A Compendium of Challenges

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These are toppers for this year’s Christmas cards, ready for some shading and colour.





As you may or may not be aware, I’ve been a bit erratic with my posts over the last few weeks and have missed a few Diva Challenges too. I’m recovering nicely from the op now, although I still have trouble drawing, as leaning over the desk pulls at the neck muscles, but I’m getting there. Anyway, it’s time to get back on the bike, so to speak, so this week I’m doing a catch up on the Challenges I’ve missed.

I’d started this post a week or more ago, then had a visit from Rachel and Ben, so it went on the back burner. Below is the post I started, followed by the slightly more up to date stuff.


That’s what my grandfather used to say whenever I  was in a rush to get things finished. (Most of the time…) Well it may be a virtue but I’m still struggling to cultivate it, 60+ years later. (He tended to have a twinkle in his eye when he said it, so I suspect he knew how hard it was for me to wait for things.) And at the moment my patience is sorely tested because I’m not getting better fast enough. I suspect, in medical terms, I’m doing just fine, but it’s not fast enough for me. I can’t bend over my desk to draw for more than a few minutes before I have to go and lie down to straighten my back. And I have to lie down for longer than I was drawing, so every little thing takes too long.

And I forget what it was I was going to do next, so when I get back to my desk, I sit and stare ruefully at the pen,  in the knowledge that I had something in mind when I left the table but it’s floated off into the ether, never to return. I’m behind with my swaps for FB so I really want to get going. Dammit.

And, and, and.. well, it’s time to start making Christmas cards and I’m full of ideas and I’ve probably got all the stuff to make them,  but I need to get the swaps done first.  I mentioned last week that I was reverting to childhood and, as I read what I’ve just written, I realise I’m whining. I can tell that the next thing I say will be “But Muuuuuuu-uuum…”

However, and probably unfortunately, I can sit at the computer and play games. Oh dear.

So I had a look to see what the Diva Challenge was and she says:


Weekly Challenge #281: “Tangle study-ING”

When i was in Providence for CZT training #15 Molly introduced us to the tangle ING – you can see the step outs here

I learned it along with my fellow CZTs and i admit that i haven’t used it much since then.  In fact i’ve only used it once or twice since then – so it’s about time.  I haven’t really wrapped my head around it so that i can do it without looking at the step outs, but i’m working on it.


Now I happen to love this pattern and, since the latest swap is to do a monotangle, I’m going to kill two birds with one stone and do this Challenge for a swap tile. But it may take a while, sigh…

IngsAnd here it is, plain and simple and quite a lot of white space, which I desperately want to fill. It’s taking all my willpower to leave it at that!

LATER, in fact, a couple of weeks later.

I sort of got lost in day to day life and when I surfaced it was two weeks later.

I’ve made the bottom tier of the wedding cake for my son (proper old fashioned fruit celebration cake, fed with brandy and sherry.) I did a practice run for the decorating, with fondant icing and bunting, which didn’t go entirely according to plan. The cake was good – not modest but truthful – but the decorating was awful. More practice needed.

I’ve shortened one of the bridesmaid dresses and have refused to do the other five. Well, dammit, I’m doing the cake; I made the invitations, menus, place settings and some decorations. I still have two cakes to make and three to decorate. Enough is enough.

And, you see, I’m waiting, not very patiently, for an appointment to see the consultant to get the all clear about my surgery. They told me I should see him again six to eight weeks after the op. eight weeks later and they haven’t even contacted me to make the appointment, let alone actually see the great man. Don’t get me wrong, I have no medical need to see him; all is going well and I am back driving and leading a pretty normal life. (Well, normal for me, that is…) But I was under the impression I would not be permitted to travel, i.e. fly, without his say so. Getting impatient, I mentioned this at a routine doctor’s appointment and, after checking the NHS guidelines, she told me, no, as long as you feel OK to fly, you can fly. You have no residual problems and no medication connected with the op. Wear compression socks, take an aspirin and you’ll be fine.

So I went home, told the loved one and within four hours we had a booked our next trip. Wheeeeee! Rhodes, here I come – again.

But before we go, we have another little trip planned, to Stratford upon Avon. We are going to overdose on history and Shakespeare. (I’m not entirely sure the loved one is looking forward to that part of it but…) And, as a special treat, I’m going to the RSC to see, not Shakespeare, but Margaret Atwood being interviewed about her new book. This is sooo exciting. I love her writing; even when I find it deeply disturbing, it is always a good read, I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.

I really love this pattern, so I filled it with Groovy and added a little Finery. Fun, fun, fun.
I really love this pattern, so I filled it with Groovy and added a little Finery. Fun, fun, fun.

Weekly Challenge #287: “UMT – Dreamcatcher by Daniel Lamothe”
And now here we are, the first Monday of October, so that means a Use My Tangle challenge (UMT)
 where we try our hand at one of tangles that you’ve created

I feel like Daniel’s tangles are coming up quite frequently by the old random number generator – but i’m super happy this one popped up.  It’s really quite beautiful, and easy, and looks amazing! i will most definitely be using this tangle again.



So, having only caught up with two Diva Challenges so far, I’ll say farewell for now and I’ll try to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully, I’ll be back next week, but, until then world, be good -ish.





15 thoughts on “A Compendium of Challenges

  1. I really like how you used Dreamcatcher. I think a bit whining is okay. It does make one feel a bit better, so it is a useful thing 🙂 Wining would probable even be better, but probably not with your meds. Glad you’re getting well enough to travel and if you get your memory back, please tell me how you did that!

  2. Hi, I’m glad to see you again. Somehow I had missed the post…I assume there was a post, anyway…telling about upcoming surgery, so I had no idea where you were, and missed your tangling and posts about life in general. Anyway, glad you are back and glad that the surgery went well and you are feeling good!!

    The tangles are great. I love your version of ING…it’s one of my favorite tangels, a go-to of mine, in fact. And I LOVE the Dreamcatcher you did…Finery fits soooo well at the ends.

    Hope you enjoy your trips…stay safe.


  3. So glad you are getting better. It is very frustrating when you can’t do all the things you want to do. Love you tiles and looking forward to your travelogue.

  4. So nice to see you back. Actually, I was gone for several weeks also, for three weeks, I think, just returning last week. I worked on the challenges I didn’t post about, but I don’t think my tiles are worthy of a retrospective mention, so I just reappeared from the ether of world travel (England and Iceland) last week. Sunny Rhodes will be just what the doctor ordered for you—even the surgeon you haven’t managed to see for your post op visit. I understand your frustration at being limited in the amount of time you can draw, but it seems you haven’t missed a beat with other outlets for your creativity. Baking and decorating a wedding cake(s)—impressive. I really like the movement you created within Daniel’s Dreamcatcher. I actually have a dreamcatcher hanging from our bed headboard. I think mine might be a tad defective because some bad dreams are sneaking through. Cheers.

    1. It’s time to turn your dreamcatcher upside down. This lets the bad dreams drop out, leaving room for to catch the new bad dreams. After a while, you’ll start having bad dreams again, so just turn the dreamcatcher back to the original upright position. You’ll know when it is time to change it again.

  5. Nice to hear from you again, and to know you’re feeling better now. Your Dreamcatcher tile is very beautiful and your Christmas cards look lovely!

  6. It is difficult to be limited by circumstances from doing what you love, but you are making up for lost time! I love all your work, but am particularly motivated by the Christmas card designs. You can spend your down time dreaming of more fantastic tangellations!

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