A Day Trip to Scarborough

Greys paisley
Trying out some Helen Williams’ patterns on a grey card.

Scarborough is a pretty seaside town about 80 miles from where we live. Generally, if the loved one says to me, “Fancy a trip to the coast? Scarborough?” I say yes and off we go. (That’s assuming we’re at home, of course. If we’re on Tenerife or Skiathos I am likely to take a different view. It’d be a Hell of a day trip.)

Anyway, today we went to Scarborough for the day. Like many people, we have our habits, so we usually park at the top of Peasholm Park, walk down through the park onto the seafront, walk around the Marine Drive to the South Side, get fish and chips at a cafe  and then get the open top bus back to the bottom of the park and walk back to the car. We work on the assumption that we will have walked off a few calories and therefore can permit ourselves fish and chips. We may do more than this, but the walk around the Marine Drive is the core of the event.

Marine Drive
Marine Drive
Peasholm Park
Peasholm Park – don’t you just love the traditional English theme?








All right, you spotted it, the park has a far eastern vibe. Apparently it was all the rage with the Victorians, so the whole park is full of pagodas and the like. Quaint and we love it. It also has a large population of grey squirrels, or, as I heard a little girl ask her dad, “Where are the squiggles, Daddy?” He just grinned and pointed them out but I bet they will be forever squiggles for that family.

I had a little go at the jewels again but I'm not subtle enough.
I had a little go at the jewels again but I’m not subtle enough.

So we had a jolly day, including fish and chips and a tour of the grockle shops, and set off home at about teatime. We know the route by heart so were a little taken aback when the road was diverted at Foxholes and we, along with the stream of traffic we were in, all pootled off onto a very minor back road, following the diversion signs. I got the map out to see where they were taking us and followed our route on it. It soon became clear that at least one of the drivers in front of us was a little unnerved by the narrow and winding course we were taking, as he/she slowed down to a virtual halt every time he/she spotted a vehicle coming in the opposite direction. I know it was a B road but it was wide enough for two buses, so cars had no problem. Sorry, cars should have had no problem.

The tension became palpable when we were directed onto a single track lane with passing places. Our nervous driver seemed to want to stay in each passing place until he/she could see there was no oncoming traffic between there and the next passing place. Unfortunately, since you couldn’t always see the next one, this posed problems. We scuttled in little stops and starts across about ten miles of very pretty countryside, a stream of about 20 cars, following the losing candidate for Decision Maker of the Year.  Fortunately, the loved one was in relaxed mode and, apart from the occasional rueful shake of the head and a murmured “Sunday drivers…” , had little to say on the subject.

And, after being, unusually for me,  unwell for a couple of days, it’s suddenly time to pack for a little trip to Tenerife. We like to go there in Autumn and Spring because the UK can be a little drab, to say the least. We are taking a friend with us this time and it means we will do things a little differently and go to different places and we will enjoy it all the more for that.  In a hopeful mood, I’ve packed my swimsuit; in a doubtful mood, I’ve packed a couple of long sleeved tops  and, in a realistic mood, I’ve packed a waterproof. Let’s hope I don’t need the latter.

Ribbons and flowerI’ve recently been trying ideas based on a lot of Helen Williams’ patterns. (See her A Little Lime blog)  I have a terrible time keeping ribbons and lines even almost parallel and I still struggle with Mooka, so I shamelessly borrowed something she’d done and went for my own version. It isn’t finished yet but I’m feeling fairly positive so far. fingers crossed…


We  are here in Tenerife and I haven’t needed the waterproof or the long sleeved tops. Bliss.  The pool is a bit chilly so you have to keep moving but that’s the idea, isn’t it?

And I’ve had time to draw, sitting on the terrace in the sun, glancing up at the view now and then. I’ve fallen in love with Mojitos and avocados, not simultaneously, and am overdosing on both. I consider the mint in the Mojito to be one of my five fruits/veg a day and the avocado is so good for me that I can feel my halo shining bright.

I did the two pieces above (the grey and the jools) while sitting on the terrace in the sun, glancing up now and then at the view over La Gomera.

However, I have virtually missed the Diva Challenge because of the appalling unreliability of the WiFi signal at the resort.  Diamond Resorts, listen to me – If you are going to provide a service, make it a good one or don’t bother.

So the diva gave us a string…

I have to give this week’s challenge idea credit to B-rad.  
He said: “I just thought of all the work you did outside today, and that it might be a good idea for a string, if you made it one big SPRING”
Great idea, don’t you think? 
So this week’s challenge is to create a Spring-like string on your tile. 

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I did the Challenge, twice, in fact. My first attempt looked a bit clumsy so I used almost the same spring string again and came up with something a bit more delicate and which I liked better.

In my opinion, the improved version.
In my opinion, the improved version.
First attempt.
First attempt.


In view of the fact that it is now Saturday, I think I’ll let this post run over into next week and see what the Diva comes up with for next week. (Which will be this week by then but I, at least, will know what I meant.)


18 thoughts on “A Day Trip to Scarborough

  1. Oh! that gray tone paper with white and teal! it takes my breath away…I’m glad I’m not the only person who blatantly copies ideas and even direct works from others. 🙂 and Helen Williams…what better artist to draw from?

    as for squirrels, they are, and forever will be, Swirls in our family! and I will never have chocolate, but always clockit.

  2. When I was young, I knew there was a beautiful song by Simon and Garfunkel: Scarborough fair!!!
    Everything on this blog post is nice: your grey card is amazing, the pictures are very inviting, your gems look good and of course the challenge tiles have that spring look, the Diva asked. well done.

  3. We leave for Scotland this evening (April 24th), scheduled to arrive in Edinburgh tomorrow afternoon, Edinburgh time after a 4.5 layover at the airport in Dublin. I am, indeed, looking forward to meeting you IRL on Tuesday, May 3rd, right before you’re off on your next trip, I believe. I’ve sent you an email to try to firm up the details of where and when we’re meeting in Birmingham. Meanwhile, I’ll be contrarian and say I like both your Diva challenge tiles equally. They each exhibit a somewhat different ethos/mood, but, like our children, we can love more than one. Looking forward to our actual corporeal meeting!

    1. Me too. I did see the email and confirmed arrangements. I’ll not do the rose in teeth bit if you think it’s over the top but obviously the bowler hat and umbrella are compulsory. I assume you’ll have a Stetson?

  4. I really enjoyed the patterns here. I like both of the Diva tiles — I think I prefer the first one just a bit because of the fat, round texture you got on the curvy link things. On the other had, the other one has such a beautiful delicacy that I can see why you might prefer that one.
    There is actually a “Scarborough” near where I live — sort of — in North Texas: the Scarborough Renaissance Festival which is held every spring in a town about in hour south of the Fort Worth/Dallas area with the exceptional name of Waxahachie. I imagine going to the actual Scarborough would be a much different experience…

  5. Gorgeous work! I absolutely love the grey tone piece and you definitely channeled Helen quite successfully. Both of your Diva pieces are great. Thanks again for the fun read. I so envy your travels though delight in reading about your escapades.

  6. Geat job on the challenge – I like both versions, the first is more bold and the second is delicate but both have transformed the spring. Even more, I love the story of your trip. Sounds like a very beautiful place to visit.

  7. I really like both of your “Spring” Tiles. So much the same and yet so different. You have really captured Helen Williams in the 2nd one for sure. And your other tiles that are inspired by Helen Williams are very beautiful.

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