Better late than…

One for a FB swap I'm doing at the moment, Wish Upon a Star.
One for a FB swap I’m doing at the moment, Wish Upon a Star.
Actually, there are three more now.
Actually, there are three more now.

I hadn’t intended doing a post this week, being away on the lovely island of Majorca, with less than reliable wifi, but the weather has not been kind to us, so I have spent more time than intended in the apartment, doing crochet and Zentangle. So my charity blanket is coming on nicely but I have become a little stir crazy.

Sunday was cool but bright and we went up to the market in the old town of Alcudia, about five minutes from where we are staying. To our delight, there were dancers in the market place,  so we sat and watched for a while. I can’t give you a picture because I only took videos, which won’t upload for some reason. Just believe me, it was great.

20161114_150059We’ll not talk about Monday, as the weather consisted mainly of driving rain and cold winds. I ventured as far as the bakery acros the road and that was it until teatime, when it cleared and we ventured out into town for a brief walk, very brief, in fact, as we got to the far side of the marina, and the sky blackened again. We made it back to the car and retreated, defeated.

20161117_120906Things have improved since then and we have been exploring some areas we haven’t visited before; Porto Colom, Arta, Santa Margalida for example. And then we went to the market in Inca, one of the biggest on the island. Having been there several times before, we knew where to find parking, always at a premium on market day. Or so we thought. But no, every street, every car park and some of the pavements were full of cars, though we didn’t know why. Eventually parked well out of town, we yomped in to the centre and, hearing music up a side street, followed our ears.

20161117_120653What did we find? Showjumping, right there in one of the town squares. And beyond that, a cattle market, with sheep and goats and cows and donkeys and horses and… It was magic. Desperately crowded and busy, but fabulous. This was not a tourist thing, but a genuine local event, with people being awarded prizes for their livestock and all sorts of deals being made.

The place was buzzing.

20161117_123709And in one of the main squares there was a stand showing birds of prey native to the island. They were totally un-bothered by the crowds, who were kept far enough back and who were clearly as fascinated as I was myself. We had a beer and, I’m afraid, one of the worst sandwiches ever, (except for the one in Porto Christo the day before, which was cheap, tasteless and over priced. Won’t be going there again.) and sat watching the world go by.

In the end, our feet, backs and legs started to protest and we headed back to the car and a short drive down to Palma Nova, which is a very touristy resort, but pleasant enough for an hour or two. We sat in the sun, looking out over the sea and gloating that at last we were in temperatures significantly warmer than at home.

Well, part of a star, anyway.
Well, part of a star, anyway.

And, as for the tangling, I did a couple for a FB  swap called Wish Upon a Star, one of which can be seen at the top off the page and another is here.

I’ve also done a rough plan for a present for my son and his new wife, using their initials. This one is about five inches square but the “real thing ” will be about eight inches square, I think. I haven’t decided whether or not to use colour, what do you think?

Andrew and Karen
Andrew and Karen

So, since I had plenty of time for drawing, I had a go at the Diva Challenge too. It’s to use Keeko, which I don’t often use, though I don’t know why not – it’s easy annd fun to do. I did another star pattern, in white on a piece of dark red/brown card. In addition, I used Sandswirl, Molygon, ‘Dillo and Fescu. (If in doubt, add a bit of Fescu.)

Not inspired, but ok, I think.
Not inspired, but ok, I think.


So that’s it for now, world, see you soon, I hope. And until then, be good-ish.


9 thoughts on “Better late than…

  1. Wow! Your star tiles are gorgeous and I love your gift with the initials. I might have to steal that idea;-) I posted the results of our Travelling Tangle on my blog this week. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I always love reading your travelogues, bumps and all;-)

  2. Sorry about the poor weather for your time in Majorca. That’s one of the nice things about Zentangle and other art. You are never at a loss for something to do. In fact, I almost treasure imposed down times—waiting for a flight, waiting for a doctor—when I am able to devote myself to guilt free tangling. Through most of today, here in Philadelphia, we’ve been having one of the warmest falls I can remember. Indeed, the trees still have most of their beautiful fall foliage. It was in the 70’s during the afternoon today (24ish Celsius). We went out to dinner in light jackets, but froze on our way home as a wind blew up and the temperature dropped about 30 degrees (Farhenheit) in one hour. There is a gale warning until Monday, so that might well be the end of our beautiful leaves. Since you asked, I think I’d add color (or rather, colour) to the piece you are doing for your son and daughter-in-law. However, that might just be because I am going through a color phase myself. Nice Keeko star. I’m actually glad to have been reminded about Keeko. It can be very handy.

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