And Gone Tomorrow

20160301_124108The cases are packed; the hand luggage is ready; the packed lunch is cooling ready for tomorrow and the two of us are preparing for our trip in our very different ways. The loved one’s nesting instinct has a tendency to surface at times like these and he finds jobs to do around the house on the day before we travel. (You understand, he started packing his case some days ago – no last minute panic for him.) Today he has dismantled the ground floor lavatory because he thought it was a bit wobbly and, in the process has replaced the plastic diaphragm with a new one made of acetate. (My craft stash is more useful than you might at first imagine.)

Often, there is a wistful “Do you suppose we have any…?” Silicone glue? What size tube? Brown paper?  How big a sheet? Double sided tape? What width? Crochet hooks? Size? String? How thick  and what colour? Oh yes, being a hoarder has its up side.

With regard to preparing for the trip, I have a totally different approach. I sort out the clothes and hang them in the spare room. I count out the pairs of pants, bras, swimwear and, if appropriate, socks, all several days in advance. I then forget all about it until the loved one starts showing signs of restlessness, usually about two days before we go. At this stage, I find myself murmuring “No rush, plenty of time.” and then I deliberately go and do something totally unrelated to holidays, the Diva Challenge or my blog, for example.

I allow the tension to mount and then wait until the loved one has asked me at least twice if my case is ready and then, when he has gone to do some other domestic labour, I sneak into the spare room and pack like crazy. But, and this is crucial, firstly, I don’t tell him I’ve done it and, secondly, I don’t finish the job. There are some things that can’t be packed until the last minute, like pens  and phone chargers and the aforementioned packed lunch. (Why a packed lunch? Have you tasted airline food?) so when he asks me if my case is ready to go in the car, I adopt a sort of patient “Don’t rush me” sort of expression and wait for the explosion.  He doesn’t. Well, not so far anyway.

Why, you may ask, do I do this? Is there marital disharmony at Maggibee Manor? Do I WANT to torture him?  Nah. I hate flying. I really do, though I know you don’t believe me because we go away so often. So there are dozens of evasive tactics and avoidance techniques to be adopted so I don’t dwell on the approaching torment and he knows just what I’m doing.


So here we are in Paphos, in the sun, by the sea, being waited on hand and foot. Obviously, we are not enjoying ourselves at all. Because of the difficulties I always experience with keyboards and so on when we are away, this post will be short and I’ll tell you all about it when we get home but I do just want to share one experience with you today – the swimming pool. It is,of course, a beautiful inviting shade of blue. It is huge and has a wide staircase leading invitingly into it. And I do love swimming. So I gently lowered myself into the water.

It took three attempts to restart my heart. Wont be doing that again, that’s for sure.

We went to the archaeological site at Kato Paphos,which is astounding. Right in the middle of a modern holiday resort are the ruins of a town over 1500 years old and it’s full of mosaics. Examples below. It’s a tangler’s dream. 20160227_114020


Diva Challenge. This week we are asked to use something metal which left me in a bit of a fix because we are away and my equipment is limited. Short of ripping off an aircraft wing, there wasn’t much available. Except… I have, obviously, my gelly roll pens, some of which are metallic. So, in keeping with the theme, I’ve  gone all steam punk. Well, a bit steam punk anyway and I’ve used some patterns I haven’t tried before. However, I’ve used a bigger piece than usual, about six inches square, so it is taking forever to finish. Therefore, I am offering you an unfinished piece, just to show willing and I will let you see the final version next week.

Until then, be good world, well, good-ish.


12 thoughts on “And Gone Tomorrow

  1. Sounds like your having a busy week, hope you enjoy and looking forward to seeing your completed tile. It looks wonderful so far… I love cogs, gears, and such too.

  2. You poor thing – sounds like you are having a lot to put up with out there in Paphos – never mind, you’ll be home again soon. 😉

    Absolutely love your photos and descriptions and look forward to the full version soon. I had exactly the same thought about doing a steampunked tile but in the end, I didn’t do it. Yours is fantastic even if you say it’s not finished. I love it.
    Try to enjoy the rest of your time away, won’t you?

  3. I like that steampunk idea and the tile turned out great. I must say I envy your courage; you ‘hate’ flying but still do it. I hate the idea of flying and … don’t. Yes, I’m a coward. Hope you have a great time there.

  4. Those mosaics look amazing, I shall expect you to be inventing some new tangle patterns shortly 😉 love your steampunk tile and am constantly amazed at what you produce whilst away on holiday. You are so industrious whilst away.

  5. The Steampunk theme is brilliant for adding shiny. And, metallic pens are perfect as well. I just did one from a coloring book page of similar gears with the same pens. Enjoy finishing this and I’m looking forward to seeing the completed piece. Enjoy your holiday.

  6. Interesting. There is a similar task timing ethos at work here at Chez Excitement. Mr. Excitement was the kid who always had his school assignments completed before they were due; whereas, I was the one pulling an all-nighter the day before I had to hand in a 20 page paper. Fast forward 40 years, and a similar dynamic exists vis-a-vis many things—such as cleaning, trip planning and packing. I try to be more timely to keep from causing him anxiety, but I don’t always succeed. OTOH, I do get things done, just not as soon as he would prefer.
    We visited Cyprus (and Paphos) in 2005—-in July. It was 44 degrees celsius (111 degrees Fahrenheit). I was pretty sure I was going to die.
    I look forward to seeing your completed steampunk inspired shiny tile. I really like it so far. In fact, I think if you had declared it finished, I would not have been any the wiser.

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