A Little Project

A star I did as an example
A star I did as an example

I’ve invited the Stitch n Bitch girls round for a drawing afternoon and am therefore planning what we can do. Being avid crafters across a range of skills:- knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, cross stitch, lace making, spinning and weaving, we have a tendency to like to actually make something, as opposed to just developing a skill. Last time we met for a drawing session, we did Christmas Ornaments, just simple star shaped ones, but they went down well.

Fridge heart 3



The time before that it was heart shaped fridge magnets and we liked them too. So I’ve been trying out ideas ready for next time. After some thought, I decided we would tangle a pinwheel and place it in a box frame as a 3D piece of artwork. Then I went off looking for box frames, which proved a tad more expensive than I wanted to spend. Until my cousin told me her local craft shop was selling them off at about £4 each, which didn’t seem too bad, so off I went and bought the lot, ten in total. The thing is, any we don’t use on the day will do for me later.

Just made with scraps so far but I'm happy with the idea.
Just made with scraps so far but I’m happy with the idea.



I then started making test models. The first one used scrap paper with first pattern ideas, just popped into the frame to see if the size is right, which I think it is. (The frame is about 25cmx25cm outside measurements and I have some in black and the rest in white.) The brownish square in the back will be replaced with either black or white card, I haven’t decided yet. In fact, I may just let them choose which colour backing they prefer.  So far I’ve chosen Betweed, from Zentangle, Petal Ribbon, by Helen Williams and Flux, also from Zentangle. I’m not sure yet if Heartstrings works but I’ll try a tidier version first and see what it looks like.



The next thing I did was to use proper good quality paper and see how the patterns look, plus using the black background. I’m still not happy with it, but I know what I need to do to make it better.


It needs just one pattern on the flat part, much darker, more defined edges and some Florz on the border.  Maybe a bit of sparkle. But we are getting there.  Some of the patterns work better than others too. I like the Betweed, Petal Ribbon  and Heartstrings but the Flux needs some work.  I think I know which pattern to use for the flat areas (Nzeppel)  but I need to experiment first.

The second shawl. I like this better.
The second shawl. I like this better.

And I’ve been busy again  with crochet too. I completed the second virus shawl and am happier with this than the plain black one. I’ve also made a baby blanket for the girl who does my waxing.


The first time I've used this pattern but I really like the finished piece.


It’s the first time using the midwife pattern  and I’m really pleased with it. I hope she likes it. Since we don’t know whether it’s a pink or a blue baby, I’ve gone with neutral colours and I just hope it’ll be ok.  (Although it isn’t very clear from the photo, it’s lilac, cream and white self striping yarn – double knitting.) And, having finished that, I immediately started on a bag to keep yarn etc in at the side of my chair. Pictures in my next post if it’s finished in time.

My scrap book/journal  is coming along very slowly. So much for doing an entry every day – I haven’t managed one per week. In fact, I haven’t finished the second one yet, although I’ve roughed out the page for the third one. I do seem to have trouble finishing one thing before starting out on the next one. And soon it will be the Diva Challenge again, which I look forward to with eager anticipation.

Weekly Challenge #304: “New Official Tangle Waybop”
You may have seen this tangle out and about in the internets lately.  Back in November, Zentangle HQ released a few new tangles at their CZT Retreat ZenAgain.  Well, on Valentine’s Day the latest Zentangle Newsletter came out with the Step-outs for the new tangle Waybop.

Find the newsletter and see the step outs HERE 


Needs work on the shading but...
Needs work on the shading but…

I’d had a look at the newsletter and I do like this pattern. I like motif style designs and this looks promising.  This is my first attempt, just sat down and had a go. I’m sure I can do better and I am looking forward to experimenting. But, that’ll have to do for now. See you soon, world and, until then, be good – ish.



9 thoughts on “A Little Project

  1. I love these tangled stars very much, they are beautiful, also the shawl and blaket are very nice. Work, made with love, by hand is always worthfull. I love your Diva tile where two Waybops are unied by a ribbon!

  2. I like your pinwheel idea, they look like fun to make. Nice Waybop, too. And the blanket looks so cozy, what a great gift for a newborn baby.

  3. Mmm. love that star! Finery looks so cool anywhere, but it really shines in that star. The pinwheel project is very cool too. I’d love to see how it turns out when you’re finished…everything just looks SO good!

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