In a Spare Moment

Playing with colour.
Playing with colour.

Away in the sun for a few days with Rachel, Kris and Ben, we have escaped back to the apartment before launching into another game of vampire orcas in the swimming pool with Ben organising us into teams of hunter and hunted. All this because, on the first day, I had him playing with an inflatable whale to boost his confidence in the water.  Since he is always talking (usually to dish out instructions – born to be a sergeant major, I think) he swallows as much water as he swims in but it doesn’t seem to do him any harm.

I did manage to catch the Diva Challenge this week, although I haven’t looked at anyone else’s attempts yet. It’s a stunner. I love Margaret Bremner’s work and this is new pattern from her called Skye.  However, it’s a high concentration pattern and I had a helluva time with it.  At the third attempt, I managed a passable result, filled the rest of the tile with other patterns and then realised I missed the alternation of the over/under bits. Dammit. Well, I’ll have another go later but, as the Diva says, it is what it is.

More work needed but I like the pattern, even if I haven't fully got it yet.
More work needed but I like the pattern, even if I haven’t fully got it yet.

I’ve been experimenting with colour recently. I find if I use my Inktense pencils for a background, the Microns get clogged up when I try to pattern on top, so I’ve tried my Koi water colour brushes instead. First, on a sort of Aztec design and I’m not unhappy with it.

Before any patterns were added.
Before any patterns were added.

The one at the top of the page is another experiment but I forgot to take a picture before adding the patterns.  And then I saw a tile in a shop window and wondered if I could produce something similar. This is it coloured and ready for patterns.

A bit childish but I quite like it so far.
A bit childish but I quite like it so far.


And then I did some white on brown for a change. 20160601_144945

And that will have to be all for now, world, Ben is calling and I have to go. Be good, won’t you?



10 thoughts on “In a Spare Moment

  1. I love your “playing with colours” I’m absolutely fond of that first picture, a real beauty!
    Also the white on brown is very nice.
    And for the challenge: this is a difficult pattern but you managed it to put it in a nice compostion, well done!

  2. These are all such fun. Love your color play…inspirational! As for Skye, I had great difficulty with it until I read Adele Bruno’s tips to tangling Skye, on her blog Tickled to Tangle. It made the world of difference for me, in making it work.

  3. Sounds like good fun in the water. Unfortunately, most of the water around here these days is coming from the sky. Speaking of “Skye”, yikes, it’s a tough one, but I’m impressed by anyone who can deconstruct a Celtic pattern. I also didn’t get it right on my first trieS. On one, I made the same mistake you did. Great minds….;-) It was also a good excuse for me to share some of my Isle of Skye photos. You’ve inspired me to try using more colored backgrounds, but not until after we move next Friday.

      1. Nope. We move on Friday, June 10th. We are up to our eyeballs in boxes and mess. Today I have to focus on my office. Shudder. We have purged quite a lot, but you’re right, the next fun thing will be finding places for what we have retained in our new smaller apartment.

      2. The last time we moved house was in 1987 and it’s an experience I wouldn’t choose to repeat. As for clearing out the office, think of all those things you’ll find that you’d forgotten you’d bought. Or is that just me?

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