Painting a plate

My cousin, a fellow crafter, invited me to go with her for a craft afternoon the other day. She had been given a voucher for Christmas to visit a local pottery and craft shop and paint a plate, which they would then fire for it to be collected a couple of days later. I agreed to drive and thought I knew reasonably well where we were going. Apparently there are two places of the same name in the Barnsley area and this was the other one.

Ann, my cousin, knew the way and was to act as navigator and we set off with high hopes. Now this is not a tale of missed turns and aimless wanderings, quite the reverse, in fact. We found the village with very little trouble. Even Stairfoot Roundabout was uneventful. (Anyone local reading the words Stairfoot Roundabout is likely to weep and ask to lie down in a darkened room for a while – it’s a driver’s nightmare.) But we braved it and survived to tell the tale and found our way to our destination pretty easily. The instructions told us we could park at the back of the Co-op (a shop) and we did, in a rather tight spot but we did it. So we found the place, went in, were expected and welcomed and all was set for quite a jolly time.

There were shelves full of bisque pots for us to choose from and I selected, not a plate, as originally intended, but a photo frame because it was flat surfaces, which seemed a good idea. We were asked what colours we wanted to use, shown to our table and supplied with everything we needed, including tea and coffee.  I had taken my circle maker with me and proceeded to sketch an overlapping rings design in pencil, which I then over painted in black, white and grey. Ann had done her research in advance and chose to do pointillist flowers.  As always happens when you get started on something, conversation ceased and we drifted off in a little world of our own, apart from the background conversation in the shop.

This could have got medals in the World Tediously Uninteresting Championships. No, really.

“Do you want a coffee””

“Er. No. No thank you. I don’t drink coffee.”

“Ooooo, don’t you?”


“Don’t you like coffee then?”

“No. ”


“No. I don’t drink coffee.”


“No. I don’t like it”


“No. I think it’s the taste.”


This mine, just painted. It should be more defined after firing.
This is mine, just painted. It should be more defined after firing.

We were there for an hour and a half and this, believe me, was the height of wit and sophistication in comparison with the rest of it. It made Pinter sound riveting  and even Becket was starting to rise in my estimation.

After a while, Ann and I didn’t dare make eye contact.

However, we were both quite pleased with our finished projects and left them to be collected a couple of days later.

Back in the car park, we arrived just in time to see a lady parking across the back of my car, effectively blocking us in. We had a brief, polite conversation where I said she could have our space if she liked.  She asked if she should move her car. With a straight face, I said I though that would be a good idea. She reversed so that she was blocking the exit completely. I reversed out of my space. Now neither of us could move. I waited. She waited. I smiled encouragingly. She reversed some more into a wider space and I shot through the gap before she could be any more helpful. I wonder if it’s something in the water.

And now it’s Saturday afternoon; it’s raining/sleet and it has been grey and miserable all day. I’ve stayed in working on a project I’ll tell you about another time and wondering what the Diva has up her sleeve for us next time.  I always have fun revisiting her posts and seeing what others have done for the Challenge. I love seeing something new to me and then either trying it myself or doing my own take on it. Can’t wait to see what comes up this week…

And here it is:-

Weekly Challenge #303: “Valentangle”
This week’s challenge is pretty straight forward: To create a valentine’s themed tile or card, and as an added bonus – give it away to someone you love!  Your spouse, your child, your cat, your mailman, anyone!  Who doesn’t love handmaid cards?

Well, I didn’t feel inspired. However much I may love the loved one, we don’t do Valentines and I find the whole thing a bit tacky. (Dammit, we’re supposed to love each other EVERY day aren’t we?) So I cheated. On the Challenge, not the loved one- oh come on, get a grip.


I made a background of NZeppel and then printed a ZIA from ages ago. (I opened it in Word and recoloured it first.) Then I used heart shaped dies on my Big Shot and mounted them on the backing card. You know what? That’s not too bad at all.


So that’s all for now world, no doubt I will be back, hopefully with something a little more fascinating, next week. Until then, world, be good – ish.


12 thoughts on “Painting a plate

  1. I love your parking story! I think we all have at least one of those. I love your take on the Valentangle! Yes, we should express our love for others everyday! 🙂

  2. Very entertaining story! Your frame will be lovely. Hope to see the finished project. Great idea on your Valentangle. It’s gorgeous! I agree that we should show love EVERY day… but I admit I do enjoy an extra special day dedicated to love!

  3. Hahaha got a laugh from the song about the Stairfoot Roundabout! that doesn’t look like much fun at all, but I like a roundabout better than a traditional intersection, though we only have a few where I’m from. your craft day sounds like a fun time, though even with that roundabout to go through. Love your valentangle! The n’zeppel is a great backdrop for those hearts. Well done!

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