A Spot of Colour

Inktense pencils plus Gelly roll pens.
Inktense pencils plus Gelly roll pens.

Every now and then I get an urge to stick with the plain black and white Zentangles and sometimes there has to be a spot of colour. My idea of a spot of colour varies too. Sometimes it’s a splash of red on a black and white tile (Like today’s Diva Challenge tile); sometimes it’s a lot of colour but all in the same part of the spectrum, often blues/greens/purples; or something subtle in gentle tones, often sepia but sometimes it’s not a spot, it’s almost an overdose.

Inktense pencils and Gelly Rolls
Inktense pencils and Gelly Rolls

And that’s what came over me while we were in Cromer last week. It’s as if I needed to combat the horribly grey weather outside. These are both about 7 inches by four or five, I suppose and I had enormous fun drawing them. As always with scanned pictures, you can’t see the shine and sparkle of the Gelly Roll pens, but it IS there, honest.

On a completely random note, many of you will be aware that our grown up daughter had a dog, which died recently and we were all pretty devastated. She is an English teacher and we advised her not to rush into getting another dog too soon, but to wait until the summer, when she can spend time at home getting to know him/her and training him/her ready for going back in the autumn. After two weeks she was visiting all the local dog rescue places, offering to take dogs for a walk, anything for a bit of canine companionship. It was only a matter of time before she fell in love and it happened with, wait for it, Daphne. Yup, Daphne. Not Spot or Rex or Patch, but Daphne.

She is, I admit, a very likeable dog but nothing in our family ever goes according to plan. Alex decided to take on board the idea of waiting until there was a holiday so she could train the new arrival – or it could train her, more like – so she waited until the Easter break and arranged to collect her as she finished work on Friday lunchtime. I asked her a week or so in advance if she wanted either the loved one or myself to go with her but she was fine so, on the DAY, I toddled off to my Stitch n Bitch group at my friend Jenny’s house.

Just as we were about to have lunch, my phone rang. I should have left it to ring.

“Oooo,” said I, “have you got her?”

“Well yes but I’ve got a problem.” Nothing new there. I didn’t ask, partly because I knew she was going to tell me anyway and partly because it was obviously going to cause me inconvenience, it always does.

“She keeps climbing out of the back of the car and on to my knee as I’m trying to drive. I’ve had to pull off the road.”

“Put her in the boot.” (This wasn’t as cruel as it sounds – it’s a hatch back.)

“She won’t let me and I daren’t insist because her feet are in the way and I don’t want to trap them.”

“Put her lead on and tie it to the headrests in the back.”

“She’ll hang herself.”

Big sigh from me – “So what do you expect ME to do about it?”

“Well I need someone to sit in the back with her and restrain her.”

“So you want me to leave my friends and my lunch to come to you and leave my car there, travel in the back of your car and get covered in dog smells to your house, so you can drop off the dog in a strange place to do who knows what damage  and bring me back to my car???”


“But you didn’t want any help fetching her, did you  and I’m slightly overdressed for dog wrestling.”

“I don’t know what else to do.”

Well of course there was never any doubt what would happen was there? The thing is, Jenny’s drive is rather steep and I was the first car on it, so, in order to get out, four other people would have to move their cars and then do it again when I came back. My friend  Ann, one of the most generous people I know and definitely an angel on this occasion, suggested she would drop me with Alex and then all the other cars wouldn’t have to move and that’s what we did.

I will gloss over what I said to my daughter but  I suspect she gathered that I wasn’t pleased. We travelled in a fairly tense silence except for me making soothing noises to the dog.

Since her arrival at Alex’s house, she has, apparently, been an exemplar of dog perfection, clean and jolly and filling Alex with delight. So, after a few days,  we prepared to welcome her into our home too – where she promptly poohed on the dining room floor and peed in the kitchen.  At this point, the loved one decided he was going upstairs for a nap and didn’t resurface until Alex and Daphne left. I would have done the same but…   It’s not looking good.

Anyway, enough of that.

DC 260It’s Diva Day and Shattuck is the pattern. I was struggling to think of something a bit different and eventually decided on a concentric circle string, which I should have done first in pencil in order to weave my lines but I didn’t, so it isn’t quite right but I’m not toooo unhappy with it so I’ll quit while I’m ahead. So that’s it for this week, world, be good until next time.  -ish.



12 thoughts on “A Spot of Colour

  1. Love the concentric ring Shattuck. A good idea. I am no good with dogs and felt for you. Beautiful colours, I am sure they did cheer up a gray day.

  2. All your work is beautiful, love your art nouveau color piece and flowers. Diva Shattuck mono is great, a wonderful solution to this challenge. I wish your images were larger, it’s so hard to see your details and work closeup 😦

  3. Oh dogs. They are the best creation of humankind. 🙂 Except the potty stuff.
    But what a grand idea to put the Shattuck into a circular string. It works! And the occasional curlicue is just perfect.

  4. Your Shattuck monotangle is very nice and unboring. I also approve of the pop off red. But, I adore all sweet dog stories,even ones that involve canine elimination in wrong places. I think maybe Daphne was just marking your house in case another dog visits you. She wants to make sure that the next dog who visits knows it’s her territory. I can understand why Alex ended up getting another dog so soon. It happens. I wish them both the best as they settle in together and maybe Alex can make sure Daphne has just had a looong walk before they show up at your house again. 🙂

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