Got the tidy bug

Just a sample of the invitations.
Just a sample of the invitations.

Or it’s got me, hard to tell, really. The thing is, as my grandson would say, the thing is, well, you get to the point where you can’t find what you want and, when that happens, you know it’s time to stop putting it off and actually do something about it. At present, drawing and crafting have taken over the house and it’s time for me to take it back. My craft room/office/study has just enough room for the chair to push back from the desk and, although I am convinced the desk is wood, there is no visible evidence to support this. The old dining table downstairs is full of stuff I’ve been using for the wedding invitations and beside my usual chair in the sitting room, there are at least three knitting projects started but not finished. But it’s the craft room that is driving me crazy and, if that is cleared, there will be room to bring the other stuff scattered around the house back where it belongs.

20160306_104800[1] 20160306_104807[1] 20160306_104811[1]

And so, as the Marines would say – I’m going in.

Unless I can think of something else to do, like my blog, for instance. Oh dearie, dearie me.


Well I made a cup of tea and drank it. I down/up loaded some more photos of mosaics and so on. I drew some patterns based on said mosaics. For example, I think  Tangle pattern Kringel looks awful like this mosaic border:-


Kringel Kato Paphos



And Tangle pattern Annee is like this one:-

20160227_113603[1] Annee Kato Paphos

And then I remembered last week’s Diva Challenge, which I suddenly just HAD to finish and photograph, trying to get the metallic pens to shine on the photo, which wasn’t completely successful but I succeeded in wasting a little more time. 20160306_140334[1] 20160306_140449[1]

Then it was lunchtime so I had lunch. I’m running out of excuses. Ooooooo! I’ve just remembered- I need to put some music on my phone.


And then I remembered another pattern that I can’t find on Tangle so I’m doing stepouts for it and see if anyone else has seen it.

And now it’s Diva Day and the Challenge is to use the pattern Rautyflex.  Now this is a type of pattern I do not like.  It looks good when other people are doing it but I don’t enjoy the process at all.  So I’ve done it but I didn’t enjoy it and any potential zen evaporated within seconds of picking up my pen.1457518704864

Ah well

You can’t win em all. Until next time  world be good or happy but preferably both.



10 thoughts on “Got the tidy bug

  1. delightful discovery of patterns in the mosaics! How creative human beings are, and how wonderful that we get to sort of share in the creative process with ancient people who did it all WITH TILES!

    Rautyflex is challenging, isn’t it? But I really like yours. It takes on that 3-D effect very nicely, looking like a deeply shaded grid. As always, delightful read. I like your style

  2. You made me chuckle. I can so relate. I have a large craft room and my stuff is still all over the house as well. You would gasp if I posted a photo. Thanks for sharing that. I suppose that we call it a challenge because sometimes it really is. Rautyflex isn’t for everyone. Good that you gave it a try and even came up with something quite nice. Back to Crescent Moon LOL!

  3. I ‘ve read your blog and enjoyed it.
    I also had some troubles with Rautiflex and I don’t think I’m gonna use it in the future but at least we did our best and all of sudden there was a result! And you too have a nice result, there is really contrast and depth in your tile and that was not so easy to make with this challenge.

  4. Usually I don’t like grid patterns too, but I enjoyed to tangle Rautyflex. I liked that you can do a lot of variations…
    I hope your world is good or happy again soon 🙂

  5. Really enjoy the architectural feel to your tile. All your mosaic inspirations are great. Love your finished metallic cog piece, just beautiful.

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