It’s Still June at Our House

Can I just say, the patchy background was deliberate here. I was going for a sort of shabby/chic look. No, really I was.

At least, it as as far as the journal is concerned, it’s still June. When they post updates and info on the FB page, they call it The Little Summer Project, you know, like Stonehenge was a little Summer project. I missed more than a week while we were away on Crete – wouldn’t have gone if I’d realised! Then we had a week at home and it was the loved one’s birthday on the Saturday. We planned a little garden party but failed to tell him that our youngest daughter, husband and adorable Ben were coming up for a few days. They arrived on the Friday evening and his face when he opened the door and saw Ben grinning up at him was a joy to see. It meant that, instead of the eight people he had expected to see at his party the following day, there were 14, as our son and his wife also turned up unexpectedly on the day, with Isla too.  Thank goodness I always over cater. (I may have had an inkling about it all but HE didn’t.) It did mean, however, that there wasn’t much time for Tangling over that few days too, which put me even further behind.

Reticula for the background,  then using white for one prompt, shading Flukes for another, fragment K2 for another and alphabet for another.

I realise I may be giving the impression that I am not enjoying this project and, of course, it just isn’t true. I’m loving it. The prompts make me think outside the box, especially when they want us to use reticula, which I get but don’t get, if you see what I mean. So it’s a grumble at my own expense because I take on too much and put pressure on myself.


Days 26 and 27, going for simple here.

I see myself as a sort of Zen-athlete, setting myself up to my very own Zenbledon, trying to beat my personal besy.  Anyway, I’m determined to catch up over the next few days, at least so that I am less than a week behind. On the page using Verve, I coloured it with Promarkers, which was not a complete success, as it has dried patchily, which annoys me no end. I think I may add a little white in places as highlights, to make it less obvious.

The final prompts to the end of June are to use a resist of some sort; to create a frame  and to revisit something from the past month you have enjoyed. I don’t suppose the revisit really includes Crete, which is a shame, so I think using fragments of Flux will have to do instead. In fact, I tried all sorts of resists and didn’t like any of them – wax crayons, fabric paint, embossing powders and then I saw one someone had done using a stencil, which she had coloured through and then filled the space with tiny, tiny, I mean reeeeeally tiny tangling and I decided to work on her idea.

I’ve used a Dreamweaver stencil, they really are such good quality, a dauber and  ink pads to create the background. The revisit is indeed a few fragments of Flux dripping down the page and the final one is the frame, coloured with Promarkers and bits of white chalk and pen. So that’s it, June is officially over. Better get on with July.

In the meantime, in the real world where time runs at its proper rate, it’s guest spot at the Diva Challenge…

And it’s Jessica Davies, who wants us to give our hearts, so to speak;

Weekly Challenge #324 “Tangled Heart”

In gratitude and appreciation for all we are and all we give to each other in this community, I invite you to create a tangled heart this week. Let’s show each other the love!

Start with a heart shape as your string and then tangle. I found some cut out hearts and traced those on my tiles for consistency, but do what works for you. Go whimsical with freehand hearts, put one on a tile or many, use color or not, go small with bijou or big with opus, tangle inside or outside the string, stick with the white tile or go black … whatever your heart calls you to do.

So I used a pattern I can’t remember the name of but it’s one that I find both challenging and fun, which seemed appropriate. And I’ll finish on that, as my Summer project calls… Until we meet again, world, be good-ish.



6 thoughts on “It’s Still June at Our House

  1. Lovely hearts! I remember seeing that pattern recently but can’t remember the name of it, either. In any case, it’s perfect for hearts. Well done!
    Thanks for participating in #DC324 and the #tangledheart challenge!

  2. What a great solution to the heart challenge! I believe that’s called “Trio”. I love that pattern too, yet rarely ever use it. Your journal is coming along beautifully!

    1. Thank you. You’re right. It’s Trio. Thank you for the comment about the journal. Normally, I’m a good starter but not so good at sticking at things so I’m feeling quite proud at present. Fingers crossed I can keep it up.

  3. Now I have to go look up Trio. It’s perfect for hearts and other 3 dimensional objects. For a retired person, you sure put a lot of pressure on yourself. When I was a full time lawyer, I NEVER. EVER. felt that I was done my work at the end of the work day—-a feeling I try as hard as possible not to replicate in my almost recovered phase. (Of course, I’m not always successful in that endeavor to feel caught up—or at least not to feel not caught up). Despite your soujourn on Crete and hosting a party for 14, it seems to me that you were admirably productive.

  4. Wonderful! I really like that stenciled background piece…all the lovely details surrounding a plain, elegant center…wow! and of course your trio heart is terrific, too. Well done!

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