Walking on Sunshine

The penultimate swap with a bijou on top of an ordinary tile.

Oh if only we were! It’s a real English summer here at the moment; rain, windy, cool, occasional patches of sunshine… If you ever wanted to understand the British mentality, look at our weather – It looks bright, sunny even, very promising, so you get out the garden chairs, put your pens and paper ready, prepare a long cool drink, and go to sit out in the garden in the sun.

And with the bijou out of the way to show the inside.

Before your bottom has warmed the chair, you have to put on your cardigan, then you pick up your drawing things and your long cool drink and take them inside. Then you fold up the garden chairs and put them somewhere dry and you stand looking out of the window at the rain. Hello Summer! Is there any wonder we go away to warmer climes so often?

However, we’ve just been away and while we had temperatures in the late 20s in Crete, they had pretty much the same in England. Soooo infuriating. On the other hand, we had the sea or a swimming pool to choose from, eating out every night in a different taverna and excellent company. We win!

In my last post I told you we were going to Piscopiano. Wrong. We were in the next village, Koutouloufari, which is just as pretty. I’ll tell you more another time.

It’s a friend’s 70th birthday this weekend, so I’ve made her a card. I’ve done it in stages between the other projects and it has turned out OK, I think.

I used a stamp for the lettering and then sort of giant Dingbatz around it.
It’s on an 8″ square card but I cheated for the inside and made one using Serif Craft Artist.

And I’m on the last swap tile for the bijou on a tile swap. It’s taken more work than I expected because making them match, or at least co-ordinate, has been trickier than I thought it would be. Here they are ready to be posted.

Just re-read the guidelines and it’s supposed to be just black and white. Do you think anyone will notice the red? Ooops!

And then it was the Diva Challenge 321.

Weekly Challenge #321: “Non Dominant – Aura Challenge”
This week’s challenge is a double challenge.  a Double Dog Dare, if you will.

Every once in a while i post a non dominant hand challenge – which is always met with mixed reactions.

People either love or hate this challenge – and a lot of that has to do with being able to let go of the illusion of perfection.

When you tangle with your non dominant hand, in my case – the left, you really are forced to examine every movement you make.  How you hold the pen in your hand, which direction do you turn the tile? Do you pull the pen towards you? Or push it a way.  Do you use your wrist or your arm?

Part of the thing that holds people back is that they don’t want their tile to look ‘ugly’… but i think that one of the great perks of using your non dominant hand is that you already know going in that it’s not going to ‘look pretty’ and so you’re free, in a way, to let go of things like the idea of COMPOSITION or of perfection.

And also – let’s stop calling our work ugly.  If you really don’t like it, try saying your tile has Character.

Now.  For the second part of the challenge?

use tangles that are built using auras!


Well, the truth is, I didn’t want to do it, so I didn’t. Everything she says about why people don’t like doing  this applied to me and I suddenly realised – I do the Challenge for fun and this would not be fun. As a result, I didn’t post my blog at all but am waiting for DC 322. Hope it’s something I can get my teeth into.


It was Aquafleur, which I do enjoy, so this is what I came up with. It’s not all that exciting and I’m using it as a dual purpose tile, since it is a bijou and will go in my Summer journal for the highlighting prompt.

So that will do for this week. As a result of going to Crete, I have fallen behind with my Summer journal and am frantically trying to catch up. I hope you all have a happy week and thank you for the kind comments. I will repeat that, since I don’t have Instagram or Flickr accounts, I can see but not comment on work that I see there. I do look and I very often admire, so please don’t think me rude when I don’t leave friendly feedback.


I then realised I was a week out and had in fact linked the wrong DC tile – Aquafleur was LAST week! So I got myself up to date and looked at the right Challenge;

This week’s challenge is to create a tile that reflects your home.  This could be your country, or province/state, your city, your neighbourhood, your house, or the planet, the solar system, the galaxy or the whole universe. 

Abundies around the heart and HeartsOffset in the background.

Now I’ve mentioned before that I don’t do patriotism, i see it as a quite negative thing. But England is my home and, in spite of the fact that I spend a fair amount of my time travelling, it’s always safe in the knowledge that England is always there for me. And when I sat down to do a home based tile, this is what came up. The UK is my home and where my heart is.

Until next time, world, be good-ish.


11 thoughts on “Walking on Sunshine

  1. Ha! Summer in Britain sounds a lot like Summer in San Francisco;-) Gorgeous work, those swap pieces are quite remarkable…speaking of which i mailed our traveller out on Monday. That birthday card is a stunner! Thanks again for another delightful read:-)

  2. Well, um, actually, we’re up to challenge #323 this week (something about “Home”), but since you’ve been world traveling, we’ll give you a pass. 😉 Seriously, you don’t need a pass. We’ll just sit back and enjoy whatever you chose to share. Your use of stamps for the lettering on your card caused a light bulb to go off in my apparently otherwise dimly lit brain. As you’ll see from my response to this week’s challenge, I don’t know how to do calligraphy, so I’ll be searching Amazon for stamps at my earliest opportunity (i.e. as soon as I finish writing this comment). Your combination of the stamped letters and your own tangling make for a lovely card. Sorry to learn of the English weather, but having lived there for a year in my youth, I totally understand the phenomenon you described. It’s pretty much always prudent to have one’s “brolly” along. Where are you off to next?

    1. Down to visit family in the south of England for a few days, to Wales in August to see Rachel, Kris and Ben then off to the Canaries in September, Rhodes in October and Grand Canaria in December.

  3. And we complain about the heat here in Thailand. But ‘weather’ is always a handy subject to complain about when there is nothing else that itches our hind side. Love to read your column, very funny, and your tiles are all beautiful but love the “now you see me, now you see something else” sets best. When next I make an inexcusable mistake in my drawings, I will try a fix like that…with glue!

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