Ageing Gracefully

For my newest swap - your initial as a string and only patterns beginning with that letter.
For my newest swap – your initial as a string and only patterns beginning with that letter.

Ageing gracefully, or not, as the case may be.  I’ve said for a long time that I had no intention of ageing gracefully. I will not go gentle into that not particularly good night. I fully intend to burn and rave at close of day; not to mention a bit of rage, rage against the dying of the light. However, my methods are a bit less poetic than Dylan Thomas’s, although I think his behaviour was fractionally worse than mine. I see him as a sort of role model. (Except he died young….. maybe we should scratch that idea.)

I therefore do not have any grey hair. All a rich nutty brown, although it varies on those weeks when I can’t remember which colour to get and I end up a bit brassy blond instead. And when it finally gets to the stage when the roots showing through are predominantly white ones – not yet, not yet – I shall instantly go for a purple rinse and some diamanté specs. My role model will then switch from Dylan Thomas to Dame Edna Everage.

I will not descend to twins sets, pearls and tweed skirts, nor tartan slippers with zips up the front and a red pom pom at the toe. I shall abjure the plastic mac and concertina rain hood, preferring either to get wet or stay at home. And if you ever see me pushing a shopping bag on wheels, please, shoot me there and then. My soul will forgive you, I know it will.

And so I have been planning my funeral. Again. I do this every now and then because if I make a joke of it, it won’t really happen. Look, this is MY coping mechanism, you come up with your own. I did consider cheer leaders or a choir of bare chested firemen singing “I just wanna make love to you…” a la Etta James. But I don’t want people to have fun. I want them to bawl their eyes out and have a cathartic experience, coming away refreshed in the knowledge that I have lived my life joyfully and they should do the same.  I am just soooo noble, I don’t know how I live with myself.

The real reason I’m planning it, of course, is twofold. Firstly, I’m a control freak and I want it done my way. And secondly, I really am a control freak and I don’t want some well meaning soul to decide on “The Lord’s my Shepherd” because “It’s what she would have wanted.” Nooooo! I want Grimethorpe Colliery Band playing Nimrod full blast.  ( I want John Lennon singing “You Really Got a Hold on Me.” (If anything was going to bring me back from the dead, he could do it. )  I want David Gates singing “Find Me”.  ( ) That’ll have ’em ALL in tears. So, you lot out there, when the time comes, I’m depending on you to make it happen. I can’t work out how to make those web addresses into links but if you copy them and paste them into your search bar you’ll get the tracks on Youtube.

Except I’m going to outlive you. All of you.

Well that’s got that out of my system for now, so what else do I want to share with the world?

Not even all the patterns done yet.
Not even all the patterns done yet.

You may remember that I have been taking part in a swap with a Facebook group called Zentangle Artist Trading Card Swap and my most recent one is a Spring themed, organic swap. For this I drew my basic patterns first onto a large-ish sheet of water colour card. (See above.) I decided on floral/leafy patterns, Henna Drum, Vigne, El Prado, which I haven’t used before, Pokeleaf and a border of Beadlines, which later got cut off but that’s the way it goes. I  then used sponge daubers and stamp ink pads to prepare a multi colour background. (See below.)


Deliberately pale and delicate at this point.
Deliberately pale and delicate at this stage.
All the colouring finished. I don't know if you can see the Sandswirl.
All the colouring finished. I don’t know if you can see the Sandswirl.

At this stage, I have filled in the background using sparkly Gelly Roll pens and a pattern of Sandswirl to emphasise the background colours.

So then I cut it up into ATC size cards and drew a border on each one in shades of green.

20160427_114750 20160427_114733

The final bit, cutting them up, felt a bit mass produced and I think I’ll stick to individual tiles in future. And the next one? Tiles using my initial as a string and filled with patterns using that letter of the alphabet. Looking forward to it.

I’ve just met up with my American blogfriend and fellow tangler Suzanne Fluhr but I will tell you all about that next time. In the meantime, we have had Diva Day and the Challenge is to use the pattern Crux, a grid pattern and not simple. This is what she says:

For me, UMT challenges are great because they give me a reason to try out tangles i might not have a chance to try out.  This week’s Challenge is called Crux and the step outs can be found here.

This tangle is a bit on the higher focus side of things.  In fact, i had to start over because i totally missed a step when i tried the first time.  (Don’t worry, i’ll come back and finish that tile another time).

This tangle uses the Hollibaugh method of drawing behind, and also is built off the tangle bales.  There’s lots of room for play here, so enjoy it!

Suzanne and I sat together working on this challenge and there was a good deal of muttering going on. In the end, it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be but it’s not going to be much used at Maggibee Manor and that’s a fact.

I finished this on the train so it's a bit untidy, I'm afraid.
I finished this on the train so it’s a bit untidy, I’m afraid.



14 thoughts on “Ageing Gracefully

  1. I like your Diva tile (great to do that with Suzanne) and I LOVE those ATC’s!!!
    I do recognize your thoughts about aging and funeral. What about ‘Who wants to live forever’ by Queen????

  2. Maggie, you do make me laugh. Part of me wants a funeral like you and the other part wants to be buried on our land in a hole, next to my beloved dog, Darwin and possibly with a tree planted on top – in other words, no fuss. But not yet, definitely not yet! My friend says she wants Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will survive’ at her funeral….always makes me chuckle to think of that!
    You made a jolly good go of Cruz, but your ATCs are much more you and spectacularly wonderful in all stages. How do you take part in ATC swaps…?
    I also did the initial as a string – though I actually used both my initials – might try it with just the one. It’s a good idea. Axxx

  3. What a hoot, we have our funerals planned too:-) I am having all Dr Who music at mine, in particular ‘Doomsday’ for when the coffin goes through the curtains. Actually have you heard or been to any of the Dr Who Concerts? They were fantastic and Murray Gold is an amazing composer, some of the music is quite ethereal.

    I love your ATC’s, in particular I like the colour combination on them. How fantastic to meet up with Suzanne and do a Diva Challenge together, I bet you didn’t stop laughing, both of you have hilarious blog’s which lighten my life. Anyway your Crux has turned out well and you have more than one variety too, I don’t know how you fit it all in.

  4. I missed posting at all last week because I didn’t finish my Crux tile until I was back in the US of A. It was wonderful meeting you in real life and I appreciate the effort you went to to get to Birmingham to see me. Next time—in Philly.

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