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Is this enough or not?
Is this enough or not?

When I looked at all the Diva Challenge entries last week, it struck a chord when I read Chris LeTourneau’s post, aptly entitled “How do you know when it’s done?”. This is  a problem I often have and I often leave a tile, vaguely dissatisfied because it’s not quite right. And then there are times when I see something I drew a while ago, usually something I wasn’t entirely happy with, and suddenly I can see what’s wrong with it AND I know what to do to make it right. I’m also a bit uneasy with what I see as too much white space, like the one at the top here, where I feel it’s too plain and yet… Maybe when I’ve finished filling in the frame it’ll be done but that white space cries out to me to be filled.Some of the girls came round last week, which sounds simple but wasn’t. We had been at Jenny’s house – the day of the dog fiasco, for regular readers, and had agreed to have a drawing afternoon at my house the following week. Not that complicated, you would think.  We discussed whether it would be better to do Tuesday or Thursday, agreed the day and went our separate ways. On Monday afternoon, I sent a reminder email, saying see you tomorrow, about one, soups, cakes and drawing… then the people who had said they could come all replied saying sorry, they thought it was Thursday. I sent a blanket email to the entire group and the only person who thought it was Tuesday was me. Everyone else had thought we’d agreed to Thursday. Obviously, they were wrong but I magnanimously changed it to Thursday, just to suit them. (Felt a bit stoooopid though.)  On Thursday there was a note stuck to the door which said “The first person to mention Tuesday will be taken out and shot…”  It worked too, not a word was spoken on the subject.

We made a paper globe, as per hattifant ( ), printing off the plain version and filing it with tangles. I just used four patterns, paradox, fricle, verve and shattuck and I have to admit I’m quite pleased with the result. The trouble is, you make something like this but where do you put it? (Don’t be rude.)

SAM_8938 SAM_8939

I’m also about to start another swap with the FB page Zentangle Artist Trading Swap. I did the November and February ones and have just signed up for the April one.

” We would like to see Spring themed, which may be floral or you may do little critters in an outline and fill with patterns. Your cards may all be either the same or different theme. You can make them either different or the same patterns, but we would like to see you challenge yourself to use at least one or more new patterns.”

Well, it's a start.
The wash , well, it’s a start.

I started by doing a green-ish wash with Brusho inks on a large sheet of card  and then totally ruined it with my first pattern, which was far too large for when it was cut into ATC size pieces. Take Two? I’ve roughly drawn the patterns I’m using in pencil, will ink the lines in black, then I’ll do a colour wash over it all and then add highlights/shading with colour pens and pencils.

Wonder what Take Three will be.


It’s Easter Sunday and the loved one and I have just picked up Rachel and Ben, who are coming to stay with us for a few days. And the first conversation with Ben?

“Hi Grandma, love you important news guess what when the stars all go out and the universe dies it will be in a very long time so that’s alright and if you fall into a black hole it’s RIP dead but what’s inside is amazing and the sun has solar flares and they’re really, Reeeeeeelly hot…”  deep breath “Hi Grandad, love you, guess what…”  It’s going to be a long week.


Well it may be a long week but it’s a joyful one. Ben hasn’t drawn breath yet and we are learning probably more than we wanted to about black holes, molecules and the end of the universe, not to mention Minecraft,  He also seems to have a faulty volume control, so, when he gets excited about what he’s telling you, which is most of the time, his voice gets progressively louder until we have to request ear defenders. Yesterday our son and his fiancée came with their 18 month old daughter; Ben and Rachel were already here and Alex came up too, although we requested that the dog (Daphne) be left at home. Believe it or not, I don’t hold a grudge against her for the events of her first visit, but we don’t know what she’s like with children and she’s only just getting used to her new life, so we decided a visit to a houseful of strangers, including two kids, might be pushing things too far.

And then today is the Diva Challenge –

I began with a Bijou tile as a centerpiece to stacked tiles—my tangling inspiration comes from Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s online book, Tangles of Santa Fe (Inspiration Sketchbook #2).   

To begin, I cut five squares of mat board, in successive sizes to correspond to my Bijou tile:  3”, 4” 5”, 6”, and 7” squares.  You can easily substitute card stock, recycled cardboard, watercolour, colour paper or Bristol board in place of the mat board.  I drew my designs with a black Micron 03 0.35mm pen.  This challenge is perfect for border tangles, such as “ESS”, “Arrow”, “Angled”, “Sun Parts”, and “Diamond.”  I used the “Cross Glyph” for my Bijou tile centerpiece.

Some of the worst colour combinations I have ever been guilty of and yet I almost like it.
Some of the worst colour combinations I have ever been guilty of and yet I almost like it.

I was in two minds about this. It seemed like a lot of paper for just one piece and I was going to draw out the various squares, one inside the other, on one piece of card. But then I had a look in my scrap card drawer and found pieces that were close to the right sizes and decided to use them instead. However, I made no attempt to co-ordinate the colours at all, as you might have guessed. For patterns, I had a look at the FB page  Zentangle: Tangled & Journaled, Too!, where they have a Tangled Tuesday focus and went back over the list of tangles, choosing ones that were new to me. From inside pale green to outside buff coloured card, they are Zoya, Joie, Just white outlines on a patterned piece of card, Lanie, Twirl and Alabasco. And they were fun!. I’m going to do another version all on cream card just to see the patterns better – I’ll show you next week, if I remember.

Until then, world, be good -ish.




11 thoughts on “Following on…

  1. I love your first tile and it’s enough in my eyes 😉 I like the white space in it!
    And you are right – the colours of your stacked tiles are a bit crazy together but in the end it looks very pretty 🙂

  2. There are some lovely colourful artwork to see this week. I like your Diva challenge frame, lucky you had the paper around. That crescent moon is awesome, I am a lover of tangled crescent moons. Yes, it was me that mentioned the Zentangle Mosaic app. It is available on both android and iPad and I love it. Here is a link to a blog which has the links to the download links!!!!

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