In the UK, if you say someone is touched, it may not mean anything to do with emotional empathy but could well refer to mental instability, so you are at liberty to interpret my next remarks as you think appropriate. But the truth is, I am touched, not, as many have said in the past, touched in the head, but, on this occasion, in the heart. As a result of my emotional outburst last week, for which I am now slightly embarrassed, I received such a lot of  support and kindness that genuinely touched my heart. Thank you. you know who you are and, if you look at last week’s comments, you will see that Alex read them too and found some comfort there.


In spite of recent events, I find myself up to the knees in hearts and luuuuuuurve on the Zentangle front. This is the result of my participation in a Facebook swap on Zentangle Artist Trading Card Swap. I am using strings 39 and 150 from and as many heart related patterns as my curmudgeonly old soul can tolerate.  I’m enjoying it more than I should because there is a part of me that likes to be given a remit and then see how far I can stretch it.

Ready for our next adventure.
Ready for our next adventure.

And then we went down to Wales to see Rachel Kris and Ben for a couple of days and treated ourselves to a visit to the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff. It was great fun, especially since the programme has been going since about 1963 and I can remember watching it with my parents and being scared stiff of some of the monsters they created. And there they were, all the weird beasties who scarred me for life. My psyche has never been the same. All my old favourites were there, Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors… Just as scary as I remembered. 20160215_121103As well as visiting the museum side of it, there is an adventure to experience, helping the Dr save the Universe, again and Ben found one of the crystals. Wow, I mean, super wow.

Of course, there is also a shop selling all sorts of souvenirs and, of course, some of them are irresistible. Like the Tardis shaped salt and pepper pot. I did resist, but only just. (Alright, I bought a tote bag and some post cards and a fridge magnet for Alex but, you know, I didn’t go mad.)



An Ice Warrior.
This guy terrified me as a child. Still not keen.
This guy terrified me as a child. Still not keen.
Of ourse, not everyone escapes unscathed...
Of ourse, not everyone escapes unscathed…
Not having a good day.
Not having a good day.
Imagine this creeping up behind you. Is there any wonder my hand was shaking?
Imagine this creeping up behind you. Is there any wonder my hand was shaking?
Ready for our next adventure.
Ready for our next adventure.
Inside the Welsh Assembly.
Inside the Welsh Assembly.

So then we went for a toddle around Cardiff Bay, which is just lovely. It’s basically a huge pedestrian precinct with lots of cafes and bars, as well as the Welsh Assembly – parliament building – which is a stunningly beautiful building and staffed by security guards who clearly have children of their own and are not  stumped by a six year old who asks them to please stop that bleeping, as it hurts his ears.

And on the morning we came home, we went down the valley from Rachel’s house to see the Guardian. This is  to commemorate the 45 local men who died in a mining accident in 1960. Coming from a mining area myself, I found it incredibly moving. He is dressed like a miner and holds out his hands as if to say, “Why?” The names of those lost in the disaster are written around the base and it is painful to see father’s and sons’ and twin brothers’ names there.

He's magnificent.
He’s magnificent.


So, moving on;

This week’s Diva Challenge is to go back in time – appropriate in view of my recent time travelling adventure.

She says:

I invite you to go back into your own archives and recreate a tile from your past with your present style. 

So I had a trawl back to try and find my first ever Diva Challenge tile. In the process, I found a few other things I’d forgotten too. As far as I can see, I “discovered” Zentangle in late March/early April 2013 and was entranced, love at first, second and third sight.  A while later, while trawling the Internet, I came across the Diva blog and this is what I wrote at the time:

I’ve been looking at Zendalas but I haven’t tried one yet. Maybe that’s tomorrow’s challenge. In fact, I’ve been looking at a blog called I am the Diva    ( ) and she puts on a weekly Zentangle challenge. I’ve only just found it but she’s been doing it for a couple of years. I’m going to go back right to the beginning and try them all. That should keep me going for a while. She puts  ideas that have been sent to meet her challenge on the blog, so you can see how lots of other people have interpreted the challenge. There are some very talented people out there.

For my older grandson.
For my older grandson.
An early one, for my granddaughter
For my older  granddaughter





I never did get round to doing them all but I have boxes full of early tiles, some devoted to a single pattern and others trying to combine them effectively.

And these are two of the very first things I did, of which I was very proud at the time. Actually, I’m not too embarrassed by them even now. SAM_6349And this is the very first tile I did for the Diva Challenge, in early April 2014.  And in June that year, I did one that just used straight line patterns, which is the one I have decided to reproduce today.

My first ever Paradox that actually resembles, if only briefly, the original.
My first ever Paradox that actually resembles, if only briefly, the original.

And today’s version; a bit smoother, perhaps and slightly more detailed. DC 255  See you next week, world, be good -ish.

9 thoughts on “Touched

  1. Wow, just wow… I live in Los Angeles….its been my dream to take a pilgramige to Wales for like EVER. I’ve felt I was born to the wrong country 😜. You can feel very grateful that you are living somones dream!! It sounds like a LOVELY trip.
    Its funny looking back on our earlier work… Reminds me of a program I’m in where its said you don’t know, because you don’t know!! We can’t just start off great cause we haven’t yet discovered it…
    I re-read you last blurb and have no clue as to why you’d have the slightest amount of embarrassment. All truly from the heart.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. And to go with the “don’t know” part of your comment, here’s another one meant to console us when we look back and are not always happy with what we see; We don’t know what it is that we don’t know but we tried anyway.

  2. I am so envious of your trip to Dr Who land. I have loved Dr Who since the black and white days when the first Dalek sent me scurrying behind the sofa. So much so my friends think I am a bit touched 😀 What wonderful photos you managed to take.
    I like your remake tile, the lines are much stronger now. It must be amazing to look back so far and see your thoughts from way back then.

  3. I am so confused. I somehow completely missed your post last week even though I usually look for it. Towards the end of the week I was distracted by my impending trip to Florida, so I’d like to blame it on that rather than just general out-of-it-ness. I, of course, went back and read your post from last week. As a dog parent myself, I can totally relate to what you all went through: Alex because she lost her precious dog and you because you’re a human parent. As my almost 91 year old mother tells me, “You never stop being the mother.” So true.

    You clearly were a natural when you first took up tangling and you’ve clearly taken it up more than a few notches. Nice.

  4. Loved your post and I’m a bit jealous. My family is also h-u-g-e Dr. Who fans and would love to see the museum. I’m glad you got to go. You have no reason to be embarrassed over your family’s loss last week. As any animal lover knows, they are not just pets, they are part of the family; and for some, they are more necessary than others. Your daughter is lucky to have such caring parents.
    Now, as for your tangle progress, your first one is great, but I do think that you have notched it up more than just a few. Wonderful work and wonderful post. Thank you for sharing!

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