All heart

Just Mooka and a curved version of Ing down the centre.
Just Mooka and a curved version of Ing down the centre.

We had a drawing afternoon at my house last week. Just five of us making fridge magnets in the shape of a heart. (I happened to have some little wooden blanks to put them on, so we drew on card and then stuck them on the wooden bases, with self adhesive magnetic tape on the back. ) We had a lot of fun although, as often happens with my stitch and bitch group, there was less stitchin than bitchin and no-one completely finished. We started by learning new or practising previously learned patterns, including Heartstrings, Copada, Printemps and Finery, which were then used by each person as they thought best.

Pat used Heartstrings to divide the heart into fillable sections, whereas Alison used Verve. I had done a couple, well, four, to use as examples of a finished product and, for a bit of spice, had added just a splash of red here and there.

You can imagine my delight, therefore, when this week’s Diva Challenge is to be “Black and white and red all over…” See, I’d already done the Challenge before she even thought of it. I am soooo good.

So this week’s challenge is use the standard black and white of traditional zentangle – but also red!  And the extra challenge is to not take yourself so seriously and have fun with this.

The one at the top of the page doesn’t have any red because it didn’t seem to need it. However, whilst cropping it to fit on the page, I enlarged it dramatically at one point and was appalled at how slap dash and inaccurate my drawing is, so my advice is, keep ’em small, they really look better!

Fridge heart 4 Fridge heart 3 Fridge heart 1 shaded The red is brighter in real life, proper scarlet; scans don’t quite do it justice.

Alison bday
Patterns used – Organic, Tropicana and Finery.

And then it’s my friend Alison’s birthday next weekend so I made her a card. I was plumb out of ideas, so reverted to the trusty monogram on a tangled background, using purple for the letter and yellow/green/turquoise for the background. I’ve noticed that, as a result of my spinal problems, my hand is a lot less steady than it used to be, so the lines on Finery are rather wobbly, which is a bit of a disappointment but I hope/think she will like it anyway.  Trouble is, I need to post it soon and I can’t make up my mind whether or not it’s finished. Doh!

I’ll mount it on a card and see if it needs anything else.


And then my younger daughter, Rachel, came up for a flying visit, as we were going to a book launch on Monday evening, which is why I haven’t looked at the Diva challenge until this afternoon – Tuesday. The book in question was Milly Johnson’s new one “Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage” and, although there are all sorts of other publicity events, it all really starts with the launch at her local library.  She signs copies of the books, does a talk, usually a little risque but always hilarious. There’s a raffle of things donated by local people – including Rachel and me this year- and an enormous buffet, including an appropriately themed cake. The proceeds of the raffle go to two local charities, an animal sanctuary and a support group for cancer sufferers and their families. I’ve asked Milly for contact details and I’ll put them in as soon as i get them, but certainly very worthy causes.  got them – and

The Well at the Core

This is a complementary therapy clinic for people with the big C and their relatives, associated with Barnsley Hospital. They offer massages, a wig trying-on service, all sorts of treatments which take people out of the zone for a while. Anyone who has ever used the Well will tell you what a fabulous place it is, run by wonderful people.

After all my worry that my picture wouldn’t be good enough for a raffle prize, Milly liked it a lot and has asked me to do one for her to put on her study wall. I’ll be starting that in a couple of days.

Not sure anyone would want it but...
The raffle prize.

It all makes for a pretty good evening, in spite of my having to go off my usual turf to drive through Barnsley – aaarrrgghhhhh! – to get there.  Still, the natives weren’t too restless and we didn’t at any point see hundreds of them lined up on the hillside above waiting to attack. (Alright, yes, I did have a fleeting mental image of getting the cars into a circle in the car park but it didn’t come to that.)

Sadly, Rachel could only stay the one night and has gone home today leaving the loved one and me to go off on another venture into the unknown. A holiday? Nope. A trip to the coast? Nope.

The loved one decided that, as I have a hospital appointment in Sheffield at the end of the week, to prepare for the you-know-what-eration, and parking at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital would be a joke if there were any humour to be found in it, we should have a dry run using public transport.

I know, me, on buses and trams. Noooooo! But he made me do it, using my pensioner’s bus pass and everything. We parked at Meadowhall (An edge of town shopping mall) and took the tram through the city centre to within a 15 minute walk of the hospital, ALLLL up hill. The man’s a sadist, I’ve often suspected it. Anyway, it went reasonably smoothly; we now know how long the journey will take and I’m afraid we will be repeating the experience on Friday morning, dammit. Do they give you a lollipop if you’ve been good?

So that’s my adventures for this week, with any luck I’ll see you next week. Until then, world, be good – ish.






10 thoughts on “All heart

  1. Very nice black and red hearts. A good idea to put on a card and send to your love with Valentine!
    Your friend is gonna be very happy to receive such a wonderful card. The A is just stunning between those brilliant colours, really love it!

  2. Love all your little hearts. Of course your work is good, no great, for a raffle! Take a lollypop with you, then you will have to be good. I’ll be thinking positive thoughts!

  3. The hearts are pretty, with just enough red. Best wishes for your next hospital visit. I found radiation therapy was worse than any of the other treatments. Apply lots and lots of ice to the area when you get home.

  4. OH I love the heart with that spiral of copada! wow! and the cool A piece is just yummy! love it. Sorry to hear about your health troubles. Be well. Tangle and Zen, dear.

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