Getting Into Swapping.

Not even all the patterns done yet.
Not even all the patterns done yet.

I’ve mentioned the FB page called Zentangle Artist Trading Card Swap, where I’ve joined a couple of swaps recently and I’m finding it a lot of fun. I’m currently working on the April swap, which is spring themed and have decided to do a large piece and cut it into ATC size pieces to send. This is the original, with the line drawings still incomplete.

I then coloured the background with a sponge dauber and stamp pad inks for a base. However, when I started to add colour detail, I discovered that the paper did not want to blend the colours. I’ll have to do a rethink. Anyway, this is that stage.

Spring like colour
Spring like colour

Now to add loads of detail. Unlike my normal way of doing things, I’m trying to take it slow and steady, in a proper ZENtangle sort of way. I’ve only used three patterns so far; Vigne, Henna Drum and a new one (new to me, I mean) that I can’t remember the name of.

The intention is to colour the existing patterns and then fill in the spaces with paler coloured Gelly Rolls and filler patterns. However, planning and I don’t always stay together, so we’ll just wait and see.  In the previous two swaps I’ve taken part in, there were about a dozen people in each group, so this is quite big, in fact, it’s too big, as this time there are only about seven in the group. I’m therefore going to do them double size and fold them like a greetings card –  when I get that far.

So, while I’m on a roll, I have to tell you about a senior moment I had today. We’d been to the coast for the day  – more about that another time – and arrived home in need of refreshment i.e. tea. On automatic pilot, Ifilled the kettle, checked the teapot, got cups, put tea bags in teapot, picked up kettle of boiling water and began to fill the teapot. Now, normally, our teapot stands on a trivet on the work surface in the kitchen but, as I was pouring, I saw that the trivet was at the back of the counter, not under the teapot. And here’s the senior moment:

While the boiling water is still pouring into the teapot, instead of moving the trivet nearer, I moved the teapot to the trivet, thus causing boiling water to miss the teapot altogether and cascade onto the work surface, down the cupboard doors and onto the floor, with optional splashes onto me. In the aeons it took me to work out what was wrong with this picture, I stood staring at said water and only when I felt excessive heat on my midriff did I stop pouring. As it happens, I was still wearing the baggy jumper and scarf I had needed while we were out, so only a splash or two got through to me and there is no physical damage.  The loved one appeared at the kitchen door while I was mopping up; cast a questioning glance my way; saw my expression and retreated toute suite.  His sense of self preservation is finely honed by now, as you can imagine. If only mine was.


a couple of days later, in fact.  Unfortunately, something we ate while we were out for the day didn’t agree with us and both the loved one and I had disgruntled internal workings. To such and extent that I spent Diva Day  mostly in bed or lounging listlessly on a sofa. Yesterday I felt better, but not well, so it is only today that I have given the Challenge any thought. And Lo! Of all the coincidences, after I berated myself last week for being circle fixated, guess what she wants us to do…

Weekly Challenge #263: “Globular Grid”
This week’s challenge a grid based challenge, with a bit of a twist.
The challenge is create your grid on a circle and make it globular.
Bizarrely, when I was asked to do a circle I didn’t feel like it. Was it the final revolt of my digestive system or am I over circles? Well, anyway, I did one but I don’t like it at all. I think I was in the wrong mood and didn’t take my time over it. What’s more, in a fit of hubris, I did several circles and then had to find something to fill them with. “Ambition should be made of sterner stuff…”  as dear Will once said.
Something planet oriented going on here, maybe?
Something planet oriented going on here, maybe?

So that’s it world. Next week I’m likely to be in furrin parts but will post if I can. Until then, as always, be good – ish.



12 thoughts on “Getting Into Swapping.

  1. Great pieces! I love the Diva globes-very dimensional. Your swap piece is looking great. I love cutting the ATC’s from the larger piece because you’re never sure what each one is going to look like until it’s cut;-)

  2. I love your swap piece. Maybe I will be in your group sometime. I like your diva globe ( planet) challenge too, and I hope you are feeling better now.

  3. So sorry about your senior moment – it sounds like it could have been much worse, so glad you escaped any serious damage. I really do like the colours in your ATC and you’ve chosen some beautiful tangles. And I love Lorna’s comment above! Brilliant – sums you up perfectly!

  4. I finally figured out how to leave a comment on your page! Hope you are feeling better. I am always entertained and enlightened by your musings. Your globes are wonderful!! I could barely do one. How impressive to see several!

  5. Oh, I so enjoy visiting your world! Your writing just makes me smile, even if you are writing about something not appropriate to smile about (poor tummy!). I love the idea of doing one large work and cutting it into ATC sizes. That might induce me to give the swap thing a try sometime! Sorry the Diva hit you with just what you didn’t want to do, but I think your little planetary system is just lovely!

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