Deep in Thought

Three monogram tiles.
Three monogram tiles.

You see, I know you think I spend my time frivolling, without a care but sometimes, not often, I admit, but sometimes I find myself deep in thought. The great unanswered questions of the universe, like “Why do waxing strips always curl up and stick to the dressing table?”; “Why did they invent yoghurt?”;  “Why do unhealthy foods taste best?” and, probably  most telling of all “Why does nasal hair grow more as you get older?”

See? I’m not just a light hearted intellectual butterfly, fluttering from thought to thought. I can do deep.

There were times yesterday when we – fellow blogger Suzanne Fluhr and I – did deep. We met up in Birmingham for the afternoon and talked non-stop for hours. We did family, obviously, and finance, and moving house, and politics – American, and politics – European,  and ethics (Not in the same conversation as politics, they don’t go well together do they?), childhood and memories and, of course, Zentangle.  We drank tea and then had lunch and then sat in the hotel lobby doing last week’s Diva Challenge. The intention had been to complete the tiles and photograph them together but this particular plan came to naught.

Why? Because we struggled with the pattern – Crux – mainly because we were still talking too much and it’s a pattern that needs concentration.  I came home feeling deeply grateful that two complete strangers from different continents, whose only apparent link was Zentangle, could find so much more in common. Life is good. You see? Deep again.

And now I’m preparing for a trip to Crete, in fact, by the time you read this I will be there. Our intention is to spend quite a bit of time on the beach, like a pair of pink beached whales, lumbering into the water when it gets too hot and lumbering to the nearest bar to avoid dehydration. (Well, good grief, you don’t think we enjoy it do you?) Past experience with Greek menus tells me to expect Lamp Chops, swandwiches and chicken in the hoven. However, in view of the fact that cafes and restaurants in the UK can’t spell either, far be it from me to criticise the Greeks. Find an English cafe/restaurant owner who can write well in his/her own language, let alone Greek.

The Greeks are good at deep thought and discussion too. Ask a Greek waiter what sort of day he has had and he will dissect the European Parliament with a dismissive toss of the head before checking whether or not you want beer or wine with your lamp chops.

So my brand new suitcase is packed; my hand luggage is almost ready- including plenty of card, pens and an eraser – and I’ve almost decided what I will wear to travel. The electrical stuff is all on charge  and what I really should be doing is giving the house one last tidy round before we go. So what am I doing? Blogging. No shame either…

But I do think deep.

So this is written ready to be posted once I’ve done the next Diva Challenge. Until then, world, be good -ish.

And the Challenge is to draw a duotangle using Drupe and Pokeroot, not two that I would naturally put together but that’s the challenge isn’t it?  My first attempt lacked imagination but turned out ok. I got a bit  over excited with the second one but I do quite like it. 20160512_075418




10 thoughts on “Deep in Thought

  1. Both your tiles are way more than likeable. Both Drupe and Poke Root are a tad easier to keep track of than Crux. Your ambitious plans for Crete sound perfect. 😉 You get around, my dear. Birmingham one day, Crete, the next. Thank you again for jumping on that iron horse to come hang out with me for a day. BTW, I’m loving my tile pouch and, if course, think of you every time I use it. We’re leaving a light on for you and Mister in Philly.

  2. Well I’m jellin…what an amazing thing, meeting and enjoying each other’s company and tangling together! wow…and I just LOVE your duotangle tiles. my goodness, they are yummy!

  3. Never doubted you were a deep thinker. Lovely to hear of your meet up with Suzanne too. And I really do like both those Drupe/Pokeroot tiles! (Especially the second one.) Axxx

  4. How lovely that you had such a good time with Suzanne, I was so looking forward to hearing all about it. Hope you are enjoying Crete and not burnt to a frazzle with all that hard work sunning yourselves. Your tiles are wonderfuk, I particularly like the way you have drawn Pokeroot in your second tile.

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