Birthdays and Things.

It was our youngest granddaughter’s third birthday last week. I made her a cake, of course, just plain sponge with pink butter icing, nothing too ambitious. In the past I have made all sorts of fancy cakes for my children: cowboy forts and crinoline ladies; Hungry Caterpillars and a pond complete with frogs on lily pads; a campsite with tents with licorice guy ropes, Sleeping Beauty in bed and a bath with someone in it. I can’t remember all of them. Three children make for a lot of birthdays. I did the wedding cakes for two of them as well, and the third one tells me she has me booked for one if she ever marries.

But we took Isla out on her birthday for a picnic in Clumber Park and it was a lovely day, just the three of us. We went on an “adventure” into the woods and had our lunch under the greenwood tree – totally Robin Hood in the very forest where he roamed. (If he existed at all, of course.) I don’t normally show photos of my family on here but this just sums the day up for me. A very happy day.

Just getting started. Crown image stamped and embossed in gold. Background daubed using ink pads.

And I’m doing a couple of ZIA’s for friends at the moment. First, another rainbow one for Milly Johnson, this time for the lady herself, not for the giveaway. I’m enjoying this one more for some reason. Probably because I am using all old favourite patterns and only a limited range. I think one of my weaknesses is the desire to use lots and lots of patterns and lots and lots of new to me patterns too. The second one is a secret so I’m not telling you until after it has been given – you never know, she may read my blog.

Quite a bit of patterning done, plus some colour depth added. Not there yet.

And then today we took Isla out for the day again. We picked her up at 10.15 and returned her home over six hours later. I don’t know who was most exhausted by then but we had another great day. We took her to Whisby Nature Reserve, entirely by accident, as we were aiming for Whisby Animal Park but I mis-typed it into  Google maps , not knowing there were two places nearby with similar names. It turned out to be the happiest of accidents and we had a great day, with an indoor play area, a huuuuuuge outdoor sandpit, a wet play area and lovely walks around the lakes, full of wild birds and local fauna. We will go there again.

So I’m typing this with one eye closed because it’s now 8.31 at night and I’m just about ready for bed. Sad isn’t it? And I need to do the Diva Challenge too.

 Weekly Challenge #318: “Diptych”
So, this week’s challenge is to create a Diptych.

A diptych is two panels joined with a hinge – and the panels are mirrored – and i use the term ‘mirrored’ loosely.

So for you piece i took a tile and i folded it corner to corner.  I drew two triangle borders, one on each side, and then i tangled them.  I found it easier to draw something on one side and then repeat it on the other side. 

Ready for the diptych. Folded diagonally but coloured using the “mirror” vertical but the patterns across the fold.

I decided to use craft card as a substitute for a tan tile, since I can’t bring myself to pay for the real thing from the mother ship, there being so many opportunities to get it wrong.  I drew hearts as my string, as they are fairly easy to mirror. Then I went off to find some pattern inspiration while the ink dried. (I used Promarker alcohol markers for the colour. so far, so good.)

This is the finished product, two pictures because I can’t quite get the light right. I had fun with this.

Patterns used, Joki, Balldox, a bit of Abundies, Flux, Paradox and Drift.
I may have gone a little OTT with the chalk.

And now it’s time for bed. Have a good week, world and be good- ish.

7 thoughts on “Birthdays and Things.

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your beautiful photos on Facebook recently as you’ve been enjoying your gorgeous granddaughter’s company – not sure who is the luckiest – you or her! And super, super rainbow card even before it’s finished!
    The Diptych is a lovely format and I also think that it works really well with tan tiles. Yours is beautiful – lots of texture and detail,

    1. Hi Annie, I’ve just started taking part in the Travelling Tangles project on FB – where you start a tile off then send it to someone else to finish. They send one of theirs in return, Fancy giving it a go?

  2. Beautiful photo of your loved ones. And you didn’t go overboard with the white chalk. Just perfect. Love it.

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