My oh my, it’s still July.

The Angel of The North
I managed to squeeze five days’ prompts onto this one, which helped with the catching up process.

And the journal is still taking over my life. In a good way, mainly. Still, I did catch up and these are some of the pages for July. However, having reduced the pressure a bit, up popped another challenge on the same FB page – “Make and send 9 original atcs, get 9 back. ”  by the end of August. And before I’d given it more than a second’s thought, I’d signed up for it. My Dad would have described me as  “Too daft to laugh at…” and he wouldn’t be wrong, would he?

One of the prompts was “Inspire by…” and we were to produce something inspired by a fellow tangler.

One of the prompts for the Summer Project was “Inspired by…” and we were to produce something inspired by a fellow tangler. I decided on Michele Wynne as my source. I love how she uses colour – see her blog “Coffee and Creativity” I’ve almost caught how she uses coloured backgrounds and then emphasises some areas with more colour or different patterns.

This is the one they used for the page header. Eeeek!

And then Janeeileen, who does most of the admin on the FB page, chose something I had done to be used as the FB page header for that week. It was like getting an Oscar, but better! I’m trying to be modest about it but I had to tell somebody, so it’s you, world, that I get to show off to.  I’d like to be proud but quiet but I really feel like jumping gleefully up and down, shouting, “ME! she chose ME!”          Alright, that’s enough now, I’ve calmed down.

Anyway, I’ve started the atc’s too and that will keep me quiet for a while. Possibly.

I paddled out into the sea to get close to this one. I find them strangely compelling.

On a whim, we went off to the west coast for a couple of days at the weekend. We went to Southport, a seaside resort of the old fashioned sort. There’s a long promenade and a boating lake, Punch and Judy on the pier. And the pier is gigantic, it even has a little noddy train in case it’s too far for you to walk. Couldn’t wait to get on it! And there was live music, very good live music too. It wasn’t the brass band or the Promenade orchestra, it was a group called “The Band With No Name”, playing some cracking good rock music. I could have stayed there all day, if it hadn’t been for the fact that the sun was sooooo hot I was at risk of burning and, as the day had started dull, I was not wearing sun cream. It would have been just too ridiculous to go all over the Med and just go a lightish brown, then burn back in the UK. So we toddled off back to the hotel to get changed for dinner. We went to a nice little Italian called Casa Italia, which was a bit cheesy on the decor; trying to look as if you were sitting out in a courtyard but not. However, the food was good, even if the service was a bit perfunctory and the price of the drinks was appalling. I stuck with Peroni in the end, as the wines were silly prices and there is no guarantee of quality.

I really liked Southport. Of course, if the tide is out you would have to walk about two miles to get your feet wet but we didn’t spend much time on the beach, not when there were so many open air bars! And then, the following day, we went down the coast towards Liverpool to Another Place, by Antony Gormley, the guy who created The Angel of the North. (That’s the picture at the top of the page.) It is the moodiest, most melancholy thing I have ever seen. In fact, there are a hundred of these figures on Crosby Beach. See for more info.

And there are dozens of them, some buried up to their waists in the sand.

And then the Diva Challenge came around again. Guest blogger Jessica Davies gave us her second challenge and it was to use the pattern Peanuckle. I learned it early on in my Zentangle attempts and, like Jessica, dropped it to the bottom of my list. I went back to the original video for a revision session, did my best with it and, although it doesn’t look too bad, I didn’t enjoy it. (Which is why it is squashed into the bottom corner of this atc – I had intended a monotangle in different sizes.  Anyway, that’s it for now, see you again soon, world and, until then, be good – ish.


9 thoughts on “My oh my, it’s still July.

  1. Even though peanuckle isn’t your favorite, you did a great job with it! Keep at it and watch it move up the tangle food chain. 🙂
    Love your pictures too. Thanks for including #DC325 in your blog post. ❤

  2. I have a real problem seeing anything wrong with your pea-nuckle. 1000x better than my yet-non-existent one, and I am sure that will not change once I get my inner you-know-what into pea-nuckle gear. All your tiles are absolutely beautiful and the one for facebook…had Janeeileen asked me (!) first, I would have pointed out that very same tile.

  3. Your Peanuckle turned out very nicely, but if you don’t find it relaxing, back to the bottom it goes! Do revisit it though at a later date. Often those tangles will one day look and feel differently and get added to the “use me” pile.

  4. Well, your Peanuckle looks like Peanuckle and it acts like Peanuckle……so it MUST be Peanuckle. It looks pretty darn good, too, I’d say.

  5. Life is too short to mess with tangles that just aren’t doing it for you. Maybe I should become a Zentangle life coach for my encore career. 😉 If it’s any consolation (not that one should need consolation for not being overly fond of Peanuckle), I’m not fond of it either although maybe I’ll give it another go the next time I’m “watching” TV cable news. Sometimes (but not always) it restrains me from screaming unladylike things at the TV.

    Not to get into a “climate science” argument (because I’m American and we do argue about such things), it feels like 103 degrees Fahrenheit here today. (33.4 Celsius—sounds more impressive in Fahrenheit), so I do sympathize with your burning up at the beach. I am a half mile walk from the Atlantic Ocean as we speak, but I’m content to stay in our air conditioned house with the dog. He actually seems loath to go out too—it could be his permanent fur coat.

    Those sculptures you shared are quite amazing in that setting.

    1. Suzanne, they are amazing, so thought provoking. Of course, the day was warm but dull and there were very few people there, which all adds to the atmosphere. Next time you’re in the UK….

  6. Loving your journal work. Michele is an inspiration to me too. Have fun with those ATCs. 😊 But really, that peanuckle looks just fine, though I don’t blame you for feeling that way about it. It is one hard-to-love tangle, innit.

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