Diva Challenge quickie

Hello World, just a quickie this week as I’m ankle deep in packing and sorting and tidying. (Very out of character, won’t happen again for some time.)

So this is just for the Diva Challenge –

This week’s challenge is to use coffee, tea, wine, watery paint, or some other liquid: Spilled, dripped, sprayed, blotted, or ringed on your tile to create a string.  

So that’s just what I did, almost. The tea barely showed up on the tile when dry, so I dribbled some Brusho ink (Sandstone colour) onto the damp paper, stood the jar on it for a while and then went off to have lunch.  This is what the tile looked like when dry. 

I thought it looked like Revenge of the Were Rabbit at this stage, certainly not a cute Easter bunny anyway.

So I outlined it with Pigma Micron 03 to see if that helped. It didn’t, much.

 So I did a background in Tearce, which I recently rediscovered and am enjoying using. I then had a pause to decide on a filler pattern, decided to stick with the letter T and went onto Tanglepatterns.com for inspiration. I’d never noticed this one before – Ta Da – and, although I’m not entirely happy with how it turned out here, I can see all sorts of possibilities.

The shading is less than perfect because I used a Promarker pen on water colour paper and it soaks in too much. Lesson learned.

And that’s it for now. More tales from beyond the horizon soon but, until then, be good- ish.


12 thoughts on “Diva Challenge quickie

  1. Thanks for sharing your process – I love to know how people got to the end! I think Ta-Da is the perfect tangle for this space – and I love the way you’ve done it. Tearce is terrific for the background too.

  2. I agree with Sue Sharp. Knowing how you progressed in making your tile may be helpful in the future! I love how it turned out.

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