A Little Adventure

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The Winter Gardens

We went to Sheffield.  Now, in comparison with the Marianas Trench or K2, I suppose Sheffield doesn’t impress you much but, for the loved one and me, it was an adventure. We’re used to travelling around Europe but we don’t do cities much. I like the seaside and promenades and beaches and I like magnificent mountains and barren terrain but somehow we never do cities. It’s alright in theory but  when it comes down to going out, we tend to pick coastal or rural rather than urban.

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The Town Hall

And Sheffield? It’s our nearest big city; it’s where I worked, many, many, MANY moons ago and it really has a lot going for it. In recent times, we have been there quite a few times but always for hospital appointments, which didn’t endear it to us, as you can imagine.  So, when the loved one asked if I fancied a trip there, I almost said no. But it was a lovely bright winter day and we had no other plans, so off we went.

We used the park and ride at Meadowhall, a large shopping mall between us and Sheffield and then went into town on the tram – using my pensioner’s bus pass. (Not a popular move as far as I was concerned, don’t like to admit my age if I can avoid it but for the loved one a free ride is money well not spent, so to speak.) The city centre, round where I used to work, has changed a lot and yet it hasn’t changed at all. A couple of big stores have gone and the Grosvenor Hotel is being demolished but the layout remains pretty much the same and the atmosphere is still vibrant and pleasant to stroll around.

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The Lyceum Theatre, one of my favourite haunts from years ago. Inside, it’s like being inside a highly decorated wedding cake.
Image result for lyceum theatre sheffield
Sorry, had to show you inside, even though we didn’t go there yesterday.

Did we visit any of the galleries or museums? Don’t be daft, not with the loved one in tow, he’d have regarded it as a punishment. Did we shop? Well, we bought six steak knives and some goat meat for tea but, apart from that, no. The loved one doesn’t regard shopping as entertainment either. But we toddled round, had a little lunch and relived past glories, and embarrassments, from when this was our stomping ground and we were in the night clubs most weekends. (Not together, this was before we met.) None of the boutiques, where I bought Biba make up, yellow shoes and hipster jeans were still there, but they have been replaced by this generation’s version of the same thing, so that’s alright too.

One thing that did come to mind was how little we appreciate what ‘s right there on our doorstep. We’ve visited Paris, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, New York, Bruges, Nuremberg, Miami, Rome and Barcelona, to mention but a few but failed to appreciate what a vibrant and attractive city is just up the road. We’ll go again, I think, perhaps even to the theatre, who knows?

The goat meat, by the way, was cooked overnight in the slow cooker, with onions, tomatoes and Mediterranean herbs and spices, served with pureed carrot and rice idli and was lush. I shall probably have indigestion all evening but it will have been worth it.

This has got a lot of improving to do before Igive it the go ahead but you never know.
This has got a lot of improving to do before I give it the go ahead but you never know.

I’ve been working on a ZIA for the author, Milly Johnson, who has a new book out at the beginning of May.   I shall be going to the launch and will give her the drawing to use as a raffle prize on the night. I offered to do this and then, after she said yes please, I’m having fits of nerves in case it’s not good enough and no-one wants to win it. Why do I do this to myself?  There is usually a theme and she tells me there is a rainbow theme to the evening this year, so this is my first attempt so far, still not fully patterned and framed, obviously.

judy-card-2017I made a card for a friend’s birthday, using a ZIA I did just over a year ago, I scanned, re-sized and coloured it with Promarker pens  to make the topper, then just layered it up onto a card. I must admit, I was quite happy with the finished effect, although the scan shows a deep blue and in reality it’s purple.

And now I wait for Diva Day. I think I’m back into the swing of it now, after my long break and it does feel good. I’ve enjoyed looking at what all the other people do and then wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

This month’s UMT is Frunky by Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb and you can see the step outs here I really had fun with this one, and my tile ended up looking a little bit like a garden path.  So cute. 

I happen to be taking part in a swap using those triangle tiles that the mother ship has come up with, so I used one of them. Interesting times going back to junior school to work out how to cut out the triangles, I have to say but I got there in the end. As for the pattern, I love it, lots of fun to draw and it sort of takes over. So here it is and I will end this week’s post with it, Bye for now, world, be good -ish.





11 thoughts on “A Little Adventure

  1. I do like your Diva challenge “Frunky” and your rainbow raffle prize. I couldn’t grasp what the one with the purple border was for (part of a sentence is cut off or something), but I believe it is my favorite of the lot.

    It’s probably true that not many people wake up and say, “I know, let’s go spend the day in Sheffield” which has a rather gritty, industrial reputation, but I felt the same way about Birmingham, and as you know, I found it interesting and even attractive (even while stumbling around all the new underway construction). Of course, my appreciation of the city was no doubt enhanced by having the opportunity to spend 7 hours gabbing non-stop with a hitherto on-line Zentangle friend.

  2. Hey Maggie…nice to see you again. I read over your travels and noticed you must like architecture. I do too. Nice photos. Even though you may not like to admit your age, I find that when I do places usually give my price breaks and I can buy more that way, I am also retired Military and that gets me price reductions too. I am not afraid to admit I am 70 and a Senior Citizen. I liked your challenge tangle for this week, as well. I am still getting used to seeing tangles done on the 3Z tiles, I have some, just don’t use them much yet. Have a good week.

  3. Sheffield looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing your travels both near and far. And the triangle tile is a bit of a triumph.

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