Well that’s it. The wedding has been and gone and was lovely. I believe my son and daughter in law will be very happy together and we had a joyful day celebrating with them and our extended families. There were some interesting  events surrounding the wedding, which I will tell you about some other time but we had a lovely day, meeting up with old friends and the wider family,

And now it’s over and I would feel a bit flat if we weren’t off to Majorca in a week or so. Looking forward to that very much. I intend exploring some places we haven’t visited before. (Although the weather forecast is not too good, we may be holed up with a bottle of wine and some DVD’s, who knows?)

Having missed several Diva Challenges over the Summer, I feel the need to catch up a bit.

DC 286 straight lines
DC 286 straight lines

DC 289 autumnal theme/leaves
DC 289 autumnal theme/leaves – the leaves around the edges are stamped and then “improved” using a sepia Micron.
DC 288 using Gourdgeous


I’ve been finishing off my tiles for the Autumn swap – the last two above will be used for that, being Autumn/Halloween in subject. Here are some more;

The tree, which is a stamp, doesn’t show as well as I would like on this one. I may have to try again.


This used a Dreamweaver stencil for the mushrooms and I was really pleased with the way it turned out.


I used sparkly black pen for the spider web (Florz) and transparent sparkle on the sort of dandelion heads. (B’Dylan) The rest is white Uniball plus white pencil.


This still needs some depth of colour, I think but I haven’t decided what, yet.

We had a Stitch n Bitch get together yesterday, at my friend Ann’s house, where she provided enough lunch for about 20 of us – there were actually nine, I think – including brandy snaps, which I haven’t had in years, and prawns and, and, and… Gorgeous.

She has contacts through church who take or send parcels out to Africa or Eastern Europe or the middle East, wherever needed I suppose, and I had suggested at the previous meeting at my house, that we could make knitted or crochet blankets. When nine of you get together, you can do half a blanket in an afternoon, so two meetings = one blanket. (Almost, OK, almost.)  Because I knew there were those among us who don’t particularly like to knit/crochet, I did a few squares in advance (well, fifteen actually) so they could start sewing them together and this worked quite well, so we continued at the next meeting, which was at Ann’s.  Poor Ann spent most of the time feeding us or keeping up a constant supply of tea and coffee; I bet she was delighted to see the back of us, but it felt like a very productive afternoon.

Several of the groups had also been knitting or doing crochet squares in the gap between the meet at my house and the one at hers, so we had lots of squares to work on. As a result, I’m pretty sure we will have two full blankets pretty soon and ready to go. I’m hoping to have photos before they go.

Tomorrow we will be going to visit my cousin. Usually, the men go for a pub crawl while my cousin, also called Ann, and I draw or make cards. I’m hoping to do some work on Christmas cards, as I have gone through the list today and I need about 35. I mean, you know, I’ve started but 35 is a lot of cards if I’m drawing and then building them too.  I’ve managed eight so far. May be ready for Christmas 2017! Anyway, here they are – christmas-2016-1 christmas-2016-2 christmas-2016-3 christmas-2016-4 christmas-2016-5 christmas-2016-6 christmas-2016-7 christmas-2016-8

Just another 28 to go. And, as if that wasn’t enough, there are still two online swaps to do and the Diva Challenge to catch up with.  Why do I set myself all these targets/deadlines? Because it’s fun, you know it is.

And so, I’ll go and watch tv with the loved one for a couple of hours and crochet a couple more squares; off to make some cards tomorrow and then more on Sunday and then, and then, and then .    .    .

It’s the Diva Challenge all over again. Bring it on!

And here it is –


Weekly Challenge #292: “UMT – EAXY by Nadine Roller, CZT

For those of you who are new, the first Monday of every month is a Use My Tangle Challenge, where the challenge of the week is to use a tangle created by one of you!  If you have a tangle you’d like to submit you can add it here and be sure that it follows the guidelines for submission.
This week’s Tangle is courtesy of Nadine Roller, a CZT from Germany- I first saw this tangle in a CZT group on Facebook.  I was delighted to find she had submitted it for a UMT.  In my opinion, this tangle embodies the ‘magic’ of zentangle – how a few small pen strokes creates a gorgeous complex looking pattern. 
dc-292So I mixed it with one that isn’t Bunzo but reminds me of Bunzo but I can’t remember the name, unless it’s Stripes, which would have a certain logic. Anyway, here it is and that’s it for this week. Until next time, world, be good -ish.



17 thoughts on “Next…

  1. Very nice is this combination with Bunzo, the earlier Diva’s tiles are well done too and your Christmas cards are so beautiful. Lucky are the ones who will receive such a handmade card!

  2. Oh my god – how many wonderful tiles and cards you made! I love your diva tiles – they are all different and the colours are so nice. I love the one using Gourdgeous though I am not really a fan of this pattern. But your tile is great 🙂
    The christmas cards you made are also wonderful. What a amazing count of different trees!
    Love the Eaxy diva tile too – lovely crossover to Bunzo 🙂

  3. OMG…35…that’s about 30 more than I’m going to do! Everything is lovely and the stitch-in sounds like a very fun do.

  4. I am stunning about your awesome Christmas cards and I also love your eaxy tile with the bunzo at the bottom:-)
    Thanks a lot for trying eaxy and sharing with us! Best wishes from Cologne, Nadine

  5. Great Eaxy – Bunzo combination! Love it very much!
    Love all your other tiles too. Wonderful warm colors!
    And your Christmas cards are amazing!

  6. Different people, different ways to marry 🙂 Tomorrow my daughter (who lives in Switzerland) will get married after living together for more then 20 years and there will be just the two of them (only with the witnesses that are needed). And … Kees and I did the same thing when we got married 10 years ago 🙂
    I like your Eaxy tile and the Christmas cards.

  7. My, my, you have been a busy Magibee, but it sounds like you also had fun, ate well, produced lovely art, and did good works all the while.

    I appreciate the concern you expressed for my well-being post-the US election which was, it turns out, devastating for over half the electorate. (When I say electorate, I mean those who bothered to show up and vote because about 46% of those eligible didn’t bother.) As of now, it looks like Hillary Clinton will win the popular vote despite D. Trump having won the election via the Electoral College system which ensures that as a voter in a city in a populous state, my vote is worth considerably less than one in a rural, relatively unpopulated state. I think I’m now at the “acceptance” stage in the stages of grief, hoping to channel my depression and anger into positive action to attempt to undermine the more insidious aspects of the Trump, et al, agenda.

    Congratulations on the wedding. You all looked happy (beaming even) in the photos I saw. Safe travels for your trip to Majorca. I think you and the Loved One definitely have the retirement thing figured out. Mr. Excitement doesn’t seem inclined to retire yet, but I think for the first time, he’s starting to be able to imagine it and he’s willing to take more time off to travel. I dangle your example before him every now and then. He hates cold weather, so he’s more inclined to want to be somewhere warm during our winter. We’ve had an unusually warm fall, so cold (and snow) hasn’t been much of an issue yet.

  8. After all that planning and excitement there is a bit of a come down after a family wedding…but now Majorca! How fun. You have been the busy bee. Lovely work. All of it. The Eaxy piece is outstanding!

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