Keeping on, keeping on, keeping on…

It’s time to bring you up to date on my Little summer Project for the Facebook page; Zentangle: Tangled & Journaled, Too! I fell behind a fair bit at one point but have now completed July and have started August. Feeling very proud. (And surprised too, if the truth be known.) So here are some of the pages for July.

The prompts for this were to use triangles and Fragment L16, not necessarily together, that’s just how I did it.

I wasn’t unhappy with this one and felt that linking my triangles with Ing worked quite well. However, some of the other pages pleased me a lot less. For example:

The colour prompt here was pink; the string was 169 and we used reticula RA2. Disaster.

This is what the Americans call a hot mess. I nearly didn’t include it in this post, but we learn as much from our mistakes as from our successes so here it is. I drew the String on some pink paper whose surface was very shiny, with the result that my pen slid all over the page. I tried a version of Lisbon Fragment from the Diva Challenge last week and failed dismally so decided to paper piece the fills for the other sections of the string. However, being by this time pretty fed up of the whole thing, instead of admitting that the bin was the best place for it, I glumly cut them out, paying very little attention, so they don’t even fit the spaces properly. (I was sulking, I admit it.) The only success on the whole page is the bijou tile with the reticula on it. Doh!

Lessons learned – try the paper before committing yourself; Know when you are on a loser; don’t keep on out of plain pig headedness.

We used String 157 and the colour green. I wasn’t too happy with this one either, but it’s growing on me.
And the prompts for this page were Fragment H21, Using negative space to make a word and bubbles. (I used a piece of bubble wrap as a stamp and then tangled in or around them.) Again, we didn’t have to use them together, I just fitted them all onto one page.

As you can see, a couple of fairly average pages followed, which met the prompts but were clearly uninspired and then, suddenly, I was on a roll:

I cut out a bird using a Tim Holtz die, patterned and coloured it and  stuck it onto another piece of water colour card, then framed it with a Venetian border. I felt this was much more successful and that perhaps it was worth continuing after all.

We used pattern Venetian and the colour blue, perfs and the prompt word was bird.

So, as you can see, it is a bit up and down but I persevere. I also signed up to do a set of swaps based on the Summer Project and have completed 8 of the 9 so far, plus little decorated envelopes for them to go in. I tried to make them as different as possible, using different prompts from the last few weeks.

Based on Fovine, Betweed and a little pracrice shading.
Using Verve as tha pattern and more shading practice.
The prompt for this was stripes.
I used a fragment to start this off, but can’t remember which one, then some rounding and a bit of colour.
Springkle was my prompt for this, with Stipule and a base that is another pattern whose name I forget.
This is based on a fragment too.
The envelopes so far.

Last week was my friend Suzanne Fluhr and her pattern Aloha, which I really enjoyed doing. To such an extent that I used it for a thank you card.

Mounted on hand made paper that, fortuitously, matched the ink pad used for the edges.

And then there’s The Challenge! Wonder what this week brings.

 Weekly Challenge #329 – “Fragment D-1”

This week’s challenge

My challenge has everything to do with a small FRAGMENT from the Primer by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, a divine fragment (what else?): dee incredible D-1.

This fragment can be used as a filler and on it’s own.
You can choose to arrange a bunch of them with the diagonal line in the same direction, as you can see on the bijou with Zenith on the sides.
You could also play with the direction of the diagonal line, mirror it for example, as you can see on the black bijou.
Combining this fragments with other fragments is another option.
Keep in mind that D-1 can be used on black, white and tan.
And furthermore on a (prestrung) Zendala and in a spiral! Or you could use color.

Now this is a geometric shape, with which I often have problems, mainly because I can’t draw a straight line! So I decided to use it as a string. The obvious thing to do was fill it either with itself or other geometric patterns. Nope. I went for curves and sparkle. The sparkle is a bit of a cheat because it is one of the prompts for the Summer Project and I thought I’d use the one tile for two challenges. Trouble is, although I get sparkles in theory, I don’t do a very good job with them when I try myself. So I used sparkles in three different ways in the hope that one of them would look sparkly.  The photo shows it in my journal, with a bijou I did after watching a Youtube video by a lady called Dawn, who was offering ways round “artist’s block.” It was fun to do and very relaxing.

So, feeling both fulfilled and relaxed, I’ll leave it there for this week. I hope to see you next week, world and, until then, be good -ish.


5 thoughts on “Keeping on, keeping on, keeping on…

  1. Wow! I’m so impressed with your Summer Project Journal. In spite of your small set back, I’m all for giving a “hot mess” a chance. The great thing about the way you’ve got it laid out is that you can always stick something else on top of it later. I love your Swaps!

  2. This is all so glorious! I love that piece with what looks like Well, the fragment you couldn’t remember, in N’zeppel style…man, that’s good! But everything here is just terrific. You’ve really got a polished style that I really like.

  3. Oooh. I don’t know that I’d be able to do challenges and prompts in a journal. I’d be paralyzed with fear that I’d mess up and be faced with the moral dilemma of wanting to rip a page out which I assume is frowned upon. (Is “mess up” also an American idiom?) Whether it is or not, we appear to be genius in messing up—e.g., our last presidential election. (I am exhausted from having politics constantly invade my brain—even when I’m trying to be Zenlike while tangling.) In any case, back to your work, prolific, prodigious and pretty—even the “mess” ups . Of course, I especially like the Aloha card. Tangle on!

  4. Journals are great as they are supposed to be a safe place to play. Many times a hot mess will happen and should be embraced for what they are, experiments. Sometimes, if we wait some time and go back to those pages, we find that either we like them better, or they scream out to us to add something to them. I enjoyed your post.

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