Breathing Space

One of my pieces for the Summer Fayre.
One of my pieces for the Summer Fayre.

I hadn’t expected to be writing a post this week, as my consultant was to contact me to make arrangements for me to go into hospital. However, his secretary called this morning to talk about pre op examinations and says I should expect to be in surgery sometime in July or August. Having psyched myself up for June, I feel a bizarre combination of relief and disappointment. To celebrate (?) I went to the dentist and then we took a drive out into Derbyshire to visit my parents’ not graves, i.e. where their ashes are scattered. I can’t tell you where because we didn’t seek permission to scatter them and I think maybe we should have, but it’s too late now.

The trees have grown a lot since we scattered the ashes here but it's still a lovely place to rest.
The trees have grown a lot since we scattered the ashes here but it’s still a lovely place to rest.

It was a lovely day and I saw the scenery through the eyes of a tourist, looking at my own countryside as if it were Majorca or Rhodes, for example. It’s very true, that if we had the good weather on a regular basis, we would never want to leave these shores. We then called in at the Wheatsheaf pub in Baslow and had a lateish lunch and then a leisurely drive home. Highly satisfying.

So I went on the Diva website to see the Challenge and there it wasn’t. All is not well at Casa Diva, in terms of health and, I suspect, trying to do too much. I remember when all three kids were young, we used to think we could just keep going and were surprised when things sometimes got on top of us. Anyway, I hope all goes well for her and her family, not because I miss the Challenge, although I do, but because they seem such a lovely bunch of people, I wish them all well.

It's quite a lot brighter than this in real life.
It’s quite a lot brighter than this in real life.

So, as a substitute for doing the Challenge, I went to see the podiatrist instead. Not quite so amusing, perhaps, but still something of a challenge, since the temperature in the clinic was in the 80’s and in the UK we don’t do air conditioning. It certainly wasn’t the most relaxing of experiences. Give me a mind blowing pattern any day!.

A friend of mine has a summer Fair (Fayre?) in her village in July and I offered some “artwork” to sell to raise money for the church repairs. (I have a slightly ambivalent attitude to this, since I do not belong to an organised religion but I’m a big fan of tradition and history. In fact, I rather disapprove of an organisation that has its places of worship built by and at the expense of the parishioners, insists they pay for maintenance but  then insists that they have to seek permission for every alteration and pay a fee to the church for improving their own building.  I’m ranting again. I’ll stop now.)

Anyway, I dug out some stuff I’d done before and added colour, mounted them on card and put others on greetings cards. Not sure anyone will want to buy them but we’ll see. I will not be standing at a stall trying to sell them, so will not experience any embarrassment if no-one wants them. My friend and I will have an agreement that she will just chuck away  those that don’t sell.

H W ribbon flower

Yes I know it’s a bit weird but someone may like it.
Awaiting some sort of a greeting to be inserted.
Based on something I saw on Helen Williams' blog some time ago.
Based on something I saw on Helen Williams’ blog some time ago.

And then I went on Pinterest and, several hours later, came up for breath, having found all sorts of ideas. If you are looking for designs to colour or tangle, or both, have a look at these free downloads. Ooooo! Scrummy.

And then I remembered that I still had to frame the pic I did as a raffle prize for the Milly Johnson book launch next week, so I chose a very simple square frame and sent her a FB message asking if she wanted it.

Not sure anyone would want it but...
Not sure anyone would want it but…

Which brings me pretty much up to date and holding my breath, waiting to see what the Diva has in store for us this week.


And it’a a fun Challenge

So!! This week’s challenge is to BEad INSPIRED by Beads of Courage!  By our Colour Run, or by whatever gives you Courage.   
For my tile, i used a technique called the Hefty Hack (you can google it, it’s super easy and super addicting!! there’s lots of YouTube tutorials) to make a colour splotch on my tile, then tangled a string of beads – inspired by Artoo’s string in the photo above. 
I’ll be back!
DC 271 still wet.
DC 271 still wet.

And here is my card before patterns. I didn’t use the Hefty Hack method because I thought I was clever and did it my own way. It’s nothing like what she does but that’s OK, I quite like it anyway. (FYI, I just washed a piece of card with water, dribbled a couple of drops of ink made from Brusho crystals on it and shook it a bit, before mopping off the excess with a paper towel. (It’s what we used to do in primary school, way back in the stone age.)  Can’t wait till it’s dry.

Not a favourite but I tried new patterns that I will use again.
Not a favourite but I tried new patterns that I will use again.

Well, it’s turned out OK and yet… I think my original colours were a bit too dark, so the lines don’t show up so well and shading became a bit clumsy. Also, I used several patterns, well, three, that I haven’t used before and it would have paid to practise a little more first. (Patterns used – Y chain, Dicso, Rashell, Abundies.)  Still, it is what it is and it will have to do.

So, until next week, world, be good – ish.

19 thoughts on “Breathing Space

  1. You have shared a lot of beautiful pieces this week. I love your Beads of Courage! Those colors are just yummy and the tangles are perfect! How nice to appreciate something that we can see all the time. We tend to forget how beautiful the “ordinary” to us can be.

  2. You are remarkably good natured about your medical/dental interventions. Of course, a drive in the English countryside on a nice spring day, including a pub lunch, would be helpful in restoring one’s mood. We had a “fun” weekend moving. For me, it’s a toss up as to whether that or a root canal would be more/less pleasant. (On second thought, I’ll take the move as long as I don’t have to do it more often than every 6 years.) I wanted to prepare my tile with color, but I have no clue where my paints might be packed, so I stuck with whatever I could dig out. I like the way you colored (coloured) and tangled your tile. I’ll have to try that sometime if I ever find the right box.

      1. Yes, we and our stuff are ensconced at the new place. We just haven’t quite figured out where to put everything and which light switch controls which light.

  3. I can so understand your feeling of disappointment and also relief, but I think it’s a pity because now the waiting goes on. Good to have the ashes somewhere in the woods; last week in Switzerland I walked in such a beautiful woods, that I could imagine that you (I) would scatter ashes.
    I like the artwork you show us. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I visited your country years ago (Exmoore) and I found it fantastic, what a splendid scenery! We were lucky to have good weather and we stayed with our sons at a farmhouse. That was a very nice experience!!!
    Thank you for showing us so much beautiful work and also your beads of courage are gorgeous.

  5. Wonderful framed pictures, I would buy them. Great diva tile, you went the whole hog with the colouring the paper. It looks great. Glad you are still around to brighten my week, although I am sure you just want to get it over with.

  6. Lovely tribute to your parents and I like the work you’ve showed off this week, top to bottom. Nymph is one of my favourites and I especially like your framed piece. Luscious colours. I’ll try to be good-ish, but all bets are off. Hugs, Cheryl

  7. As always, you write well and I love reading about your week and looking at the gorgeous art you’ve created. I especially love the splash of watercolour in your challenge tile.

  8. Great post! I do so enjoy your writing and your take on life, especially the humor you manage to find in any situation. I aspire to that;-) Your work here is all gorgeous and I can’t imagine it not selling. I love the way you mounted those pieces. I think my favorite is that Helen Williams inspired piece. BTW: I have an extra Tangle in a Tangle ATC (my Big Skye/Little Skye series) for the ZATC swap. Do you want to swap for it?

  9. As always, I love reading your blog and your artwork is stunning. I like the darker color on your challenge tile, perhaps because i just like drama. I don’t think it looks muddy at all and the touches of white set it off nicely. Love ALL of your offerings this week, and always look forward to seeing your work.

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