On the Road Again, Again..

Sunset over Lardos.
Sunset over Lardos.

By now I had expected to be recuperating  from my neck surgery but no such luck. When they said June, they meant to whole process would start in June, tests and appointments and so on. The op is now scheduled for August. Dammit. Don’t want it but want to get on with it. Anyway, the loved said a just the right thing;

“Well, we could probably fit in another trip if you like”

If I like. I mean, honestly, if I  like. So we’re off to Rhodes in the morning. Wheeeee!

It’s a bit hectic, as I needed a haircut and some waxing and to pack and… But I will fit it all in somehow.

As a pre-op relaxer, when we thought the op was imminent, we toddled off for a few days to a place in the heart of England called Bewdley. It’s a little Georgian town on the River Severn, close to the Welsh borders and very pretty. There is a steam railway there, all run by volunteers and nearby towns include Ludlow and Kidderminster. We had visited the area a few years ago and promised ourselves a revisit to see the places we hadn’t had time for, Ludlow being one of them.

The chap in the dark uniform is an ARPwarden and looked every inch the part.
The chap in the dark uniform is an ARPwarden and looked every inch the part.

But first we had a day out on the Severn Valley Railway. Can’t recommend it highly enough. As it happened, they were having a 1940’s weekend, there were lots of people in vintage clothes and WW2 uniforms, Very atmospheric.  We had a brilliant day, visiting the very pretty town of Bridgenorth and then Kidderminster, which we didn’t see much of because it had started to rain. (This is England, remember.)

Then Ludlow the following day. I went there with my parents and cousin a lot of years ago. I mean a lot. I was about 13, I think. It was Whitsuntide, and mum was determined that, although we were Youth Hostelling, we would have a special lunch on Whit Sunday. In those days pubs rarely served food and we weren’t restaurant people, so we took very nice crusty granary bread and a tin of salmon, which we classed as being pretty special and set off for our day’s hike.  Of we went for our day’s hiking. Of course, when we realised we didn’t have a tin opener we were miles from anywhere. Mum never recovered from having to settle for bread and jam for Whit Sunday lunch.

It may not have been Whit Sunday when the loved one and I went this time but we weren’t taking any chances.  We found a lovely cafe called, I think, the Courtyard Cafe, and sat out in the sun with a ploughman’s lunch. (No protesting ploughmen, so that was alright.)


20160708_191440I like Rhodes. Well, I like all of Greece that I’ve visited but Rhodes is a bit special. We’re spending most of each day in the sea, although the snorkelling has proved a bit of a disappointment.

And on Diva Day Laura asked us to be patriotic with our Challenges and I’m afraid I’m going to miss out on this one. Two reasons: I’m still sulking over the referendum result, so such patriotism as I have is a bit thin at present;  and secondly, I am ambivalent about patriotism generally – in the past it has been the excuse for aggression all too often.

So that’s it for this week, world. Until next time, be good- ish.


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