if you’ve got one, or you can throw a bit of black acrylic paint on a tile with an old credit card, or my personal favourite is Black Gesso.

I’m going to cut out a circular tile, so I can use it for the swap too and I’m going to use white, silver and gold. mmmmmmmm!


Well, so much for intentions, good or otherwise.

White on black?

Well, I realised half way through that it’s navy, not black. Then I added colour rather than silver and gold. Then I realised you can hardly see any white at all. Apart from that, it fits the remit perfectly. Hey ho.

Well I’m not starting again, so that’s my response to the Challenge for this week. Until my next foray into the bloggin world, which I don’t suppose will be long, farewell world and be good. ish.




6 thoughts on “Apologies and Guilt.

  1. I totally agree with Jean and you: tangling must be fun and not an (self decided) obligation. That’s the reason I don’t do so many challenges as I used too. Only do them when I like it. My exception is the Diva challenge because I like to be (and stay) part of this community/group of people of which some feel like friends.
    I like your Diva tile and Love the coloring you did.

  2. Hey there! Nice to see the lovely work you’ve been up to. I love how your Summer project came out.
    I too am taking a page from Jean’ s book and dialing it back a bit. I’ve really been enjoying the Inktober drawing even though I’m behind. It’s pushed me try something new and a bit scary.

  3. I think you have the right idea: as long as you remain communicative with regards to swaps, most people will be understanding. I had a tile that sat with me for four months just because it never spoke to me.. I completed it, eventually, though!

    The root idea of Zentangle is for it to be relaxing. No point stressing about it. 😉

    The floral tile in your sketchbook is stunning!

  4. I missed last week’s challenge and Jean Chaney’s post, so I’m glad I found out about it here and don’t have to imagine that something horrible had befallen her. If you look at what is currently the penultimate post on my blog (hopefully soon to change), I missed some challenges due to the shock of losing someone. http://www.boomeresque.com/remembering-billie-frank-and-a-friendship-forged-on-facebook/ I understand your feelings of guilt. I’m a master of self-loathing—often born of guilt at some task not completed or not completed to perfection. I’m running out of time to correct that particular character flaw. Oh well.

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