Diva Challenge 275

I'm sending this to Michele Wynne as a little mini swap. I tried hard to echo her style with muted colours but I haven't got it right yet.
I’m sending this to Michele Wynne as a little mini swap. I tried hard to echo her style with muted colours but I haven’t got it right yet.

Well last weeks’s Challenge  didn’t suit me at all but this week is just the opposite. My friend Suzanne Fleur is standing in as Guest Challenger and asks us to “Give peace a chance” and, as John Lennon’s daftest but most devoted fan, I will join in with enthusiasm.  I haven’t decided what to do yet but I’m looking forward to it.

And I’ve finally got a date for my surgery -July 25th. In spite of the fact that I have every confidence in both the surgeon and the efficacy of the procedure, I find myself looking at everything as if for the last time; going to places and trying to fix them in my memory; even trying to be reasonably nice to people, as if I want them to remember me well. Personally,  I blame Lucy Maud Montgomery.

I have been re-reading the Anne of Green Gables books, which seem to have triggered my sentimental nerve but, oh, they are fun. There is something very rewarding about those fin de siecle books; I love Francis Hodgson Burnett, E. Nesbitt and Rider Haggard too.

20160708_191440Currently, we are on the lovely Greek island of Rhodes, in temperatures on or above 35 degrees, which have, much to my surprise, caused me to have a mild case of prickly heat. Haven’t had that in a long time. Still, antihystamene and yogurt will keep it in check. If you visit Rhodes, go to Lindos because it is one of the loveliest places ever. Go to Lardos for one of the best restaurants ever -Valantinas. And go to Rhodes Town for a dose of living history. Lordy, how I love Greece and the Greek islands in particular. They must be the most hospitable people in the world.

20160712_210715And I did a ZIA on the plane coming over. It’s a version of somethong I saw on Pinterest, by Lily’s Tangles, I think.  And then I thought I’d try to use peace lillies for Suzanne’s Diva Challenge. I got so far and realised I was trying to be much too representational. So I turned the card over and tried again. I’m so glad you can draw on both sides, my litter bin would be overflowing…

I turned my peace lilles into a pattern and then just did a grid behind them, filling it with three different patterns.
I turned my peace lilles into a pattern and then just did a grid behind them, filling it with three different patterns.

And here I will end it for this week , since I now have to go and pack to go home, dammit! Hopefully, I will see you all next week. Until then, world, be good -ish.


12 thoughts on “Diva Challenge 275

  1. Beautiful work! I am beyond thrilled by that gorgeous ATC. At first glance, I thought, “Wow!” and then double “Wow!” when I read that it was meant for me.Thank you. I love reading about your travelling adventures. I’ve never been to Rhodes, but to several other Greek Islands and this post got me thinking about the amazing times I had there. Wishing you all positive and healing thoughts on your upcoming surgery. Take good care;-)

  2. Lovely, all of them. But I especially love the one you did “on the plane”…it looks like you used Suzanne’s Aloha as a string, and I love the patterns you filled it with. And I agree: Greece is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth. There is nothing like the blue of the Aegean Sea. I’m glad I had a chance to be in that water, and to eat Greek food from the streets of Athens! You are blessed to travel there.

  3. Thank you for doing my challenge even when you were on holiday. (Of course, for true tanglers, we’re on holiday every time we create our version of art). Did you invent your peace lilies as a new tangle? Still, being on Rhodes is being on a real holiday. We visited Rhodes on a Greek island cruise from Cyprus. We docked at night and when we woke up in the morning, there was a giant aircraft carrier next to us. It wasn’t flying any insignia, but it was a little hard for it to be inconspicuous. They must have told the sailors to wear civvies if they went ashore, so they would blend in, rather than their US Navy uniforms which sometimes cause hostility. They didn’t blend in. For an excursion that day, we went to Lindos and climbed to the top of the acropolis—-and it.was.very.hot. In fact, it was almost at this exact time in 2005. Good luck with the surgery. Have they given you any idea for how long you’ll be hospitalized?

    1. A week or less in hospital, all being well. So far I’ve packed pajamas and some drawing stuff. Ready for anything! We stayed in Lindos last time we visited Rhodes and we too did the acropolis climb in July. Crazy people.

  4. What wonderful work, I don’t know how you fit so much in. Sorry your holiday is over and I will be thinking of you when you are in hospital. Get well soon

  5. I love that ATC in blue. The shading on it is wonderful. The ATC you did on the plane is so nice and peaceful. AT first I thought it was Suzanne’s Aloha tangle, but it’s different. Very beautiful. And your peace lilies are wonderful. I thought about those being a great idea. I’m really glad you used them. I like how you turned them into a pattern and used the other patterns behind them. Very Peaceful.

    My thoughts are with you through your surgery. It will all be over and you’ll be feeling better before you know it.

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