Something old, something new,

I made this for my daughter for Christmas but obviously couldn’t show you on here until it’d been given.

But no more borrowed and blue; we’re done with weddings for the time being, unless someone is keeping secrets!

The something old is the hobby of crochet, which I learned at a night school class in about 1971 – we’ll gloss over how old I was at the time, obviously a babe in arms. My mum and I jointly made a crochet waistcoat, and quite a few other things, as crochet was very popular at the time. It sort of faded into the background with the arrival of fiance, husband (The same person, in case you were wondering), son, daughter, daughter, house move, new career, and so on.

I had a go at the Square One FB focus pattern, Neuron.
I had a go at the Square One FB focus pattern, Neuron.

Every so often, when I had no other crafts on the go, like cross stitch, dress making, occasional knitting – very occasional, never really took to knitting – crewel work, card making, marking brought home from College, lesson preparation, helping children with homework, (You mean those last three don’t count as crafts? Really?) I would make some granny squares for charity blankets, or, if a colleague had a baby, I’d make a cot blanket. But it was now and then, not a regular thing.


Made my own triangular tile and had aother go at last week's Challenge. Better but there will be more mileage in this.
Made my own triangular tile and had another go at last week’s Challenge. Better, but there will be more mileage in this duotangle.

Just before Christmas, my younger daughter, who has had carpel tunnel syndrome, causing difficulties with grip, wanted to learn to crochet but was having a tough time following You Tube tutorials. As we live a couple of hundred miles apart, the mummy lessons were a bit tricky over the phone, so we waited until they came to stay with us over Christmas.  The first evening was hysterically funny, as she couldn’t work out how to hold the yarn properly and, when she did get going, consistently made little bowls because she didn’t get how to increase. We were crying with laughter but not improving her crochet skills much. This is called quality time, I believe.

I had a go at the Square One FB focus pattern, Neuron.
I had a go at the Square One FB focus pattern, Neuron.

By the end of the evening, I had accepted that she would never hold the wool/yarn the right way, i.e. how I do it and we relaxed into learning some stitches and how to turn corners on granny squares. Within the week, she had come on by leaps and bounds and now, just over a month later, has made a lapghan, as the Americans call a lap blanket, and is in the throes of making a baby blanket for a friend. Quite proud.

In the process of getting her going with all of this, I, predictably, have caught the bug again and have so far completed two shawls, one plain and one rather fancy. And I have bought enough yarn to keep me going for a while, although I know I will be buying much more because I have seen a yarn, currently only available in the US but possibly due to be sold over here in March/April. It’s called Caron Cakes and I lust after it desperately. I would have bought a container load by now but for the cost of postage when buying online. It would be cheaper to build a bridge over the Atlantic and drive across to fetch it.

The first shawl, for a friend
The first shawl, for a friend

Now I’m not one of those crafters who think that hand made is necessarily better than shop bought. Some things yes, of course, but others, no. So when I was looking at crochet patterns for things to do, there being a limit to how many shawls a girl really needs, I dismissed quite a few of them out of hand. Potholders, for instance. I’m not spending hours making something to lift dirty dishes out of the oven, Dish cloths, oh come on! I love blankets but crochet ones weigh a ton, beautiful though they are – I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed if  I had one of them over  my legs. Rugs. What, and have people walking all over them? I don’t think so.

Isn’t he/she gorgeous?



But I have seen some nice patterns for bags, handbags, totes, beach bags and these do appeal to me. I’m biding my time and completing shawl no3 before I start anything else. Well, that and this cuddly toy for Ben, and maybe one for Isla too? The patterns can be downloaded from  and are reasonably easy to follow.

I’ve bought the yarn for this and made one of the fifty motifs but I think it may be a long job because it’s a bit fiddly.  Hope he still likes soft toys by the time it’s finished.

And I’ve been making cards for friends and family birthdays. And both the loved one and I have had the sort of cold that lasts for ages and feels as if it is ripping your chest open. Nice. However, I feel we are both on the way to recovery now so it’s time to plan a holiday. Oh come on, it’s ALWAYS time to plan a holiday.

And then it was the Diva Challenge and I just love this one.

Weekly Challenge #302: “UMT Hamadox by Diana Schreur CZT”

 For those of you who are new, the first Monday of every month is a Use My Tangle Challenge, where the challenge of the week is to use a tangle created by one of you!  If you have a tangle you’d like to submit you can add it here and be sure that it follows the guidelines for submission.
This month’s UMT is Hamadox by Diana Schruer, and you can see the step outs here – This should be an easy one, seeing as wee’re all warmed up with last week’s Paradox duotangle. I had been seeing this tangle being used in the Mosaic app for a while, and i didn’t know how to do it, but i love how it looks.  So i’m super excited to see it come up this week.


This was fun.
This was fun.

It requires a certain amount of concentration but I do like the effect.

So that’s it for this week. I will no doubt be back, so, until then, world, be good. ish.


9 thoughts on “Something old, something new,

  1. Nice UMT tile. I like how it is a tile within a tile. I really love the Square One tile using Neuron. Oh, and if Ben is too old for the cuddley toy feel free to send it to me. Hahahahaha!

  2. Gorgeous work-all of it! I really love the Neuron tile. That shading is outstanding. I have a similar history with crochet as well, though I’ve not picked it back up again in years. I love that shawl;-)

  3. Well, I came here for the tangles and wound up on Ravelry looking at patterns for Caron Cakes! LOL. Enabler you are 🙂 Loved reading your post and the tangles really are nice as well!

  4. I love your diva tile and the cute little dinosaur. Unfortunately, my little dino fan is already too old for stuffed animals, otherwise I would have picked up my hook and yarn straight away.

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