Hair today

Four tiles ready to go - I think
Four tiles ready to go – I think

Is it the same everywhere or am I in a sort of timewarp here in South Yorkshire? Actually, it’s not time, it’s behaviour. I’ll start again. I went for a haircut this week. I keep it pretty short and spiky so it needs trimming about every three weeks and it was well overdue so off I toddled to see my friend Kayleigh, an excellent hairdresser and good fun into the bargain. She has some of the most amazing tattoos you have ever seen. (I don’t actually like tattoos but I can still appreciate the artwork and hers are cracking.)

So she’s cutting away and we’re having the usual banal conversation on the lines of”Been anywhere nice lately?” and, during a lapse in this scintillating repartee, I hear, from across the salon, a young woman talking to the nail technician about her personal relationships problems. Now, she can talk to who she likes about it, but loud and clear across the salon came information I just was not ready to receive. I mean, I didn’t learn anything new, one or two things I might have forgotten, perhaps, but not new, just private. She went on to describe the other participant’s body parts in some detail – he has tattoos too, in some delicate places, so I hope I never meet him because I know my eyes will be unavoidably drawn downwards. It was such a relief when Kayleigh switched on the hairdryer and I couldn’t hear any more.

The young lady’s nails being finished, she left and, as I was paying, the technician came over and told Kayleigh it was the first time she had ever met this client and was a little surprised to have been confided in to such an extent. (That’s not how she said it, though, she was a little more forthright.) She then said she’d learned the lesson of keeping things private the hard way when just a trainee ages ago – about two years at a guess – and she had sent her boyfriend an intimate picture which he had shared with all their school friends. Bloody hell!

Hearts Swap 2And then there’s Facebook. I find it an easy way to keep in touch with acquaintances and more distant friends – I mean, let’s face it, close friends you keep in touch with in other ways. But you don’t, as my mother would have said, wash your dirty linen in public, i.e. you don’t air  grievances, continue family feuds or share personal information or, worse, photos of a personal nature. I LIKE Facebook, it has its uses. I join groups on it. I share things. But…

Alright, I’ll stop now, I realise I’m showing my age.

So, what else have I been doing? Packing for my next trip – to Cyprus this time. I’m looking forward to it and the loved one keeps checking the weather forecast and comparing it with here. In view of the season, I’m packing a pretty wide range of togs but praying not to need to wear some of them. Needless to say, there will be pictures when we get back. (Not of the togs, of Cyprus. Doh!)

Real diamonds for the lights, of course.
Real diamonds for the lights, of course.

I’ve also done almost all of the wedding invitations for my son and nearly daughter in law. They are stamped, coloured and layered up and not especially complicated but I did quite enjoy doing them.  This is just a sample. When we discussed them, we agreed that they did not all have to be exactly the same, so I used papers and colours that I already had in stock, which meant I could get started straight away. Alex has helped me a lot and I think it has helped her a little to have something to do with her time and not mope too much about Kitty’s loss.

She got the ashes back yesterday and has decided to scatter them in the woods where they had a favourite walk and so she’s waiting until the bluebells are out.

I’ve almost finished my tiles for the February swap and will be sending them as soon as we get back. and I think I’m going to start a bigger piece, I haven’t decided what yet, and when  I say bigger, I mean maybe 8″ square, nothing too demanding or I’ll get bored before it’s finished. And just in case I get half way through and then ruin it, which is gruesomely possible, I intend to scan it at different stages so I can pick it up again and do it right. You see, the learning curve may be pretty shallow but it does exist.

And now it’s Diva Day and we are challenged to use two of Laura’s own patterns, neither of which I have used before. They are very different in style so combining them effectively took a little brain power. (It’s OK, I don’t use it much.) I think I quite like the way it turned out, although it’s a bit dark and the shading is rather clumsy. When I look at some of the others… DC 256But, as Laura would say, it is what it is and that’ll do.

See you next week, world. Be good – ish.


7 thoughts on “Hair today

  1. I found your post amusing and chuckled a bit along the way 🙂 I love the dark black of the Boo*Kee and how you mimicked it around the outer edge. Lovely Artoo as well. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Yes, it is what it is and ….. it’s lovely!!!! I do know what you mean about FB. I never wanted to join, but a few weeks ago I did because I wanted to be able to do Square One Purely Zentangle. But ….. still prefer other ways to connect to people. What a loving idea, to scatter te ashes in the woods when they are filled with blue bells. I loved that in UK when I went there when my daughter still lived there!

  3. I really like your circle of Boo*Kee and Artoo. The dark is just right and the repeat around the edge finishes it off nicely. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your life. I always enjoy reading your posts and like some of the others, I too laugh along the way. Have yourself a Zen-ful day!

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