Turning Problem Solving into an Art Form

Well to start with, I’ve solved the problem of how many steps in a day I do – I’ve turned off the step counter and, you know what,  I feel better already.

And then there’s the satchel/bag. Made as a raffle prize but, since I made it up as I went along, there were times when I couldn’t work out the next bit.  It’s like doing a puzzle, working out how to get the shape you want, quite satisfying. So that was problem solving too, in a way. Anyway, it’s done now and, by the time you read this, it’ll have been given away.

And then there’s the other prize, which has given me nightmares for weeks. Why did I say I’d do a drawing for her? The book is called “The Queen of Wishful Thinking”, a rom-com with a slightly darker side and there is a theme of rainbows throughout, which I have tried to encompass here. (And the crown for the Queen bit…)

Before framing.


But this must be at least the fourth attempt and, even now, I wonder if whoever wins it will immediately take the picture out and re-use the frame. (Not that I will ever know, of course.)

And then there is the latest round of swap tiles to complete…

The theme here is floral and Spring and I know I tend to be a bit literal minded sometimes. That certainly appears to be the case with these,

Before and after colouring. As you can see, the colour ran in a couple of places but I think I can solve that with a little work. (Another problem almost solved.)

I don’t actually like the colours on this one and the deeper blue and pink are Gelly Roll glitter but you can’t tell from this photo. Both are drawn using String 032 as a base, although it has almost disappeared in the first one. We could also use Strings 034 or 138 but I didn’t like 034 much. The ones I posted last week used 138 and I stuck more closely to the string with them. Just a couple more to do before I post them off to the USA. I would recommend the various swap groups that are out there, it really is fun to get pieces through the mail from all over the world. Although, sometimes the commitment to draw at least five ZIA with specific limitations each month can be something of a Challenge.

I need a holiday!


As a follow up to the raffle prize angst, the book launch was last night and a jolly good time was had by all. When I went up to talk to Milly and get my books signed, she said how much she liked the picture and I offered to do one for her. She leaped at it, so maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. I shall do similar but different, as, even if I really wanted to, I couldn’t reproduce exactly the same thing. But I made the mistakes on the first one, so, with luck, the next one will be better. Won’t it? For instance, I think I shall place the Mak Rah May more centrally and let the strands make the rainbow shape. And I might put the red in the middle and the violet on the outer edge for the rainbow background. We’ll see.

I also watched a tutorial or two on Youtube. I lose hours of my life doing that but it can be soooo satisfying. The one I’ve taken to was called Yula, demonstrated by Melinda Barlow. It took a bit of thought  but I think I may well use it again. 

And now it’s Diva Day and the Challenge is to use Molygon. This is not a pattern I am at ease with, mainly because I don’t ever seem to make imaginative use of it. I’ve mixed it with a couple of others that I like to see but not to do.  (Joki and Danza) The problem here is whether or not they actually go together  harmoniously and, in the end, I think they are OK. I coloured them with Brusho inks – I’d highly recommend them – and water colour pencils.

So that’s all for now. Off to Majorca quite soon on holiday with son, daughter in law and granddaughter. Prepare for granny tales on my return.


But, until then, world, be good-ish.



11 thoughts on “Turning Problem Solving into an Art Form

  1. Wow! You have been insanely busy! I love that you’re sharing your problem solving techniques! Especially the challenge of how to get all your steps into your day! I may have to conquer my weight problem by throwing my scale away! Lol! I love your Molygon! Terrific composition and colour! 🙂

  2. Very very cool. Especially the Yula tile. The bag turned out well. It deserves to be loved by the winner. Have fun in Majorca.

  3. I am blown away by your rainbow Queenie Crown tile!! It really is spectacular. And everything else is also absolutely gorgeous. Feeling most inspired by my visit! Axxx

    1. I do fewer of the ones where someone starts one and sends it to you to finish. What if I made a complete mess of it? Last time, I scanned and copied them on the computer, practised in pencil on the copies and then let myself go. It felt better.

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